Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Random Flow of Thoughts on Windy Wednesday

Another stream-of-consciousness post.

Foremost, how is everyone doing out there?

Well it has been another heavy couple of weeks in the good ol’ U S of A. No need to rehash the state of the union to my fellow Americans and as for far-away friends, no doubt the story of our demise has reached your shores. I have tried my best to avoid political commentary here, but since it is such a big part of our current collective situation I like a lot of other bloggers have been forced in that direction more than once. However, as far as sharing specific opinions, it seems fruitless to me as everyone is so deep in their partisan sides that either you agree with those opinions or there is no way anything I say will cause you to reconsider in the slightest.

Therefore, rather than getting drawn into that rabbit hole, speaking instead specifically to all of you out there feeling drained by our current shared existence instead, feeling hopeless and worn out, I offer you this timeless advice the has served me well: 

It may seem like a fluff of words on the surface, but when you sit down and think about it there is a call to action in there, which is something I believe in - action.

As I have said before,  one of the main goals of this blog has been to be a place for unique entertainment and genuine escapism. I recently offered a continuation of an ongoing story. It can be found one post back. I didn’t receive any feedback on that installment which I was really hoping for.

• If you haven’t read it, now’s a good opportunity to read it.
• If you did read it but didn’t comment, now is a good time to go back and share your thoughts.

I understand a lot of you like to remain anonymous and not comment and that is why I have often offered the anonymous poll option. Unfortunately with the new Blogger interface my polls are not working. There appears to be some technical issues going on. In the past it was very straight forward, copy and paste the code in the visual editor and it would show up upon publishing. Now it appears that the code must be inserted in the html code view, but it is hit-or-miss if it shows up or not and often disappears even when it did initially. Plus, it does not seem to any longer allow more than one poll per page. Very frustrating.

Update: Seems like I managed to get the polls to works, but not a 100% sure, so let me know by voting going back a post and sharing your thoughts on my latest story by voting!

If any of you have any insights into the new Blogger interface or a suggestion on a poll app that plays nice with the new interface please let me know. The polls are important to me to help gauge interest and tastes especially for those who wish to remain anonymous. If I can't find a poll solution I may need to find another way of convincing you all to comment.

And finally to get back on topic, well at least semi-on-topic, I will leave you with this visual.

Why: Because it is Wednesday and don't we all need another opportunity to smile?

What: Windy Wednesday.

Who: This vintage beauty.

Where: In an office, seemingly a long time ago.
Remember when we used to go into offices, into offices with other people?

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Teacher Orientation: A Conclusion?

Today, I am sharing a continuation of my extended story: Teacher Orientation. I am sharing it as a possible distraction from all that is going on in hopes of it being just that, a momentary escape.
Once more, I will advise to go back and (re)read Part I and Part II as I'm not sure how much you will be able to follow along without that story setup and scene. Part I can be found by clicking this convenient link HERE and Part II HERE.

So please grab an adult beverage of your choosing, take your shoes off (why are you wearing shoes in the house, Young Lady?) and snuggle up and enjoy.

Fair Warning to ladies with tender ears:
You may want to read this in bed where you can peak over the covers while you read this as there may be a scene or two which may make you, how should I say it; may make you squirm. Squirm in a good way. 

Be sure to share your thoughts.


Ashley stared at the Doctor as he appeared on the verge of salivating, his eyes locked on the ripeness of Jenny’s anxiously jiggling  bottom. She saw the contempt and her mind raced. Even if she thought some of the punishment had been well deserved, she needed to do something to save the girl.

Do something, but what?

It was then that a brilliant idea flashed in her mind just as the Doctor raised the needle up high, ready to bring it down with force.

Clank! Clang!

Ashley watched the tray crash against the linoleum floor sending her set of spent syringes spinning and shooting in random directions resembling a break of billiard balls.

All eyes turned to her. It was at that moment that the realization hit her that she had not fully thought out an entire plan.

Now what to do?

Her brain worked frantically until she called out, “Oh my! Oh my!” just before raising the back of her hand to her forehead and letting herself drop to the floor in full dramatic fashion.

“Owww, ouch!” she yelped as she landed
on her unprotected bottom with a thump against the solid floor. She realized she hadn’t thought out the consequences of this stunt either.

“My Gawd, are you okay?”
Nurse Robinson rushed over to her.

“Yes, yes, I’m fine… No! I mean…” her mind raced to focus as she grimaced from the painful impact.

“Whatever is the matter, Miss Ashley, are you that clumsy?” the Doctor scolded.

“I think I was about to faint.”

“Faint? On what reason?”

“Doctor, it is rather hot in here today,” Nurse Robinson answered him seeming to let escape a sliver of empathy.

Back on her feet with the aid of the nurse, Ashley leaned against the exam table chugging refill after refill of cold water from disposable Dixie cups.

“Can I have another, please,” Ashley asked the nurse. It was the only idea she could think of to stall the inevitable syringe attack on Jenny’s bottom.

“Of course you…”

“Enough! She’s obviously okay,” the Doctor interrupted, “I haven’t got all day! I need to finish with these two and get to my rounds.”

He marched back over to where Jenny was still bent over the table and retrieved a syringe.

“No! I, I, I think I’m coming down with a fever!” Ashley blurted out the first thought that came to her mind.

The Doctor shook his head visibly annoyed at what he was guessing was now just another stall tactic. Jenny made eye contact with Ashley coming to the same conclusion and mouthed to her a sincere, “Thank you.”

“Doctor should I take her temperature? She does appear hot.” The nurse asked holding the back of her hand to Ashley’s forehead as Ashley pantomimed a frown.

“She definitely is hot,” the Doctor smirked, “but no. No, I will take care of her.”

In an instant the Doctor was dragging Ashley by the arm across the small crowded exam room and towards the adjacent door. He swung it open as he pushed Ashley into the tiny room.

“Nurse bring me a thermometer and some Vaseline.”

“No, Doctor! I’m Okay. I mean..I mean I’m feeling better.”

“Perhaps, but no sense in taking any chances; right? Let’s just see what exactly is going on.”

“Oh. Okay.
she voluntarily opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, then closed it to ask, “Okay, but…but why do you need Vaseline?” Ashley rambled out without a genuine clue of what was about to happen.

“Silly girl, there is only one proper way to take an accurate temperature reading and it isn’t in your mouth.”

Ashley’s mouth involuntarily dropped wide open this time as her face went white upon the realization of what was to come.

Without a physical escape, Ashley obeyed and gripped the edges of the toilet seat and searched for a visual and mental escape. She arched her back and raised her head as best she could while remaining in the bent over posture. Craning her neck she peered out the small open window above the toilet which was facing the same pasture she had tried to lose herself in previously. The scene had shifted again, the blaring sun now seemed to be beating down intensely into the window.

She managed to drift off to a momentary dream state, imagining herself out there once more enjoying the sunshine. Ashley tried to focus through the glare of the rays searching for the blond heifer who had been the focus of her envy. She heard a soft moo. Ashley’s eyes darting left and right looking for the source, but could not see her. Something did not feel the same; something was not right.

She tried to take a step, but couldn’t. She looked down and realized she was no longer barefoot as she had been before. Instead she was wearing her high heels and they were sinking deeper and deeper into the mushy grass and she was unable to move. The soft warm breeze that had previously caught her flowy skirt so innocently and playfully was now changing. It was a hot, humid forceful wind now, whiplashing her face with her own hair and tugging at her skirt. Dust and debris were being picked up and thrown about and in an instant her skirt was swept away as well. She reached out, but it was too late; she couldn't even see where it had sailed off to blinded by the dust and her own hair. At least she had her panties on thankfully, she thought looking down. Wait; what?! My panties?! Where are my panties?! Where did my panties go? She fumbled with her hands trying to conceal her modesty from both views as she tried to scream, but no sound came out. A building thunder of hoofs grew louder and closer and began seemingly vibrating the room.

She felt a sudden pressure as she was pulled back into the room and heard the Doctor’s voice, “Now stay still.”

“Ohhhh gawd, Ohhhh gawwwd!” Ashley blurted out.

She tried not to focus on the pressure, but it was impossible; it was clear what the source of the pressure was, her buttonhole being probed. She could feel him moving his thick finger in and out multiple times. Gawd, was that really medically necessary. Then just as unexpectedly as it had been inserted he abruptly pulled it out. Before she could let out any sign of relief, she felt a new intruder.

She leaned forward grabbing tighter to keep her position, to keep from falling forward from the force as she felt the Doctor begin pushing something in. It was slowly corkscrewing its way into her. She tried to rationalize with her emotions, tried to explain to herself that it couldn’t possibly be as big as she felt it, as big as she imagined. But despite reason the cold touch of glass felt as if it was extra long and thick. If this was a thermometer she couldn’t imagine what a…imagine what anal must feel like. That thought sent a scramble of conflicting thoughts in her mind as she felt herself being filled. Just as she thought it couldn’t go any deeper he released her cheeks that he had been holding apart.

“You stay still and don’t let that fall out, understood? We want to get an accurate reading. You wouldn’t want to have to do this again would you?”

Ashley shook her head obediently.

“Good Girl, I didn’t think so.” He smiled and opportunistically delivered a singular merciless smack to her right cheek once again, pausing to watch her full bottom reverberate from the impact just before exiting the room.

“As for you, let’s get these shots over with and if you start any of your previous antics, I’ll give you a spanking so firm that it will make that first round feel like butterflies were tickling your bottom in comparison.”

Jenny gulped as her eyes bulged in shock at the threat. She audibly inhaled
as she stomped her heeled feet while folding her arms in a last minute rush of defiance. It was no use, Jenny was no match against Nurse Robinson who was not about to be caught off guard again and pinned her down over the table easily.

Ashley shook her head in dismay, why hadn’t Jenny listened. If she had only done as she was told and listened to the warnings of colleagues, just followed the nurse’s directions, Ashley thought, it would have all been over by now; but instead here they were.


Ashley’s thoughts were interrupted by the first of a series of howls as needle met tender, still freshly spanked flesh. Ashley involuntarily clenched herself tightly around the thermometer in reaction every time Jenny let out a scream. Ashley’s body counting down the shots in bittersweet reaction knowing each would bring Jenny’s punishment closer to an end and yet simultaneously dreading it; knowing that would be when her own humiliation would resume.

She drew her attention to the window once more where she tried to focus through the sun rays, but couldn’t. She couldn’t make out any of the creatures, just the mad rustling of a variety of hooves. As the scene became clearer her dream of teaching in the country, her dream of carefree living seemed to be disappearing. She heard a low powerful grunt and then silence. A moment later the sound of the heifer returned, but changed from the familiar to a low extended moan.

“And how are we doing over here, let’s take a look, shall we?” Ashley hadn’t heard the Doctor re-enter the room until he was speaking to her. He placed his large hand on her bottom and spread her cheeks apart with his thumb and forefinger and then with his other hand and no further warning, yanked the thermometer out of her buttonhole.

She let out a gasp and began panting, strangely aware of her chest rising and falling. The removal of the device seemed just as shocking as the intrusion, her bottom feeling as if the ghost of the cold glass was still in her. She squeezed her cheeks to confirm that it actually wasn’t.

“Well that’s bad news. It looks as if there is no signs of a fever.”

“Wha,what; but that is good news, right? That, that means I’m all better, right?”

“No, this is bad news. It means that someone was lying.
And worse yet, that someone was wasting my time!

You, Miss Ashley, are about to learn a lesson about what happens to those who waste my valuable time.”

In an instant, the Doctor was dragging Ashley out from the bathroom by her ear. She was digging in her heels in resistance, click clacking across the room, but inevitably found herself over his lap as he once more got comfortable on the small rolling stool.




In no time he had found his rhythm and was well into a full force punishment of Ashley’s tender bottom.

It was now Jenny’s turn at a front row view of a bare-bottom punishment. She was teary eyed and sympathetic, attempting to offer a smile of support whenever Ashley’s head bobbed up in reaction to the force delivered to her other end. Unfortunately all that was reflected was just a grimaced, agonized frown as she rubbed her own disciplined and abused bottom. Furthermore, she was also unable to hide the shock of seeing her newly found idol in such a situation. So much for a modern woman, Ashley was being spanked like a naughty girl.

The appointment had been full of shared humbling predicaments for both of them, but it was one particular visual that caused Jenny to pull away from the failed
attempt to rub comfort into her own thrashed cheeks and instead bite her nails anxiously as she stood watch. She couldn’t get it out of her head. The visual of Ashley being forced to bend over and have her temperature taken rectally. Witnessing having a thermometer pushed into her, a grown woman's, bottom. And corked so deep that she could just barely make out the red tip peeking out between Ashley’s ample full cheeks. That was something she was at least grateful for, grateful that she had not undergone that utter humiliation.

As she watched Ashley being punished because of her failed attempts to save her, she wondered who had fared worse. Was it her, thoroughly spanked only to be followed by a series of unforgiving shots on her tender bottom? Or was it Ashley, who had started out with the throbbing pain of the shots, followed by a deep probing and who despite that added measure was still not spared from an equally firm bare bottom spanking? Was this all really part of the price to pay for wanting to teach in this charming little country town?


Well was that enjoyable? Be sure to share your thoughts, especially since this is the conclusion. Or is it?
Also please consider commenting as Blogger is being problematic with so many issues, including loading my regular Polls.
Seems like I managed to get the polls to works, but not a 100% sure, so let me know by voting!

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Windy Wednesday

In case the title doesn't give it away or you simply have forgotten as it has been a minute since my last themed offering, I present you with this latest addition:

What: Windy Wednesday.

Why: Because I need a smile. Don't you?

Who: One naughty girl.

Where: Hopefully coming to my outdoor deck sometime soon.

*And it gives me an excuse for a simple check in via a quick post.

I know this doesn't appear to be a Windblown skirt per my usual as this young lady doesn't seem to be embarrassed or reacting as so many others normally would in her situation. She is quite the opposite in fact. She is clearly laughing at her own dismay, accepting it for what it is and quite possibly enjoying it all! Good for her!

I know there are differences out there:
Windblown Skirt, Upskirts, Skirtlifting, etc.
All of
which I classify very distinctly in my book, well, because they are. This reminds me that I am overdue in posting my explanation of the differences in varieties and my reason for favoring some and not a fan of others. That is if anyone is still (or ever was) interested in hearing about such rationale?

here is the full video below. Sound on for full effect.
I hope this brings as much as a smile to your face as it did to mine and apparently to hers as well!

Such a beautiful, happy, easy-going girl!

Hopefully that video worked. If not let me know.

I love so much of this video, from the fact that it is obviously an unplanned, non-pro shot clearly, as proved by multiple clues with her underwear being a big clue if nothing else. To the fact that I love the fit and look of her panties considering and especially for what I'm going to wager are an everyday pair. To proof to the theory that someone once told me that longer dresses and skirts or often times more susceptible to the wind than shorter ones. To the fact that she didn't drop her beer and in turn sacrificed her modesty; smart girl!

Are you surprised I had so much to say on one short clip? Are you really?

Regardless, had this been my girl, her smile would probably have been short-lived; while my smile would have grown exponentially as this would have presented the perfect excuse, I mean rationale, for some on the spot discipline. More than likely just a spontaneous (and rare) fun-spanking. Which since we are on the topic this is the type of girl I need to find, but that indeed is another topic all together.
Oh, and in case you missed the message of my prior post, I am still interested in knowing how you are all doing out there. The onslaught of this year keeps coming at us and testing daily. How are you holding up?