Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Update, State of Things - ENTIRELY O.T.

This is ENTIRELY Off Topic so if you have no interest here except for our shared interest, you’ll want to skip this post, but I hope you don't.

Where to begin since it has been an extended minute since my last post.

I will be brief as possible.

The state of the good ol U. S. of  A. (and the reasons for my extended absence)

Deep sigh. 

Yeah, I have to say I saw a lot of that coming. We all did. If you didn’t…well…

What happened this past week was a disgrace for all and on so many levels.
Isn’t this the type of thing that America has fought against in so many “third-world” countries?

We had been a democratic beacon of hope for so many throughout generations. Generations. That light was dimmed last week by those actions that played out. 

I’m tired of hearing commentary that it was just property damage. That all of those storming the building were agitators, were all “ANTIFA” in disguise…if you honestly believe that just simply stop and listen to yourself. Just stop. Five people died including one police officer. While quite a few others, police and civilians, were left with serious injuries. A lot of new video has emerged which paints a picture of a lot worse than some "harmless trespassing."

Not going into a big political debate about election fraud and what not, or right or left, conservative or liberal.
It was wrong. It was a sad day for America. For the world.

From failed leadership that instigated that mob scene to failed leadership that has led to poor handling of a pandemic.

Rather than being the shining star example of how to handle the pandemic, the US is coming in as an example of how not to handle a pandemic. We are in a war against a virus that we should be focused on fighting, but instead we are being misdirected from urgent life or death matters to focus on fake accusations of mass voter fraud and the fallout of such.

I could go on an on and go into details, but why waste my energy. People have made up their minds on where they stand on these issues.

We are in the thick of this COVID war and news flash - we are losing.

That simple statement is for half the country who has been and continues to be in denial.
EMTs forced to make triage decisions about whether or not to give patients oxygen and or drive them to the hospitals… that is not what they signed up for. Doctors and nurses treating patients in hallways, cafeterias and gift shops due to the overflow….these are not combat medical personnel…overflow morgues in trailers… Families saying goodbye to loved ones via a Zoom call; that is something I would not wish on anyone.

Before you come at me with claims of fake news and media exaggerated bias, or worse yet some ignorant conspiracy theories, I’ll tell you I have experienced these things up close and first hand.

If you are regular reader here
you know I have spend most of these COVID times volunteering at food banks and COVID testing sites doing what I can days in-and-out trying to support my communities. Being a part of a volunteer force stepping up to cover for failed government leadership and resources.

Additionally, if you are a long-time reader here you also know that over the years, I had often made long treks to visit my ailing father in his elder years. I have written about it often and often the reason for my extended absences. I stopped the visits due to the rise of the pandemic and the related recommendations of not wanting to put him at risk.

I had to say goodbye to him recently. Not in person, but instead via a Zoom call.
He left not as our elders deserve (or anyone for that matter), but instead alone without any family at his side. He was alone except for an overworked, exhausted nurse not tending to her patients but rather tasked with calling time of deaths.

Be safe out there all of you.