Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tourist Lesson

Lesson learned and lessons to be learned

Students  - Let us begin today's field trip lesson. 

 - This fair City is a tourist destination. 
 - This City attracts a healthy amount of tourists year round.
 - This City is located in a large state.

Uhum.....Young lady.....please listen up.

 - This large state has both warm and cool climate regions.

  - Just because my fair City is located in said state does not automatically mean it is located in the warm climate region.

As you can all witness for yourselves here today, tourists (and some fellow classmates) visit this region thinking it is identical to the other sunnier region of the state and thus dress in inappropriate attire for the weather...

Uhum - again.....Young lady... yes YOU in the pink dress.
OK then, since you seem eager to talk; how about you answer me this question -
What happens when You assume?
No idea?

You make an ASS out of U and perhaps me. 
Or better said in your case, You display your Ass for all to see.

Enjoying the sights are you?
Oh and the cold cool breeze as well?
Good. Good. I am glad.  

By the way, I need you to look over towards your right....

Yes surprise! 
You have just aided your fellow classmates and countless tourists in capturing a spectacular view ... a spectacular view of your rather cute ass.  No need to push your dress down now; I wouldn't want your  fashion sense to go to waste. I am most certain, not every girl can match as well as you. I am sure it took you quite a bit of time and talent to match those pink panties with that pink dress. 

Your fashion design teachers will be proud. In fact, if you need a copy of the picture to hand in with your fashion report final, I am sure you can ask any one of the countless tourists here or any of your two dozen classmates, who at least 1 in 5 seem to have snapped your picture, to email you a copy.

What is that? You are not making sense young lady... please slow down... you are mumbling. What are you rambling on about?

Pink?.......bottom?... "embarrassed"? You are embarrassed? 
Oh "em.bare.assed"?..... That is a good word. 
Yes, young lady you ARE for all intents and purposes "bare assed".

What? Embarrassed by some fashion faux pas? You are mumbling again.
What is that you are saying....Oh, you are embarrassed that your ass is not matching the same color as your panties or dress?  Is that what you are wound up and worried about?

Not to worry, I can take care of making sure you match through and through. In fact, I can take care of that right here and now via a good bottom warming. In fact, your fashion design girlfriends can even help decide when I have reached the right shade of pink. 

While we are at it, why don't we ask the tourists for their input? If we can understand what they are saying that is.  Something about "more...more color needed?...more?" Unfortunately, I am not a foreign language teacher and I often confuse 10 with 12... or did they say 20.....