Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Have you ever?

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas, or a Happy Chanukah, or a Happy Holiday,
or a Happy Solstice or...

What I am trying to say is, I just hope you managed to enjoy the damn season. 

It has been longer than I thought since my last post. Before I get into my stories,
thought I might share with you my holiday wish.
Enjoy the story as I present to you dear readers,
a question.
My question is, have you ever – ?


"Why are you squirming so much?”

“Ohhh! Gawd! Ow! Ow!”

“What is it? I just started, a couple slaps should hardly hurt that much.”

“Oh.Oh, oh! Mah…Ahhh.” she mumbled.

She jiggled her bottom wildly as if she had been stung with a hundred needle stings. She squirmed and shook unlike anything I had ever seen; unlike any other young lady I had spanked.

“Stay still” I ordered as I gathered up and pulled her panties, wedging them deep between her plump cheeks and consequently against her lower lips. I tugged on the makeshift reigns to keep her still. At least that is what I told her it was for, but it was actually more than that. I loved seeing her practically bare body dangling further under my rigid control.

“Oh! Oh! Ummmh. Uhhh. Fuuu…” she bounced on my lap, her body pressing tightly against my thigh as she seemingly began to rub against my pant-leg.

“Really. Calm down. I have just started. You keep this yelling up and it is really going to feel like a long time” I tried to explain for her own good.

I grabbed on tighter and began a steady rhythmic spanking of her plump pale cheeks. They bounced, seemingly pleading eloquently with every slap much to my inner enjoyment and her increasing dismay. With every smack she seemed to shake her bottom intentionally; perhaps in order to shake away the pain, her mounds quivering vividly in place.

I had delivered no more than ten, when she frantically began gyrating. Her toes tiptoed, pushing her pert bottom higher as her breathing audibly heightened. Her bottom arched further meeting my hand half-way. She clenched her cheeks and it was then that I undeniably felt it.

She suddenly pulled away in what I thought was a determined escape, only to realize that it was an attempt to wrap her one leg around my knee. Without any further humility, her actions made clear her intent. Holding tight to my legs with fisted grips, she shamelessly rubbed herself against my thigh furiously.

Still holding her by her bunched panties, I pulled her up off my leg. Lowering her at intervals to confirm what I was still not believing I was actually witnessing. Every time her femininity, thinly veiled and practically exposed by the sheer cotton, would come in contact with my stiff starched pants she would let out a squeal.


“Oh. Oh. Mmmm….Gaawwd!” she was overcoming her shyness as the true meaning of her words were slowly unveiled.“Ohma. Mmmm…Yyees!”

“Oh; you dirty girl!” I scolded her as it was now all clear. I delivered a couple of merciless slaps to her alternating cheeks, reddening them instantly with each impact.

Unbelievable. You dirty, horny lil’ –”

I was unable to finish as the words triggered an inner response. She nodded her head vigorously in agreement and blurted out to my surprise her own scolding,
Like a
lil' horny bitch in heat! – Ohma...Ohma! Ohmmma....Fuuc!”

With that freed from within her, she instantly let out an animalistic groan, unapologetically pressing her swollen throbbing treasure firmly against my leg. I felt the undeniable dampness against my thigh as she shuddered into release.

No words followed, but soft whimpering, as she shivered and shook in place. I released my grip and the stretched elastic of her panties snapped them back in place with a stinging jolt. She rested, spent and sprawled over my lap awkwardly as I gently caressed her naked bottom; stroking her blushing cheeks as goosebumps scattered across her porcelain skin. 


I yanked at her rich hair, pulling her head up as she instantly diverted her eyes.

“Look at me” I spoke to her softly.

She slowly turned up at me, disheveled hair covering her glazed over eyes.

“Looks like this dirty girl has been enjoying what should have been her punishment. Have you not?”

She looked away coyly tightening her legs around mine.

“Enough. Get up, young lady. 

March yourself to the corner,

And take those soaked panties off.

I’m waiting!

Off to the corner!

Hands up and ass out.

I want your big naughty ass on display while I think. 

Better yet, in the corner and bend over.
Go ahead and touch your cute little pedicured toes.
It is obvious you have no shame; so don't worry about what you'll be displaying.

Bend your ass over. Now!

This punishment obviously didn’t work.
I need a minute to decide what to do with you; how to teach a girl in heat like you a lesson.
But first I need to change out of these pants.”


Did you enjoy that? So once again my question remains, have you ever?
Please vote, but comment if you can. Those who comment will be always be rewarded.
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