Thursday, July 25, 2019

Beat the Heat

There seems to be a heat-wave moving across the country. It was on the East Coast last week now working its way to the West Coast. Meanwhile Europe is suffering through their own heat-wave as well. If you follow the news this could be a metaphor for the political climate here and abroad. 

What does any of this have to do with our favorite topic? Nothing directly.


The heat just led me, once more, to witnessing first hand, how certain young ladies were dealing with the heat. The above picture being a prime example.

What does this picture have to do with our favorite topic? Nothing entirely directly, except it does remind me of an ongoing debate I used to have with My Girl about what to wear around the house in general and especially when it was hot; what is typical, the norm and just fantasy. My argument was/is, just because you don't participate in something doesn't mean others don't, right? 

I do hope you can follow that. I think you can.
So tell me Ladies what do you wear at home to beat the heat?
Or simply, how comfortable are you walking around in the privacy of your own place?

I will be offline for a few days as I will be on the road, but don't let that stop you from commenting. And do please comment, as I am short on time to set up proper surveys.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Multiple Random Reasons

click to enlarge

Maybe you are like me (I bet you are!) and pinup illustrations immediately bring a heart warming smile to your face.

The beauty above is no exception.

So why did I decide to share this one, today?
For multiple random reasons.

From the obvious:

1) I love pinup illustrations.

2) This one in particular is another creation by my favorite pin up artist, Gil Elvgren.

To the subtle:

3) It is Summer and that means that this is the time of year a lot of people are out traveling and vacationing.

4) Travel by rail is also at one of its peak points of the year.

To the obscure:

5) I will be traveling late next week and am prepping for that trip.

6) I was going through some files and came across some notes by pure coincidence.

I was reminded that Hermione of Hermione's Heart fame had shared this image as one of her Complete the Caption posts many, many years ago (yes, years ago literally).

I had submitted my caption which is a rare thing for me since I’m usually not very good at those. However, since the striking visual created an immediate story in my head, the caption was a lot easier for me.

I’ll share the slightly enhanced version, just in case you are curious:

“Dry your tears Young Lady; it was a fair deal and you agreed to it.

A deal is a deal!”

“But I didn't realize…..[sob] It just isn't fair.”

“What? A spank for every pound over the baggage weight limit and in exchange you get to bring all your luggage" said the porter. “Seems straight forward and very fair to me.”

"[sob]...But I didn't realize, the other passengers... 

would be witnessing me being spanked...
And of all days...the; the…the dada-day I wore my black sheer panties!"

Wouldn't that just make a splendid short story? 
So what do you think?

Would you be interested in that story?

Let me know via the survey below or be personable and send me a comment.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Off Topic: The Beautiful Game

I interrupt our regular programing for some off topic news. 
But not to worry, this is good news.

I seldom go entirely off-topic on this blog, but today I felt the overwhelming need to share a positive overall post. A repeat post in so many ways to four years ago.

If you are a frequent visitor here you are aware of my love of soccer (reminders are scattered throughout this blog). And if you've been listening to even some half descent news channels and shows you may possibly, hopefully be aware that the Women's World Cup, held in France just ended today –
with another incredible overall triumph for the 
US Team!


Of course I hold a bias towards the US Team. Another final game for the multiple record books. I wanted to take today and salute these women on an excellent performance throughout and especially on their final match vs. Netherlands. Here's to you Ladies!


On the surface it may seem odd to some readers here, or even some people who think they know me, that I am saluting the Women's World Cup athletes here on this blog. 

Well, it shouldn't.
It shouldn't in the least. 

As much as I find the need to handle certain young ladies in my own firm ways, preach about certain attitude adjustments that should be made to certain individuals; none of that correlates to me looking down on women. Quite the opposite. Actually I share the factual belief that women don't get enough respect in general, especially on the playing fields. I could easily go into the examples as so clearly demonstrated by the controversies around FIFA in general or the Women's World Cup specifically, or this World Cup's issues in particular; but I won't.  


Nothing else today. Today I give credit to all these amazing international athletes who competed in all the rounds as they are a gift to watch. A gift to watch their skill and athleticism, witnessing their challenges and their triumphs. It has truly been inspiring. 

Today, I will leave you all with the following - The US Women's Soccer Team has made their country and their families proud. And it all makes me smile, which I need at the moment. That so many Americans need at the moment as well.

Congratulations Ladies!
Well played and well deserved.

Did anyone else here watch the game(s) or was I the only one here watching?

Monday, July 1, 2019

Random Thoughts: Happy Monday

Monday, Monday; what is there to look forward to?
Well, if only I had something to look forward to when I got home….

Hold on. Let’s back up for a minute. 

Awhile back, I wrote a post about how certain words cause an instant reaction in us. To be more exact, I was referring to a specific word then as well as now. Yes, you can probably guess the word is panties. I won’t repeat myself entirely, but if you are interested in some of my extended thoughts on the subject, you can read the post here.

I will repeat a few things however:

  • 1) Obviously that panties is one of my favorite words.
  • 2) And more importantly that I have used the word panties with planned intent, including to cause some intentional uneasiness.
  • 3) Furthermore If you have visited here often enough, you may or may not have picked up on the fact that I used to pick out panties for my girls. To be clear, I gave them very clear instructions on which pair to wear for which occasion and in the case of the long-term relationship with My Girl, I selected her panties most everyday. I did this for various reasons serving specific purposes as you may already be aware.

In all those times one of things I always wanted to give my girls, but was unable to come across adequately were “Days of the Week” panties. The closest I got to this concept was picking specific styles / colors for certain days. A Days of the Week set would have made things easier for My Girl and for the pantie-checks. 

These are perfect in my opinion:

Click to Enlarge and see why they are seemingly perfect.
Should be a notable large file.

So when I came across this picture, I was happily surprised and wishfully dreaming that I had a special lady to buy them for…ah, but not at this time.

Regardless -

Ladies, I have a few questions for you down below. Please vote or better yet answer via comments. 

Gentlemen, I got nothing for you but to enjoy the visuals.

And on that note I hope you all have a Happy Monday.