Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Decompression

Thought I would give you readers a treat. Well, some of you may consider it a treat and others may see it as part of my ongoing torture. Regardless, I am sharing two posts within a week as the first might have been too deep for some.
Not sure how many of you work in an office environment, but to those who do or ever have, I am sure you can relate to the following scenario. 

It is Friday afternoon and the primary shared thought going through the collective office mind is the strike of 5 or how soon can I get this project submitted so I can call it a day. 

Unfortunately, focused minds are easily interrupted especially in shared cubicle-farm type office environments. Yet, we manage to carry on blocking out the white noise fromlong term coworkers we have become accustomed to. 

However, there is that odd particular element that exists and we can not block out; try as we may. This annoying element is most commonly found on Fridays. 

Fridays are the days that receptionists usually take their days off in order to extend their weekends. Fridays are the days that the temp agency is hard pressed to find anyone to fill the one day slots. Fridays are the days that the temp agency sends over the temps that have been asked to not return to their other assignments.

Young temps.Young immature, female temps.
Surprisingly immature and selfish temps beyond their late twenty years.

Temps who can't self manage; can't keep themselves productively busy.
Temps who spend hours surfing the net, watching YouTube videos.

Temps who spend hours on the phone calling their friends.
Chatting loudly with their friends about breaking news headlines – about celebrity gossip.

Interrupting the entire office. 


Done in irritating, high pitched cheerleader voices...
Laughing madly like drunken sorority girls....

All until....

Until I've had enough....

[The video doesn't seem to work on mobile devices; is that right?]

Until I need to decompress!
Decompress on her ignorant, immature, tight ass.

Until I've cornered her in the glass-walled conference room (Offering front row arena seats for all)! 

Until I've swung her over my lap, pulled up her tight skirt, 
exposed her white sheer panties that no one was meant to see!

Until I've given her a well deserved spanking in front of a growing audience.
An audience of approving, smiling male faces and mutually approving, yet nervously giggling, anxious females.

The spanking continues.
The coworker' eyes, glued in shock, stare on. 
The begging, pleading and kicking count out the extended minutes.
The deep breathes of witnesses contrast with her embarrassed, squealing pouts.

Until I whisper into her ear;
"I ought to take these dainty, over-stretched, skin tight panties down right here... 
Or should I take you into the bathroom and truly teach your tight ass a lesson?"

She stops kicking.
Takes an audible breath.
Anxious silence fills the room.

She opens her pouty lips and her answer escapes her mouth...


Enjoy your weekend and let me know your thoughts.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Her Eyes

There was a softness in her eyes,
Shrouding all her broken pieces

A delicate veil that shielded
A soft veil offering comfort, inside
And out
A veil large enough to wrap around me

But I was meant to be the one 
The one who was to comfort her with my stoic nature 
Guide her with my trailed experiences
and do everything
and do everything within my worn grasp to hold her up

Yet, despite it all, she offered me comfort
Her presence was reassuring of my existence
Her face offered promises; even if a struggled path laid before them 
Her smile was enough to warm my tired soul
Her laughter, all too rare, a welcome embrace

Her lips full of passion

Her touch a gift 

I held her as gentle as I knew how to
Her delicate veil slowly tore free
Releasing her -

and releasing me

Pain was set free

But pain was also let in. 


Left to finally mend, time to truly heal old wounds

There were tears in her eyes
Drenching all her broken pieces
Drenching all my broken pieces

Drenching my broken heart


Is it Spring yet?


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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Irish Blessings: The wind at your back

As you may have guessed, I am not Irish. 
I did however wear green today and 
I also would not want to miss the opportunity to pass along an Irish blessing or two.

I offer you an image of what I envision all you beautiful young ladies doing today
from one of my all time favorite artists; 
and of course a corresponding favorite Irish blessing:


Another more traditional Irish blessing I offer you as well: 

"May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back,

May the sun shine warm upon your face,
The rains fall soft upon your fields and,

Until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand."


Don't get me wrong, it is a sincere offering to you,

but my mind wanders and I begin to think of key words in that blessing 
and think of Irish traditions...
and of England...
and it all leads me back to this particular
Young Lady entrusted to carry on century old traditions:

Century old traditions of good will and leading by example...

God, I wish someone would spank her already 
( I can't be the only one, right?)
and carry on the hands-on tradition of dealing with foolish young ladies; 
those such as Kate who fail to learn their lessons and
intentionally continue to wear such dresses in the wind,
time and again.

Not that I'm complaining all that much, I just think some mischievous Leprechaun might have passed on an Irish curse blessing to Kate with other thoughts in mind.


Once again, here's to you dear readers
enjoy the sincere blessings as they were meant, 
especially the young ladies out there
(and yes that includes the young at heart).

So do tell me,
Did you wear your green today?
Or are you gambling with the possibility of a pinch...
or even more?

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Overdue Solutions

This little story is a continuation of another that I had written a few months back. I had always thought the original story needed more of a follow-up or conclusion. 

With Google's short-lived (for now?) new Explicit Blogger policy, I began writing the conclusion with the intent of dedicating it to Google's Explicit censoring team as well. As I stated the policy was repealed so I debated publishing after all.

With all of that in mind, you should re-read (or read for the first time) this post first in order to follow the story and secondly keep in mind that this was to be a send off piece; best to go off Blogger with a bang, right? Remember you were warned.


The belt swished through the air and came down like thunder on her naked bottom. She screeched at the instant pain that cracked and shot throughout her body like lighting veins. She took a breath and closed her eyes. Trembling in fear she helplessly awaited the next swing.

She heard her tormentor's heavy boots shift behind her and then nothing, nothing but the sounds of the morning silence. A moment later she felt the breeze created as he swung the belt high once again (an action better suited for a whip than a belt) The belt let out a snap as it came in contact with….

...with nothing, but empty space.

"What the frickn hell?!" His arm was caught and suddenly held high, unable to move.

Before he could figure out what was happening, he was being thrown across the kitchen. He landed against the refrigerator with a crash; magnets, pictures and paper exploded across the room.

"AHHHH!!  OH Ma Gawd!! OH MA GAWD! " she screamed at hearing the unexpected crash and leapt in place as she saw a scuffle of bodies.

She attempted to focus, but all she could see was two men swinging arms wildly at each other. Their bodies interlocked as they banged across the kitchen like pinballs. Neither man wanting to let the other escape his grasp and each taking every advantage to beat the other with solid fists. 

The room filled with the sounds of pots, pans, ceramic and glass all crashing like firecrackers. Paralyzed, her arms and fingers clenched in front of her chest, she could only scream at the chaos. Before she could react, the pair of swinging bodies fell in a flesh pounding move into to the living room. 

Still hungover from the night before, she hadn't fully realized what was going on until this moment. She now focused on looking for something to help her unidentified rescuer. A failed step forward, she nearly tripped on the forgotten panties still tangled at her thighs. 

She frantically yanked up at the fabric, but the tangled nylon resisted any unraveling. She tugged and stretched at the skimpy material. Up and over it was finally held in place not by the tattered elastic, but by her bottom shelf; and for once she was grateful for its ample size. She fruitlessly pulled her micro tee down in hopes of covering the full exposure of her sheer panties; it was far from enough to cover her modesty as the shirt barely draped her bellybutton, yet good enough as she ran into the next room. 
Only mere seconds to reach the living room, she was already too late as she could hear the men yelling outside. Her bare feet slid across the wooden floor towards the now dangling and ripped screen of the wooden door. She jumped onto the porch and took a breath as the morning cold caught her off-guard while she now clearly make out the identifies of the two men. 

It was her husband holding his friend by his shirt collars, dragging him towards the hood of his truck. Now too far down the dirt drive to make out what they were saying, muffled by distance and further scrambled by his faithful collie's nonstop protective barking.

Her husband making sure to keep the advantage now held his arm tight across his friend's neck. She stood there unsure of what to do; at least it was fairly clear that the physical fighting had stopped. She could see her husband speaking slowly to his friend; no longer yelling, but still in an intense and lengthy debate.

The men parted with the jolting sound of a fist against metal and as her husband walked back towards their house. Dusting his ripped shirt and jeans randomly, merely adding to the dust clouds formed by his determined pace. Just over his shoulder she could see his friend wiping blood from his mouth and spitting in their direction. 

"OhmaGAWD, Hon! Are you OK?! Are you OK?!" she began calling from the porch.

He marched towards her without answering, not really making out the words; but rather focused on her revealing state of dress while she alternated stepping one foot on top of the other in her silly attempt to keep her feet off the cold floor. He was on the porch and past her in no time, holding the broken wooden door open for her.

"Ohhhh… Hon. Look at your shirt! Look at your face…You're bleeding?!" She reached up to touch his disheveled face and he ducked and swayed as if he were still in the fight.

"Get inside!" he commanded.

"But Hon, what…" she insisted moving slowly in front of him.

"Get your ASS INSIDE!  And upstairs NOW!" 
He  ordered her as he slapped her ass squarely with his powerful open palm. The sound snapped through the morning air, as the impact literally lifted her off her feet and forcing her into the house.


"Come here now!" he ordered grabbing her arm and swinging her around the side of the bed, "I'm going to give you what you've been asking for."

"But Hon, aren't we…are you…look at you…Why are you…." she was confused and overwhelmed standing vulnerably in front him, as the curtains from the open window tapped her bottom and teased of things to come.

He sat himself down on the bed and yanked her over his lap in one continuous movement. Pushing her head down and in a reflex like motion, her pert bottom rose up to meet him. He stared at her red panties, torn at the waistband and along the subtle center seam. A single welt crossed her bottom peeking through. He worked in no other warm up as his arm swung and he began spanking her relentlessly.

"Nohhh!…ugh…." she protested. "Owwww.....Whhhaa..What are you doing?? I thought you just saved me from this..all this… Why would …" 

"This is what you've wanted! This is what you've been talking to your friends about…" he explained as he delt out her punishment. 

Her cheeks jiggled every time his manly hand came down over her feminine bottom. The sheer tattered nylon offered no protection and only minor modesty. Every time he made contact, the single welt from previous stung like a new woundShe kicked furiously as he held her tight with one arm around her waist, much like he would a wild steer, while his harsh open palm was introduced to her cheeks over and over again.

"You've been out drinking…smoking...flirting..telling your friends…that you don't need to worry! Talking too much...talking that you aren't ever kept in line!"

As his large hand heated her bottom, her skimpy panties wedged deeper as her cheeks became more exposed as he continued on.

"Well is this what you imagin'd it like? Is this how you thought it would feel?" 

She wasn't able to answer him; focused solely on the ever growing shower of pain as she kicked wildly trying to break free. Her entire bottom was aching within minutes as his large hand practically covered both her cheeks with every spank. The spanking intensified by the still fresh welt of the belt of her previous handling. 

There was little chance of her escaping as he was in determined mindset at this point. He attended to his work as serious and as furious as if he were laying down an emergency makeshift dam during a sudden river rise. This was not what she imagined as her bottom felt on fire. She was already sorry for ever wanting to be disciplined. Even if it had been in a roundabout way.

He stopped suddenly and pulled her up onto her bare feet. As she stood in front of him, her back to the open window, the morning sun blinded his eyes. The glare, plus her messy locks across her face, did not betray her expression.

"Bend-over! Now!" He yelled standing up and undoing his belt.

"Nooooo! Why, what are you going to do?!" she questioned, refusing to move.

He did not answer and simply moved behind her, kicked her feet apart and watched her tip-toe as he pushed her over the bed. Her manicured toes grasped at the throw rug while her bottom pushed up and out without further verbal direction. 

"That spanking is what you've so foolishly have been asking for and now for what you need" as he let his thick leather belt slither free from his belt loops.

"Please I've had enough" her watery eyes pleading over her shoulder misunderstanding what he had in mind.

"NO! I am the one who has had enough of your disrespectful, self centered, spoilt ways" he scolded as he undid the top button of his dust covered jeans.


"You've been telling your friends that I don't man up and that you can get away with whatever you want; really? 

You told your friends who gossiped…Well it got back to me...and to my friends…

All the way to your visitor this morning, didn't it?!
Your ongoing rotten attitude really made a mess this time!

It could have really ended up worse…worse for everyone. 
You're lucky I showed up when I did. 

He's lucky I didn't kill him, but he's a simpleton.
It's not his fault...

It's time I teach you a long overdue lesson about respect; for everyone's sake."

To her surprise, he did not intend to use his belt as he threw it across the room. Instead he proceeded to undo his jeans and released his erection. Guided his throbbing stiffness to the conveniently ripped center hole of her red panties that now highlighted her matching flushed red cheeks. 

His rough thick fingers grabbed at the hole in her panties and ripped it wider. Without further warning he gave an initial thrust and pushed the tip of his erection into her.

"Owwww...ffuu" she blurted out as she felt his girth as her lips weren't yet prepared to greet him. He pushed in regardless and began pumping into her; within just a few thrusts she was already becoming wet. All the tension and energy of the morning were being reflected in excitement between her legs. Her heart was pounding and she was about to relax in the moment when he stopped and pulled out.

What the hell was he doing, her mind scrambled; why was he stopping. She could feel her own wetness and her lips were aching for more, her anticipation had built up almost instantly. She had felt his excitement fully and yet he had stopped; what the hell was he thinking.

In the sleepy morning light, her petite and curvy figure seemed to contrast even more heavily with his muscular build as he held her in place. Suddenly he bent her further forward and his large hands proceeded to roughly spread her tender cheeks apart; allowing for him to position his manhood between them. Without further preparation, he grabbed her hips tight and wedged into her again; except this time forcing himself into her tight virgin asshole. She pounded the bed with manicured fists and bite the sheets to smother her screams as he madly corked his way into her tight petite hole.

"UUUUUghhh....Fuuu…" her voice trailed off and disappeared as she took in his manhood.

"Is this what your big pale arrogant ass has been needing all this time? Is it? Is this what we need to do until you learn your lesson?" he asked in a whisper. 

Continuing his steady advance he pulled at the remaining shreds of her panties and ripped them apart entirely with two tugs. He tossed the useless scraps onto the floor, simply adding to her existing piles of clothes.

Deeper inside of her, he leaned over her as he watched the morning light glisten off her hair and let his hands wander down her soft freckled back. He pushed her shirt as far as it would go in order to grab a firm hold of her exposed soft breasts. He squeezed handfuls of divinity, wrapping his fingers around her nipples, bringing them to further attention.  

"Who's been disrespectful?" he asked as he pulled out suddenly until only his tip remained wedged in her; only to force his way back in again quickly.

"I…aaaa…..ohhhhhh….uhhhhh…." she tried to speak between the painful thrusts that seemed to never end. He continued to ram her as her cheeks vibrated with his every forceful lunge.

Then he stopped as suddenly as he had begun and pulled up off the bed. Swinging her around he pushed her against the window ledge. She caught herself with arms stretched high while she was fogged in total disbelief of his assertiveness with her. She was used to seeing it elsewhere, just never with her.

He grabbed her waist as he straddled her and pulled her wide hips high and towards him. The forced movement caused her to tip toe, allowing for his erection to sink in easier and deeper into her now ravished hole. Throbbing stiff inside of her, he breathed deeply while she clawed at the glass trying to get a grip as he began pounding her relentlessly.

"Who's. Been. Acting. Completely. Un...grateful?" he pounded deeper with every word; her cheeks vibrating against his skin.

"I…I….I have been the…ohhhhhh…..Fuuuu…." she slurred out as she felt his engorged manhood impale her completely, stretching her both wide and deep.

"Who's been rude and disrespectful?" he asked again, patiently waiting for an answer; all the while enjoying the resistance as he pounded her. He was enjoying being in her, being in control of her and all the while wishing he had done all this sooner. 

"I have! Uh!...OhmaFuuu...I do, I am...GAWD!..Fuuu...I ha'...hav'...and I de...serv'...this! 
dee...serv' to bee... to bee fucked like an ungrateful lil' bitch!" she screamed out and immediately felt the flood of his juices explode inside her. 

Pulling out, he dripped out of her, streaming over her lips and down her legs. She collapsed forward and pressed against the window, pouting in emotion. He stood there behind her, simply listening to her pouting and heavy breathing before giving her a final resounding slap across her very sore and used ass.

Leaning back in place he looked out the sun drenched, bedroom picture window, towards the road leading away from the ranch house. He could now hear the distant peaceful sounds of the early morning countryside again. And there amongst the birds and the trees was something else. Perched alone on the clearing he could see the truck where he had seen it hiding earlier that same morning. Where it had caused him to think something wasn't quite right and eventually caused him to turn back around.


She put down the binoculars while licking her lips.

"Gawd. She so  frickn' deserved that" she whispered, squirming in her seat.

"Did he whip her ass?" he asked the beautiful dirty-blond sitting in the cab of his truck. 

"Whip her ass? Not quite." she answered, slapping his rough hand away from her bare thigh and smothered down her dress hem.

"But you said you would show me some appreciation if I handled her" he questioned her through his swollen black eye and blood stained face.

She looked back over the ridge and into the now fading light streaming from inside the house as morning disappeared quickly. Honestly, she thought to herself; watching this seemingly private show even from afar was better than she had imagined. Witnessing her friend getting a well deserved punishment was hot, but watching her get her arrogant ass pounded – well that was an unexpected and incredibly hot surprise!

"Well – I guess what you did, prob' did help 'em man-up soon'r than he probably would've."

She straightened her posture, sat off the seat for a moment and reached under her floral print dress, maneuvered her hands forward and down past her knees. Kicking off her cowboy boots, she flipped her feet onto the long bench seat and faced them toward him. She tossed a dainty piece of bright yellow fabric onto the dash as she pulled her sun dress back just enough, just enough to spread her legs wide.

 "Go ahead; eat. You at least deserve some breakfast."


Hope you enjoyed this story. There were/are other plans for this story so any feedback would be appreciated. Voting is great, but comments win a special place in my heart.