Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Everyday Questions: What the Hell is Going on???!!

Wow, time flies and our strange days fluctuate between whipping rains and melancholy sunlight. I have been consumed by the everyday responsibilities and am back today with a quick post to brighten your day and hold you over until the next!

As you know, I am fascinated by the female creature and all her natural beauty, but am constantly confused by her actions and reactions still to this day. With that as a preset here is a new game for you to ponder which I shall call:

What the Hell is Going on???!!
This is how it works: I present you a picture, I ask the question ("What the hell is going on???!!!) and you offer your opinion. Easy, right? So let's get started.

Picture 1.: 
Two beautiful girls... in a bedroom... doing what? I am actually a bit speechless and obviously confused. The only thing I am sure of is that I have this over overwhelming desire to offer my assistance and take over...just not sure what I am taking over.
What the Hell do YOU think is going on???!!

Picture 2.: 

One rather flexible girl, two arms, two legs...normal enough, but wait something is just not right. Those moves are not possible even for the most flexible of gymnast and or yoga girls. That is one extreme contortionist pose.

I am actually a bit speechless and obviously confused. I will hold off on sharing my reactions just yet.

What the Hell do YOU think is going on???!!
So please offer up your opinions on Picture 1 or 2 or better yet on both and let me know someone is out there. 

I will now share with you what these images conjure up 
in my imagination!
(Although I must say I am a bit disappointed that no one commented on this new game which I had thought would gather lots of comments. Goes to show you never know.)

Picture 1.: 
Self Tanner in view from an open window - 
Look close and sure enough this is what appear to be going on.
Well young ladies stop what you are doing immediately! You on your knees with the self tanner - step away. You against the mirror, hold on tight  as I am going to show you how to properly tan your bottom. That is right - I am going to flip that little dress up, pull those panties down and spank your cute ass until your bottom is a nice golden color.

And you young lady who was assisting with the tanner come over here and bend over my knee. I am going to show you how to properly administer a tanning.  That's right same for you, dress up and panties down and steady yourself for a good bottom tanning.

When I am done with both of you, you can stand up and bend over the bed, dresses up, panties at your ankles and bottoms high in the air. That is right bottoms to the open window. I want the sun to finish off that nice color tanning I started. What is that you are saying? Well you should have thought about people walking by and seeing your asses on display before you opened the window and started this tanning nonsense.

Picture 2.: 
Two girls doing teasing exercises - 
Look close and sure enough this is what appears to be going on; one girl is straddling the other and bending backwards while the other is laying on her back with legs wide open.
Well young ladies stop what you are doing immediately! I am going to clear off that bed and crank up that ipod. You on top, I am going to push you forward and grab on to your pony tail and use those sheer black panties of your friend laying on her back as one of my targets! Target practice exercise time ! One of my targets you ask? Yes that is right. What is the other target? Well I am sure when you bend forward and I flip up that black dress of yours I am sure to find an equally appealing target encased in similar appealing black panties. The question to ask yourself ladies is who of you is going to get zeroed in on first and how precise of targets do you think I am in the mood for?

So readers, let me know you are out there by telling me if you agree with the outcomes of these situations and a question especially to the female readers; do you have a preference to any picture here, picturing yourself in any of these said situations and outcomes? Would love to hear from you.