Monday, May 25, 2015

It has Never Been Easy

It had been a lingering somber weekend. My mind can not help but wander to remembering those gone who were there once besides us. 

I met Bud as an old man. Long after his days of action. I only wish I had met Bud in his younger days when I could have benefitted from his honest and direct leadership style. 

Early Sunday mornings we would randomly meet on the sidewalk while the world still slept. We were awake for different reasons, but I often wondered if it was truly because we were kept from rest by similar nightmares. I regret never asking him.

He'd share stories with me that he kept to himself when others were around. Most of his stories revolved around his time in the Pacific Theatre; but were not, surprisingly, re-accounts of the battles. Rather they were often of the time on the way over while on the ship

'This Irish kid, Red, would go on and on about all the curvaceous girls who would be waiting for us back home. He would go on about how he would sink into their curves, breasts and valleys of their hips as soon as we'd get back. How all these random girls would welcome us back with open arms and give us a free unlimited pass...
He'd go on and on. We would all just listen and nod, never argue. 

But we knew. 

We knew we were all mostly inexperienced with women and hardly any of us had a chance.  Except for a few us of course, but mostly. But if we hardly had a chance; he most definitely had none. Not him. He probably knew it too. Yet, he still would ramble on. Going into detail after detail. Stuttering all the time which actually made it all the worse. All the more painful to hear.' 

'Well Bud, didn't you dream about the same? You know, just to keep you going? 
I know I did at times and no doubt would have had I been heading where you guys were.'


I dreamed of something within reach.

Something being served in the messdeck.  I dreamed of delicious steak with all the trimmings, you know - including fresh corn-on-the-cob with melting fresh butter. Anything, but that dehydrated excuse for food. Despite all the pictures and stories, I  just needed a closer more probable dream. A dream within reach; as close as the messdeck. Not some 6,000 mile away half-baked chance.'  


It's never been easy. 
Regardless, it was nice to dream.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Would You Rather? Modesty vs. Vanity

Interesting enough our little game of "Would you rather…?" is proving to be quite popular. I am happily surprised. In case you haven't played, head on over there, vote and come on back. Don't worry, I'll save you a seat. 

Welcome back. 
As of this post, the answers to Would You Rather...Round 1 fall as this:

Anyone surprised by these results?
I am.

I would have guessed it easier to explain/deal with a spanking in front of family rather than undergo the embarrassment in front of coworkers.


OK, is everyone ready and willing to play Round 2 of "Would you rather…?" 
where we up the ante?

Sure let's play; onward to Round 2 


Modesty vs. Vanity
If you chose In front of your Coworkers 
Would you rather be spanked wearing:

 - Snug-fitting Sheer panties 
You know the type, so sheer you might as well not be wearing anything for modesty purposes. Where your cheeks are completely visible, with every curve ad crease defined, all with no squinting required. So sheer nothing is left for the imagination; in fact imaginations are suddenly running wild. Plus add in some embarrassment factor. Let's say you also have to remove your own skirt before bending over, so that you inadvertently offer your coworkers an additional full frontal sheer view of your grooming technique as well!


 - A pair of  ill-fitting, tattered and worn, Granny Panties?
To clarify, I'm not talking retro-sexy pinup style high waisted lace panties. I'm talking, big beige, made out of some unnatural cloth originally produced during WWII ration days. Your fashion expertise, fashionista credentials and overall popularity is about to plummet when you reveal this dull and drab yard of "fabric". All which leads to speculation amongst the gathered witnesses that no action could possibly be taking place in your home anywhere near those beige granny panties.

Remember the witness lineup for either coworker scenario above:
- both male and female coworkers (including the leering IT guy and the frustrated "Dolores Umbridge" look alike Human Resources Lady, both salivating at your predicament).
- as well as both your managers and your subordinates.


If you chose in front of your ADULT family members 
Remember this was the bare bottom spanking so to up the ante further; would you rather be spanked with the front row, onsite coaching techniques and instrument choices of:

 - YOUR Mother's Coaching & Instrument choosing


 - HIS Mother's Coaching & Instrument choosing

Just to clarify; not being subjected to either mother's hand, but subjected to her coaching your significant other and her recommended best instrument choices to use on you....
"Harder! More! Use the belt...Put your arm into it!...Harder!" - you get the picture.

Plus, don't forget the witness lineup for either of these family scenarios above:
- both yours and his relatives, a random assortment of family (including the crazy uncle who is always trying to cop a feel and the bitter sister who's jealousy always undertones everything yet is suddenly smiling and giggling with every slap on your bare ass).


OK Let's play. Cast your votes! 
Remember as always, explanations via the comments are always welcome and appreciated! 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Good Deeds App Service

Hope you all had a great Mothers Day, especially all the spankable Moms out here. 

I was prepared to treat you all to a very special Mothers Day story, but I decided to hold back on the story as I was sidetracked this morning. Instead I've decided to share my random thoughts on my morning experience today. 

If you frequent here often you know of my life in the Big City and how my commute plays a big part in my everyday experiences.


So this morning, I was walking down the street as I once again serendipitously ran into a girl in a possible predicament. I once again had to pause and question if I should intercede or not.  

On an otherwise normal cold and lonely monday city morning, a girl on her way to work walked pasted me in the opposite direction striding past in no particular hurry. Of course I did the instinctual rear-view check as she passed. And as I did, I noticed something not quite right.  She was wearing black leggings, skin tight and noticeably transparent, with a  black blouse just resting over the arch of her bottom cheeks. Her full cheeks were defined, outlined and her tight rear valley clearly exposed through the thin fabric. As  looked closer I noticed that she possibly had a on a light jersey skirt as well, but that material was hiking up around her waist and just centimeters below her blouse.

So here is where my confusion sets in and my predicament begins.

Was she unintentionally exposing her bottom cheeks due to her skirt riding up?
Or was she just wearing layers of shirts and no skirt (with what I thought was a skirt was possibly just another shirt) over a pair of very tight, stretched-to-sheer leggings?

What was throwing me was that all her clothes were black so it wasn't easily distinguishable. Also to  emphasize again they were leggings and not tights based on their material.

So should I stop her and do the gentlemanly thing and tell her she was unknowingly giving a free show?

Or should I just let her go on her way and avoid being questioned on my fashion police credentials?

I have been faced without this numerous times within my City travels and have written about it here and other places, plus an elaborate story here

And all the times, I simply don't get it.

Is skirt location not something on the checklist before going out the door ladies?

  • Keys - check
  • Bag  check
  • Cellphone -  check
  • Skirt pulled down  not check?

All to which I answer in my eloquent one phrase reply of – Huh?
Why ladies is this so hard? Why?

Anyways, I did the gentlemanly thing as I always do, caught up with her and tapped her on the shoulder after having called out to her repeatedly (as she was wearing headphones and oblivious to the world. Which by the way is a huge pet peeve of mine. Remember safety first ladies).

"Excuse me Miss."

I was greeted by annoyed dow-eyed look.

"Sorry. I don't know how to say this but….

Well I think you are wearing a skirt. 
It's ridden up. 
On the back."

"Oh." strangely staring into me blankly.
She cranes her neck to see over her back and then refocuses on me connecting the invisible dots. She shakes her head in perplexed disagreement as if to question if I truly just admitted to staring at her butt in public. 

Rather than question me she stops walking, scowls and "OK. OK." 's me away.

I walked on after she has stopped and I turn around a few yards up and see her fiddling with her clothes.

I still wasn't sure was she was wearing, but regardless she made me feel awkward for what I thought was helping her out. Sorry I wasn't being creepy - At least I did not think I was.

Perhaps that is auto response when a guy, in a suit, older than you by a decade, stops you on a city side street and basically tells you that you are exposing your ass because your skirt rode up.

Or that you are exposing your ass because you haven't swapped out those pair of worn leggings that you know in the back of your mind are too sheer and keep trying to get another use out because they are so "darn comfortably soft now".

Not to get into a heavy discussion here, but keeping it light and on the surface; 

What would you have done?
What should I have done?

And as I have asked before, is it that hard really Ladies to do a check  before you walk out the door? 

Apparently it is. 

Well, I have a solution for this nonsense in my house
Whenever leggings are to be worn outside of the house by My Girl, I always demand she submit to the Lululemon Inspection; as beautifully demonstrates below:

"Bend over and grab the wall, young lady!

Stick that big ass up and out, now!

Remember, if I can see your smiling crack,
 the only place you are going in those leggings
is over my knee."

With that, I'll be here awaiting comments. All while I sip my evening coffee and question my well intentioned actions taken and if my well intended actions would be better received in the  form of a good deeds morning service for city-girls before they leave for work in the morning....

Knock, knock.

"Good morning, I am here sent by the DISSLY app.
Yes, I am your Daily Inspection Service of Sheer Leggings Driver today. 

Yes, where you are will do. 
Just bend over, grab on tight [and pray for small mercies].

Well, unfortunately for you the forecast isn't sunny at all. 
In fact, it clearly looks like a rather large, early pale moonrise.

Don't worry, as you read on my DISSLY profile I have plenty of experience 
dealing with this and I'll take care of you.

In fact, you'll be hopping [as well as rubbing and squirming] on your way to work in no time. That is, as soon as we get you changed out of those poor excuse for leggings. 
But of course not before we treat your tight pale ass to a thorough, sizzling morning
bottom toasting."


Also, if you haven't played "Would You Rather…"  game from my previous post, don't miss out as time is running out before I close the polls. It  has turned out to be a more popular game than I thought.