Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Stars & Fireworks: A Hump Day Story

Here is a much delayed Fourth of July story post. (I know, I know, but at least we are still in July.)

Fair Warning to young ladies with tender ears: This is not necessarily a spanking story.
However, I do hope you enjoy it as a welcome distraction.

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And almost forgot, the following
story may or may not be based on actual events.


I follow the droplets growing across the glass and wonder how it is possible. How is it possible that the heat instantly obliterates most of the water and leaves only the slightest traces of a former existence; steam ghosts lingering for seconds before rising and escaping to the heavens. The warmth of countless lost souls embrace me for a mere moment before they vanish.

Yet, somehow some manage to fight on, if for just mere moments more. They cling to the glass doors. Hold on tight, clinging on with support until they can’t any longer and finally lose their grip and tumble. Or perhaps they lose their support. Perhaps they were let go.

I wipe my hand across the glass; tossing water drops away; speeding up their journey to their inevitable end. Behind the glass I see an unfocused figure; the shape of my momentary salvation.

She is anxiously staring at me, waiting for me to be done. To be done with this ritual which seems to be more of a common occurrence these days rather than a infrequent visit as I am told it should be at this point in the journey. She is standing there and just like the water drops, if you look hard enough, close enough; trembling.

I shove my face into the steaming jets once more, hide my face with my pruny hands; just before grabbing for the controls and shutting off the pain with a swift turn.

Pushing the door out I reach for my towel, but instead I am handed it.

“I walked Geronimo and Scout already and set them up in the garage for the night,” she whispers. 

“How they do?” I question without looking at her, focused on drying myself off before wrapping the towel about my waist.

“Pretty good considering it sounds like a war zone out there…” she pauses as a I look into her teary eyes, “I meant…I…

Well, you know part of the problem is; it is just that Geronimo is getting to be like an ol’ man and…”

She catches herself and turns away, “I’ll meet you in bed.”


Sitting up, I stroke her hair and try to focus on anything, but the seemingly advancing sounds. Aggravated, I flip off the television, and kiss the top of her head and begin to get up. 

“No. Don’t. 

Just stay here. Please.

I’ll help you relax,” she pushes her head against my chest.

“I am not sure you can,” I gently nudge her to allow for my escape as I attempt to pull the sheets away.

“Let me try,” she offers “Please,” and without moving herself from where she is curled over me, but instead gripping tighter to the cool sheets in the warm room. With that she begins stroking her hand over the sheet just over my waist;
without moving her head turning only her eyes up at my direction

“See, I must be doing something right” she smiles at the growing result, eyes twinkling with compassion rather than lust.

As much as I appreciated the effort, I motion for her to stop, “Yeah, I am not so sure…”

“Shhh. Let me, please,” she proceeds to slide her soft hand under the sheets and grabs onto me firmly.

“You don’t have…”

“Please. I…I’ll do something diff…Like, you know, maybe talk dirty,” she insists, “Or I’ll…I can tell you a story?”

Her efforts catch my attention and I am grateful for the offer knowing that these are not in her comfort zone. 

“Well, you can try; but what kind of story?” Attentive now, but not sounding as encouraging as I had wanted to be.

“I’ll…I’ll tell you about the time, that time; you know…when…” she stumbles on her own words, looking inwards to find her small courage for the greater cause.

“What time?”

“You know. Years ago, first time I was out of town; for the Fourth of July? Do you remember that?” She begins hesitantly.

“Remind me,” I encourage her, “Remind me of all the details.”

“Well, I wasn’t really expecting to be going away that weekend, so I packed as quickly as possible before my mom changed her mind about watching the little. It was all last minute and I sooo needed to get away after the divorce disaster.”

“Go on.”

“But I wasn’t expecting it to be so fricken' hot there and hadn’t packed for it. It was scorching hot and I was drippin' wet..."

“Weren't you always wet back then? Always ready." I interrupted.

She shook her head, “Nooo. Not what, never-mind.
I had to change out of my jeans as soon as I got to the hotel room and just put on the first things that made sense out of my luggage.

I didn’t know anyone in town and I was all alone. Julia had missed her flight and now wasn't coming in until that night. I was going to wait for her before I hit up any bars. As much as I wanted to meet a guy, despite as much as I needed it; I could wait another day, I had waited this long.
But I wanted to explore so, I raided the mini bar and a few bottles of courage later I was ready to go out on my own.

I walked into town rather than taking a cab, as I wasn’t in any hurry.  So walking along the desert road all these trucks would pass by and honk and guys would yell stuff out the window at me.”

“Don’t they always?”

“Ha, ha. Yes, well they used to, but this was more than usual and I couldn’t figure it out so I just kept walking and ignoring them as best I could.
I didn’t think I was wearing anything special. A simple tank top and my skirt went down to my knees and wasn’t tight, not really; especially not in comparison to you know... Plus, I was only wearing flip-flops and not even heels or anything.

“Go on”

“Well there was a special reason…” she stops, looking up at me for additional encouragement while holding on to my manhood tighter.

“What was the reason?” I nod and she begins stroking me as she retells the rest of the tale.

“Well I didn’t find out for a long time. I had walked into that tiny 'downtown', up and down the streets, in and out of the little shops. No one in town seemed really friendly, most seemed rude in fact and I couldn’t figure out why.

I walked past the groups at the pre-Fourth Parade setup and past the crowds lining up at the fireworks stands. Everyone just seemed to stare. I took it that it was obvious, for some reason and somehow, that I wasn’t a local. I got a few of the typical ‘you must be really excited to meet a guy on leave’ type comments, but a lot of just unknown rudeness."


“Well…Don’t you remember what happened?” she asks coyly continuing her hand exercise.

“Remind me” as I stroke her hair in return.

“Well, I was using the ATM, which is right on the sidewalk. Out in the open facing Main Street. So outta nowhere, someone taps me on the shoulder and I jump.

Turns out it is this guy in uniform. He tells me he needs to get back to base asap, but he left his wallet in his buddy’s car, who took off with some weekend hookup and can’t be found. He seems genuine, plus he’s hot and all, so I lend him a couple bucks for a cab. Plus, I had wanted to meet a Marine anyways,” She winks to accentuate the point.

“Go on,” I respond as she continues her hand motions, slowly but firmly.

“He offers to buy me dinner and show me around, after he gets his wallet back of course. I think sure why not. As we are waiting to flag down a taxi, he starts
talking me up and eventually says ‘So I guess you are my hero today, Miss. I always had a crush on Wonder Woman so that had to be a sign; that is why I approached you, because you obviously like her, too.’

And that is when I realize it!”

“Realize what?” I ask softly.

“Realize that the sun was so bright it was making my outfit transparent! And it fully hits me that I have been walking around like that; unintentionally showing everyone my bra and panties. All. Day. Long!”

“You tease, you.” I breath in deeply as her fingers run up and down my shaft, from tip to stem, over and over and I nod for her to continue the story.

“Yes. No.

Yes, I was, giving a show, but no I wasn’t being a tease.

I had no idea I was; but should’ve though,” she smiles bashfully.

“So which panties?” I ask closing my eyes.

“That's the really embarrassing part. They were…they were…”

“Yes, which ones?” I insist.

“They were special ones; blue ones. So of course they were showing clearly through my white skirt, that bright blue and all.”

“But tell me why were they so special?” I insist as I want to hear it from her, “Why were you wearing those?”

“Because it was Fourth of July weekend, remember, and I wanted to wear something patriotic.”

“So how special?”

“They were my, my….my Wonder Woman panties” she manages to get it out, blushing.

“So what did they look like?” I ask with a full face smile.

“They were bright blue with big white stars, with the gold double 'W' logo on the front. Adult panties, but they…they probably were mistaken for Underoos” she squeaks, blushing further as she lets out a nervous giggle and before I can say anything else she pulls back on my erection and gives it a slobbery lick.

And another. And another.

“Mmmmm…And then what?” I urge her on, “Keep going.”

“That is the main part” she trails off and closes her mouth and holds me firmly between her lips.

“No, you are forgetting the main part, Doll”

She releases me as her modesty begins to catch up with her. “Uhh, you remember, I don’t need to remind you.”

I open my eyes and she is staring at me. She moves her hair out of her face as she examines my manhood still standing fully at attention right before her eyes. She hides her face and turns as my erection meets her lips once more. She takes in just the tip; kisses it while looking up at me.

“Tell me what happened,” I urge her.

“I think YOU should tell ME what happened next. I want to hear you tell me all about THAT part,” she counters beginning her hand motions again; up and down, up and down.


“YOU tell me. Tell me about that…that…that afternoon when Wonder Woman met her match,” she insists and now it is her turn to listen fully.

She slides me back into her mouth as far as she possibly can just before pulling off slowly, and closes her mouth with a smack as the visual of that afternoon comes back clearly. I push my fingers through her hair, holding her face up at an angle so I can see her big passionate eyes. Her entire body seems to be flushing as I see tiny beads of perspiration on her skin as the humidity of the room is aiding their quick multiplication and she is clearly being sent back to that day as well.

I smile picturing the scene vividly. A vision of
seductive innocence; conflicting messages as she unknowingly shows off her sexy red bra, but immature themed panties. Adding a heightened pulse wherever she went to an already quickened pace of a festive weekend that had overtaken that tiny, typically dreary conservative dessert town.

“Well, if I remember the story correctly...This drunk tease of a girl gets an attitude and tells this guy that he shouldn’t be checking out her ass in the first place. The guy gets upset and tells her a lady shouldn't be walking around with a billboard on her ass if she wasn't advertising. She thinks he is calling her ass wide. Not what he meant. They go back and forth arguing and he pushes until she winds up in a retreat.

She attempts to explain it was an accident, that she was distracted and here from a much needed break from her disappointing life, from her own small town, and even from her little one; even if just for a couple days.
She recoils, tears almost fill her eyes as she just wants him to understand; anyone to understand.

But it appears to her that  her explanation doesn’t seem to sit entirely well with him. She sees that and yet she is also able to see something else, more importantly, the compassion in his eyes.

Next thing she knows they are both in a cab heading back to her motel. The minute they get into her room he slams the door shut and they attack each other.

They are entangled
passionately, making out wildly, fueling off each other's lust. He wants her so bad and it is obvious she wants him too. But then. Then he stops and pushes her away. 

He starts scolding her for being irresponsible. For not paying more attention to how she dressed, especially in a conservative judgemental town like this and whose streets are soon to be filled with hundreds of GIs who haven't been close to a real female in weeks. He tells her that she is lucky she is not his girlfriend. That if she were that she would be sorry right about now as he would be teaching her a firm lesson.

'Good luck ever trying that, with me' she snaps off at him. 

'You know what you sound like? Now that I think about it, those panties suit your immature attitude perfectly.'

'Whaat. Ever!' she stomps.

'Do you know what you need?'
And before she knows it, he is showing her just that.

He flips her around and over his knee and slaps her clearly defined bottom over her skirt. She is in shock as she has never been spanked. She is kicking and screaming, losing her flip-flops in the struggle, but he isn't about to let her go. She can't believe what she has got herself into.

She has gone from bad to worse and now is all alone in a hotel room, in an unknown town, about to be spanked by a total stranger. He flips up her skirt and sees her comic panties up close and personal and that's when the real fireworks begin.

Wonder Woman is no match for his fit arms as he targets her tight ass with a dozen solid slaps. The repetitive strikes leave a lasting impression on her virgin bottom. Just as quickly as he pulled her over his knee he yanks her to her feet. She attempts to steady herself, pulled upright too abruptly, stumbling over her discarded flip-flop as he flips her around and  easily pushes her backwards onto the bed.

Pushing her skirt above her waist and out of the way, he tugs off her panties getting them down past her knees as he proceeds to lift her legs. Each of his hands grabs her corresponding ankles; holding her legs high and straight before
spreading them treating himself to a clear view of her freshly trimmed bush.

He releases her legs and leaning in, raises his hand and slaps her vulnerable exposed pussy; simply for good measure. She yelps out in shock as her bare legs madly peddle-kick at the ceiling in pained protest. She is in shock at how fast he's moved her from one compromising position to another.

Despite her kicking, he grabs her ankles firmly again and the only thing she has managed to free is one leg from her panties, which now flutter down in a corkscrew rhythm to be caught by her bent thigh. And before she can piece together any comprehensible protest he has penetrated her warm welcoming lips and he lets her know what's to come;
I'm going to pound this extra tight lil' pussy of yours until these stars on your panties won't be the only stars you'll be seeing.' "


At that moment, I am instantly brought back to the present. I urgently motion for her to back up in the bed as I yank the sheets away. I swing her around, pulling her and guiding her; arms and legs this way and that until she is now upright on all fours facing away from me when I am met with a surprise.

“Well, well, well. So what have we here, Young Lady?”

“I…I thought…well I was hoping these would help you remember,” she blinks and pulls at the elastic waistband “I know they aren’t the same ones from back then,”

“No, they aren’t. Not at all.”

"But…but” she mistakes my factual tone for dissatisfaction, “Well, I was smaller then, a few littles less and a couple sizes smaller...
Are they okay?” she asks looking over her shoulder at me; her desire for approval clear in her tone.
"These just fit better now, but they are still Wonder Woman panties so...Owww!

“Shhh, stop! They are fine!”
I interrupt her as
I deliver a single, solitary yet thundering slap to her ass.

“Of course they are. Of course they are fine. These are just your hot MILF version Wonder Woman panties,” I explain tring to reassure her while staring at the sheer blue, high-waisted panties and all the lush detail that they fail to conceal underneath.

grab onto her hips, position myself right behind her and pull at the rayon bunched low and snug between her legs. I proceed to tug on the swath of blue. Rolling it down and out of the way, until it bunches below her cheeks and across her thighs. I slide my erection forward against her soft skin and rest myself along the length of the deep crevice of her full cheeks.

“Then or now, even though some things change, other things shouldn’t” I whisper in her ear, while reaching for the nightstand.

Within a minute, thick warm clear fluid cascades down over her ample bottom as I watch it slowly seep between her cheeks as her body goes into an instant tremble.

“I really enjoyed teaching Wonder Woman a lesson that day” I make it known, "But I am  going to love reminding her of it tonight."

My hands grab her exposed flesh and I proceed to spread her cool, yet sticky, naked cheeks apart.
I line myself up and without further hesitation proceed to shove myself into her petite, tight asshole as she groans out.

I keep pushing forward against the eased resistance until my stiff erection is in and then further yet. Until half way deep inside her little hole and her ample warm cheeks are wrapped around me.

"Oh, oh, oww! Oh, Gawwd! Ohhh gawwd!”

She is trembling, sweating and grunting, wanting a release even before I begin. Before I begin to ram myself into her unprotected bottom.
I pull out just a notch to give her hope that I may be exiting completely. But instead I push back in again, harder. And then I pull back only to sink in once more and even harder the third time.

Owww! Oh...Mmmm…"Ohhh gawwd!” 
She attempts to thrust herself forward, trying to move away but only to slide back and in-turn begins an unintentional gyration of her bouncy cheeks. Her bottom jiggles as I pull her backwards towards me, as she skids with harsh resistance further down my shaft.

"Fuuu! Ughh, I...oh, Pppease, sstt!”

I pull her up by her hair, pulling her against my bare chest as her ass stays impaled under the control of my erection, stretching her wide and keeping her filled firmly. All until I can’t take it anymore and I cork myself deeper into her delicate hole for a final ride, until…

I pull out and begin to yank her panties furiously back up getting them; only a third of the way. The sheer fabric manages to partially cover one cheek, leaving the other side and most of her crevice fully exposed.
I focus on the blue rayon target and exposed flesh as I begin to explode. She lurches forward and exhales loudly, spreading and sliding across the cold sheets as fireworks rain down over her back, plus across her half naked gyrating bottom, until they disappear into her crack towards her ravaged little hole.

"Thank you."

“No, thank you. I knew my panties needed some stars," she mumbles.


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