Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Have you ever?

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas, or a Happy Chanukah, or a Happy Holiday,
or a Happy Solstice or...

What I am trying to say is, I just hope you managed to enjoy the damn season. 

It has been longer than I thought since my last post. Before I get into my stories,
thought I might share with you my holiday wish.
Enjoy the story as I present to you dear readers,
a question.
My question is, have you ever – ?


"Why are you squirming so much?”

“Ohhh! Gawd! Ow! Ow!”

“What is it? I just started, a couple slaps should hardly hurt that much.”

“Oh.Oh, oh! Mah…Ahhh.” she mumbled.

She jiggled her bottom wildly as if she had been stung with a hundred needle stings. She squirmed and shook unlike anything I had ever seen; unlike any other young lady I had spanked.

“Stay still” I ordered as I gathered up and pulled her panties, wedging them deep between her plump cheeks and consequently against her lower lips. I tugged on the makeshift reigns to keep her still. At least that is what I told her it was for, but it was actually more than that. I loved seeing her practically bare body dangling further under my rigid control.

“Oh! Oh! Ummmh. Uhhh. Fuuu…” she bounced on my lap, her body pressing tightly against my thigh as she seemingly began to rub against my pant-leg.

“Really. Calm down. I have just started. You keep this yelling up and it is really going to feel like a long time” I tried to explain for her own good.

I grabbed on tighter and began a steady rhythmic spanking of her plump pale cheeks. They bounced, seemingly pleading eloquently with every slap much to my inner enjoyment and her increasing dismay. With every smack she seemed to shake her bottom intentionally; perhaps in order to shake away the pain, her mounds quivering vividly in place.

I had delivered no more than ten, when she frantically began gyrating. Her toes tiptoed, pushing her pert bottom higher as her breathing audibly heightened. Her bottom arched further meeting my hand half-way. She clenched her cheeks and it was then that I undeniably felt it.

She suddenly pulled away in what I thought was a determined escape, only to realize that it was an attempt to wrap her one leg around my knee. Without any further humility, her actions made clear her intent. Holding tight to my legs with fisted grips, she shamelessly rubbed herself against my thigh furiously.

Still holding her by her bunched panties, I pulled her up off my leg. Lowering her at intervals to confirm what I was still not believing I was actually witnessing. Every time her femininity, thinly veiled and practically exposed by the sheer cotton, would come in contact with my stiff starched pants she would let out a squeal.


“Oh. Oh. Mmmm….Gaawwd!” she was overcoming her shyness as the true meaning of her words were slowly unveiled.“Ohma. Mmmm…Yyees!”

“Oh; you dirty girl!” I scolded her as it was now all clear. I delivered a couple of merciless slaps to her alternating cheeks, reddening them instantly with each impact.

Unbelievable. You dirty, horny lil’ –”

I was unable to finish as the words triggered an inner response. She nodded her head vigorously in agreement and blurted out to my surprise her own scolding,
Like a
lil' horny bitch in heat! – Ohma...Ohma! Ohmmma....Fuuc!”

With that freed from within her, she instantly let out an animalistic groan, unapologetically pressing her swollen throbbing treasure firmly against my leg. I felt the undeniable dampness against my thigh as she shuddered into release.

No words followed, but soft whimpering, as she shivered and shook in place. I released my grip and the stretched elastic of her panties snapped them back in place with a stinging jolt. She rested, spent and sprawled over my lap awkwardly as I gently caressed her naked bottom; stroking her blushing cheeks as goosebumps scattered across her porcelain skin. 


I yanked at her rich hair, pulling her head up as she instantly diverted her eyes.

“Look at me” I spoke to her softly.

She slowly turned up at me, disheveled hair covering her glazed over eyes.

“Looks like this dirty girl has been enjoying what should have been her punishment. Have you not?”

She looked away coyly tightening her legs around mine.

“Enough. Get up, young lady. 

March yourself to the corner,

And take those soaked panties off.

I’m waiting!

Off to the corner!

Hands up and ass out.

I want your big naughty ass on display while I think. 

Better yet, in the corner and bend over.
Go ahead and touch your cute little pedicured toes.
It is obvious you have no shame; so don't worry about what you'll be displaying.

Bend your ass over. Now!

This punishment obviously didn’t work.
I need a minute to decide what to do with you; how to teach a girl in heat like you a lesson.
But first I need to change out of these pants.”


Did you enjoy that? So once again my question remains, have you ever?
Please vote, but comment if you can. Those who comment will be always be rewarded.
This time there are 2 polls for the Ladies & 2 polls for the Gentlemen. 

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Saturday Scoldings: Thanksgiving, Gratitude & Sisters

This sums up the mood I have been in.
Fair warning, to my female readers with delicate ears;
you may want to read this in bed where you can peak over the covers while you read this.


"What did you mumble, young lady?
Did you really just say that?

You know what the cure for a dirty and ungrateful mouth is?

 I wouldn't dare?

 You sound pretty confident of yourself there, young lady?

Guess what. I don't care.

I don't care if we are in your parents' house. 
I don't care if they are upstairs and can walk in on us any minute.
You think you are safe and can act up just 'cause you are in their house, do you?

Guess again.

I'm going to teach your entitled ass a lesson right here and now!


 What that hurt? 
You haven't felt anything yet.

I don't care if they walk in.
They should have done this to you a long time ago and
we wouldn't have these problems now.

You wouldn't have been the spoilt lil' bitch you can be.
Want to repeat what you called me earlier?
What did you dare call me?

Excuse me, who bought you everything you are wearing?
From those expensive shoes, to that dress, to that haircut? 

And another thing, why are you wearing a thong anyways?
Did I not specifically leave a pair of bikini style sheer panties out for you to wear; did I not?
If I leave panties out for you, you wear them.
You wear something that covers your ass properly. 

  Oh, you are you trying to show it off, is that it? 
Is that it? Answer me.
Maybe you'll want to show it off after I spank some color into it.
You can show off the fact that your adult ass was spanked.

You think you have such a cute ass don't you?
Well, let's get a closer look at that cute ass shall we. 

You know what I see?

An immature spoilt brat.
I see an entitled girl who needs to be taught a firm lesson.
You need more than just a spanking.

Feel that?

Yes, no doubt you do.
Your lil' virgin asshole is long overdue;
it is so damm tight.

What was that? What did you mumble?

Perhaps deeper...
Deeper and harder.

And another finger might help.


It's for your own good.
In and out.
In and out.


And out. 



Shhh...calm down.


I''ll just keep my fingers here while I make a suggestion.

Why don't we have your Mom change your place tag to "Veruca",
as that would be most appropriate?
That matches your immature attitude perfectly. 
When we sit down for the Thanksgiving meal in just a few minutes 
and people notice you are squirming or ask about your new name,
please feel free to explain.

Please tell your sisters.
Tell them how I pulled up your designer dress
and how I just spanked you like an insolent.

How I pulled your designer panties to the side,  
rammed my thick fingers up your tight, little prude asshole 
and stretched you wide. 
 Tell your sisters that you may be a conceited, arrogant, show off to them,
but when I spank you and probe your hole,

you are a humble apologetic obedient bitch. 

Tell them how I just taught you a quick lesson
in gratitude for the nice things in your life.

I think I'm going to enjoy dinner tonight watching you squirm, trying to sit comfortably. 
I'm going to make certain you are sore and red before you get up.
It is going to be an extra special Thanksgiving dinner.


And as soon as we get home I expect you to march your ass upstairs
and be waiting for me in the bedroom.

When I walk upstairs
You better be bent over, looking away
with that big ass of yours standing at full attention!

When I open the bedroom door 
your naked, pale ass-crack better be
smiling back at me! 

Tonight, I'm going to finish what I started here."


What did you think? Was I too rough?
Wonder what she could have said that was so bad?

that is the big question and I would love to hear your guesses.

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving and are enjoying the extra long weekend.
As always, comments are definitely appreciated.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

L.O.L. 2015

Welcome to Love Our Lurkers Event 2015!
I have been blogging here for a little over 4 years now and I believe this my 3rd year participating in Love Our Lurkers Day(s). Although not a published participant throughout the entire 10 years of L.O.L. events, I do remember almost all the previous years commenting on blogs far and wide (Which was easier years ago, since our little corner of the blogosphere seemed to be less far and wide then).

If you are frequent visitor here, I want to say Thank You. Thank you for coming by and listening. Yes listening, that is how I see it. One of the reasons I write here is as an outlet. As I have mentioned in various previous posts, I write as an escape to the stresses and pressures of this life. Stresses which perhaps are not much different than those in your life. Forced to deal with added outside and
ongoing pressures on everything, from the mundane tasks required of existence in the big city, to the seemingly unbearable pressure of heartache in one form or another. I hope my posts have served you well.

If you vote in my post polls, I Thank You Again for they are meant as a gauge to at least measure if anyone is listening. I know I can look at my stats on Blogger, but I often wonder if those 1000 visitors are merely me checking my posts 1000 times for post comments and or votes. It is hard to say.

If you Comment, I owe you Extra Gratitude, for hearing a voice is a gift especially when it is a like-minded voice. It takes a lot of courage to come through the internet shadow and comment and thus the reason why Love Our Lurkers was created. To invite all those who merely lurk to say “hello” and those who blog to say “welcome”.


I often wonder about my readership;
who you are, what type of relationships you are in, your age range, etc. I wonder if you practice spanking or merely are unknowingly drawn to it over and over.
I have an idea of who my readership is and what they are drawn to here (i.e. mostly females fond of Domestic Discipline stories), but who knows I may be totally off. I don’t expect readers to divulge personal information, but I would be interested in hearing general demographics if everyone who visits would be interested in sharing. If not, no pressure; a simple hello and how often you visit would be just as welcome.

As an aside I must say I miss certain bloggers who have closed up shop without any explanation. Of course the ones I miss the most are the ones who used to comment here often. Ladies if you are reading this drop me an email and let me know you are well.


If you are New Here you may consider reading this previously written explanation of my Everyday Voice much better than any current attempt:

Welcome to this wonderful place that looks, sounds, feels and smells like our own everyday world, but with some distinct differences. A place where adult girls who shun their responsibilities, are made to pay for their offenses, where their entitled or arrogant attitudes are checked often and their bottoms are the primary focus of their penance.  

Not only is this a place of disciplining young ladies in various clever and embarrassing ways, but a place to just admire and be in awe of the female creature in all her inner,
outer and spiritual beauty; all in an everyday context.


This is also a place to see and hear of girls flushed to all cheeks with embarrassment. Where short skirts and sheer dresses turn on their owners much to their dismay; but to the welcomed entertainment and joy of those fortunate to witness such beauty.
But, please don't ever confuse this place as somewhere where women are meant to be disrespected or degraded. These stories are a blend of fantasy and reality. Non-consensual discipline is for the young ladies who deep down secretly crave it; not something done out of duty or out of a lopsided abusive relationship. 

 However, discipline here is seldom random and never unwarranted. Well administered spankings are fully justified. The young ladies may not be willing participants, but that is the fantasy aspect right? I don't think every story needs to have a "disclaimer" paragraph at the end that explains that those involved were secretly planning and consenting all along as so many authors choose to include. For me that merely spoils the entire story. 
I hope you enjoy what you find here and come back often and say hello when you do.


 As I am in the midst of going through some major life challenges (thus the reason for my recent absence), now more than ever I wonder the big questions:

Should I hang up my hat and close up this blog?
Should I take it to the next level and publish the book I’ve been contemplating?
Should I continue on just posting here and hopefully keep bringing a bit joy to some of you out there via what I consider unique stories rooted in everyday settings?

All the best,

Monday, October 12, 2015

Timing is Everything

Here is an excerpt of an Autumnal story for you. One in particular, I do hope to get your feedback on.

Not sure how much I need to or should set up the scene for you. 
The month is October. The time is present day, somewhere within the past 5 years. The scene is a university dorm. The characters; well I'll let you meet them for yourself...


"Enjoy your 'date'. You gonna miss all the attention this pawg is gonna get! You could be my wingman; oh' winggirl!" Her roommate giggled as she intentionally pointed and shook her tightly encased bottom at her while twirling her keys up high and around manicured-tipped fingers. She turned slowly making her way to the door, teetering in her new high heels. 

"Yes, I could, but no. Whatever. Now get going,"  Dorothy replied literally pushing the door against the backside of her teasing roommate.

No sooner had the door closed then it swung back open again.

"Fo'got ma fags," she chimed as she marched back into the small shared dorm-room.

"Ya sure ya don't wantta go? What if 'e don't call? This party is going to be off the chain." 

"No and thank you. He always follows through with what he says. Plus, he sent me a care package and we plan to talk about it. Now go!"

Dorothy explained blocking the way back further into the room.

"Suit yourself. But watcha' need, if you ask me, is a personally delivered package. Don't get too frustrated on your 'date', sweetie." Meghan winked as she walked out the door.

"Out!" Dorothy slammed the door shut, looked at her watch, "Oh shoot" and scampered over in a mad dash to her desk and powered up her laptop.


"Doll, you there?" the question came in clear, but deeply echoed.

"Sorry Hon. I'm here. I'm here, but I can't see you" Dorothy nervously jiggled the laptop monitor back and forth.

"I can see you; beautiful as always. Did you get the package?" he asked echoing off into the now quiet and almost empty room.

"I did. Thank you! I love the necklace" she smiled awkwardly at the pixilated image while caressing the stone dangling at her cleavage.

"Good. I'm glad you liked it. What about the other things? Are you wearing the panties I sent you?"

"The necklace has my birthstone, how did you know? I love it"
she looked away form the monitor trying to keep his attention on what she wanted to talk about. 

"I know your birthday; it wasn't that hard to figure out. Doll I asked you a question" He asked as his image coincidentally came into focus with his deepening tone.

"I…I'm no…I'm not" she replied biting her nails and looking away from the monitor.

"Really? One thing I ask and you refuse" his tone sounded extra annoyed due to the unnatural echo. 

"I…I well. Well, they just aren't gonna fit. They are too small."

"They're your size. You are just used to wearing baggy oversize clothes. I've told you time and again, I love your body and so should you. I love your shape, your hips..."

"But they…they loook tinnyyy."

"Enough! Did you even try them on?!" his voice rose instantly and boomed through the laptop's speakers.

"Bbb, but Honnnnn!" she whined.

"Stop biting your nails. If I ever get back stateside, you are going to get your ass spanked for this type of nonsense!" 

"Honn. No. Please, don't say that. You know I hate it went you say that. You'll be back. We'll be back together"
her voice broke.

Suddenly, a scramble of voices and popping noises broke through the speakers.

"Hey Doll, I got to go.
Something just happened."

"Nnooo! Hon! Don't go! I'll go put them on right now. Watch. Just wait. I'll be right back" she blew a kiss to the laptop and rushed away from the webcam.

"Hey, my Sergeant is screaming. Something is going down.
Love ya. Bye!"

Moments later she was back standing in front of the laptop screen. She posed coyly showing him her full backside. Dressed only in her red heels and, most importantly, the leopard print panties she was now modeling.

"So what do you think?" she asked, pointing to her ample bottom that was practically bare minus the thin strands of a thong lodged high around her waist and lost deep between her cheeks. She jiggled her bottom at the screen once again and listened for a reaction.


She looked over her shoulder and saw only the reflection of her ass filling the entire width of the blank screen. The laptop slowly flickered as if to refresh and then reverted back to the log-in screen.

"Fuck. Dammit!" she pounded the laptop shut.

"Harder. Yes! Harder!" she purred.

"Please spank me harder; I deserve it. Don't hold back." She called out awaiting a response. Her breathy voice filled the dimly lit dorm-room. "I'm sorry Hon. I am. I know I deserve this."

She ran her hand inside of her panties and pushed down, sandwiching her thin fingers against the soft rayon material and her femininity. She closed her eyes and imagined him standing behind her as she adjusted her pillow between her legs.  Imaging herself in position as she was now; laying on her bed wearing nothing but the tiny leopard print panties he had bought for her. Imagined him wielding his thick leather belt against her bottom.

She rubbed against her pillow, squeezing her thighs tight. Her bare breasts rubbed against the cold sheets only added to her excitement. She tried to focus on her vision and not the sounds outside in the distance. Her thoughts focused on her fiance, in his "dress blues"; standing behind her. Spanking her with his unforgiving belt, over and over and over again.

She could feel herself quickly getting wet while she imagined the sounds of the leather swooshing through the air. Imaging the sting on her nearly bare bottom. She could feel herself breathing heavily and starting to lose control as he scolded her sternly. Imagining his new tough voice explaining how he was going to take her roughly from behind and give her a real reason to scream as soon as he was done spanking every inch of her large ass. He was going to make sure she knew what would happen if she didn't follow his lead ever again and do as she was told. If she didn't start believing how beautiful she was.

She was now physically bouncing on the bed, her fingers rubbing and penetrating deeply. No doubt she was a shameless sight of frustration she thought to herself. Her legs were now partially dangling off the bed, her hair swinging madly in her face, her unsupported breasts bouncing freely. 
She didn't care how desperately horny she looked she told herself. She didn't care that she was shamelessly humping her pillow, legs spread wide and ass high. She didn't care. She needed it now. She need to be spanked. She needed to be fucked. 

She felt her moisture soaking through to her pillowcase...When suddenly the door swung open! She lept up and scurried backwards to the corner of her bed. She sat up in shock, knees bent covering her chest; breathing wildly. Her eyes were as wide as her legs spread; offering an undeniable clear view of her stained triangle of interrupted pleasure. Her heart beat furiously against her naked chest as she sat and watched as someone crossed the threshold into her room.


Did you enjoy that?

Since my ego has been crushed lately as part of ongoing personal issues, I am searching for some reassurance. I  have been wondering about somethings for quite sometime. 
Therefore, I told myself what the hell; go ahead and ask; what do you have to lose.
I made the questions in survey format for your convenience, but would really love your input.

I have been thinking about publishing a book for quite sometime.
A collection of my stories, some seen here, but also new content as well.

Would love your honest feedback. So what do you think?