Wednesday, September 25, 2013

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

It happened again, but with a better ending this time. 

I have a couple of stories waiting to publish here including another 'Friday at Work' related post that I had planned on posting. However, I interrupt my own schedule in order to tell you about what happened on my way home from the office Friday. My heart is still pumping from it all. Once again I was blessed by Serendipity's touch making my afternoon commute anything, but mundane. Just remember my intentions were nothing but good.

I off-boarded the crowded city bus making my way amongst the mad crowd herding home. At the end of the work week, I had made haste away from the confines of my office looking forward to a peaceful late summer walk home; a nice distraction to a stress-filled workday. Summer is preparing for its final dance, the City mornings tease us with bright sunshine; but clear skies are soon replaced by sudden chilly breezes that settle in by early afternoon.  

Weaving through the hurried crowd and breaking free into a temporary clearing in the crowd; I beheld a particular young beauty walking towards me. Honestly I would not had paid much attention had it not been for her red hair and for the fact she was one of the very few women wearing a skirt on this day. Her lean legs were highlighted by shiny, seemingly opaque tights and capped by low ballet flats and topped by a light flowery skirt.

She seemed to be oblivious to all the obvious sights and sounds around her; from the overweight tourists anxiously looking for another place to eat, to the malnourished homeless man simply begging for leftovers. As we passed in opposite directions, I offered a gentle smile, but she returned nothing except for a blank stare; apparently preoccupied with directions on her iPhone. Her head bobbing up and down in a goose like pattern glancing between the modern navigational guide and, based on her awe-struck eyes, a seemingly vast and overwhelming 4-dimensional world. I simply continued on my walk down the hill, not taking haven been ignored personally.

As she walked past me, I did my instinctual rear view check and then – I froze. Her cute ass was on display for all the world to see...or at least for me and any and all the nearby fellow pedestrians who happened to be in the general area.

What was going on you ask? Well her light rayon skirt had caught itself underneath her large overflowing backpack. Sure, she had black tights on, but they were stretched to sheerness around the fullness of her ample bottom. Her cute ass cheeks perfectly defined underneath the thin nylon material. Two dark slivers of nylon-striped reenforcing material failed to  conceal the deep valley of her moon; the tautness defeated the reenforcing material's intention of modesty.

Her backpack in an apparent act of spite in retribution for being overstuffed, was in essence now the curtain holder; holding the curtain high for all to see the free show. As an added attraction there was no panties to distract from the beauty. There were no bikini panties to be seen; nor a single hint of a thong or g-string waist band. Yes, this was an adult performance showcasing a bare bottom. 

So what to do?

Simply walk away?

Should I let someone else tell her?

What would you have done?

I decided to do my gentlemanly duty and save the young lady's modesty. Having been delayed by my other distraction (assistance to the downtrodden corner homeless man mumbling something about karma) she was at the next stoplight by the time I began my quest to save her further embarrassment. 

As she crossed the street and drifted away from the mass of commuters it was then when I first realized she had been walking with a friend. Both seemed oblivious or perhaps simply accustomed to the leering stares of the men they passed and continued on as if today's prolonged stares were no different than any other. I hurried to catch up, but still trailed behind. As I slowly gained on the pair, the streets gradually became more deserted, but the blatant shock of men grew. Clerks and waiters would come out of shops and restaurants and stare up the street as the pair passed; staring at the vision of lovely nylon encased cheeks which had walked past seconds earlier. Staring to confirm they weren't having hopeful hallucinations.


As we neared a more residential, yet vastly quieter area of the City, I caught up to her and was still determined to do my good dead as no one had yet done so. I stopped to catch my breath a couple feet behind her and took in the full moon view assuming this might be the last time. The stretched elastic nylon defined her ample bottom perfectly showcasing every curve and indentation in detail. It was truly a beautiful sight.

I tapped her on the shoulder and ended up fumbling with my words as I came face to face with her large sparkling green eyes dominating her beautiful pale skin.

"Excuse me Miss. Your backpack is stuck."

She looked at me confused, "Excuse me" she replied in a soft British accent.

Further taken aback by the unexpected accent, I was now absorbed by the combination of her alluring accent and beautiful features.

"Your skirt is stuck in your backpack...everyone can see your...pan..pan...actually not your pp...panties..." I stuttered.

"What are you rambling on about?" she asked still confused and completely unaware, but seemingly annoyed.

"Your skirt...turn around. Look." I pointed at her bottom as she turned to glance over her shoulder, but saw nothing as her overstuffed backpack blocked her view. 

She stretched her neck over her shoulder again and then kept on in multiple circles like a pussy chasing her tail and not catching a thing. It was then that her friend's eyes grew large in disbelief at seeing the exposed spectacle and realization of their long walk here.

Despite her friend's realization, she was still unaware and thus I decided this was going nowhere, I reached out  "Here..."

Instinctually she saw my hand seemingly grasp for her ass and she reacted with a sudden slap to my face.


"What the hell!" I yelled back rubbing my reddened face, "I am trying to help you!"

"Stay away from me!" She yelled back at me swinging off her large backpack and in the process releasing her trapped skirt. She attacked swinging the overflowing bag at me, but I managed to catch the full weight of the bag on my chest as she moved in for another swing.

"No Caroline!" her friend attempted to verbally hold her back.

Even though I had caught her backpack, the weight had offset my balance and pushed me onto the hood of a parked car. She moved in swinging.

"I am only trying to help! Listen!" I politely attempted to explain.

As she took the large swing, I reached up and caught her arm as the backpack fell to the ground. Defensively, I pulled her close to me while holding her arm above her head and clear of swinging reach. Without hesitation, she spat her gum into my face.

"Caroline NO!" her friend attempted to stop her.

"That's it! Now you've done it!" My good intentions turned from doing a good deed into needing to take advantage of this teaching moment. I pulled her over my lap as I sat up on the car hood and pinned her right arm to her back. I paused for a moment as the afternoon breeze kicked in and effortlessly flipped up her skirt. Noticing the remarkable timing of the wind and taking it as a sign, I swung my arm high and brought it down with a vibrating slap. 

"Owww! Bloody hell! Owww!" she screamed, cursed and kicked trying to get away.

"You aren't going anywhere!" I informed her as I began to teach her plump ass a very public lesson. I was not counting or paying attention to alternating cheeks, I simply was trying to get a quick point across to this ungrateful brat. She kicked and struggled; her screams echoed off the otherwise quiet apartment building facades as I continued spanking her nylon-encased bottom. With every spank her cheeks vibrated and jiggled seemingly trying to escape from their encasing. Her friend simply stared in speechless disbelief covering her mouth in awe of this public scene.

I stopped and while contemplating letting her go, I simultaneously admired her perfectly defined ass underneath the thin nylon material. My hand ached to  trace her cheeks over the material; tempted by the visual of her pantyhose seemingly being painted on. I resisted, reminding myself that I was only trying to teach her a lesson and nothing else. Deciding she had yet to learn such lesson, I gave her a minute to catch her breath while still holding her tightly in place; bent over at the waist, bottom out and high while restrained unintentionally on full display for anyone in the vicinity to clearly see.


"Hey you!  What are you doing! You can't do that!" a small feminine voice called out and pulled me from my momentary trance. I looked away from my once intended princess-needing-saving laying over my lap and saw two 30-something girls in yoga-wear coming up the street. The more petite of the two was pointing at me eager for a confrontation. 

"No! No! It's OK really. It is just a misunderstanding! Its OK." explained Caroline's friend holding her arms out as if to keep the girls at bay.  

Both Caroline and I froze and looked at her friend simultaneously in unexpected shock of her apparent approval. 

Her friend looked back at us, shrugged and then pleaded with Caroline.

"He was just trying to help you Babe.... Really he was....Your skirt was stuck behind your backpack and you must have been showing off your ass since we left...who knows for how many blocks."

Caroline seemed to absorb it and pushed up off me. I let her rise thinking her friend's testimony would release me from false accusations. Getting to her feet, Caroline glanced at her friend and then turned back to me seemingly beginning to blush from the realization of her original public display. And then without warning she pulled her head back and head-butted me.

"Damm it! Stop it!" I yelled shaking off the instant headache.

"You are still a damm arsehole..." she replied coldly and reaching down picking up her backpack with every intention to make haste. I leaned in to stop her and obviously finish off her unlearnt lesson when I felt something hit me softly against my head; and then another and another hit.

"What the...?" I turned and saw the petite blond yogi hitting me with her yoga mat.

"Leave her alone" she puffed as she held her mat up high as threatening as possible and then called to her reluctant partner "Come on Rebecca let's get him!" 
They both raised their blue and purple yoga mats in unison and spread their legs apart in some half karate half yoga "attack" pose.

I was about to kindly ask them to mind their own business when Caroline leaned into my face out of nowhere and released a partially failed spat against my shirt and tie.

"Damm it!" I reached to grab her when I was plummeted in the face with yoga mats.

Next thing I knew chaos broke out and colorful mats were being swung all over the place; arms reached and swung freely and high pitched screams filled the air. Within the mass of physical mayhem I realized Caroline's friend was trying to stop the yoga girls from attacking me. I saw Caroline out of the corner of my eye trying to get out of this instant mob. I grasped for her waist to stop her as I pushed the girls away from me. I caught her by the skirt as I was simultaneously pushed back and Caroline pulled away. The next thing I knew I held her skirt in my hand.

Caroline froze and without turning around reached for her bottom realizing she was exposed yet again. Her bottom was still visibly reddened through the nylon material. I pulled free from the girls and pushed Caroline forward and pinned her against the hood of the car.

I had enough. Without releasing Caroline, I half turned and pulled the mats out of each of the yoga girls hands and effortlessly tossed them over the car. They looked at me and stepped back in disbelief as if I had inconceivably disarmed them of their foam lightsabers. I put my hand up to shoo them back with my new found jedi powers and they retreated to a safe distance where Caroline's friend sat spread legged on the floor where she had landed after being tripped in the scuffle. Her dress fluttering above her waist  in the afternoon breeze offering clear proof that she knew how to match her colors; a purple dress to purple lace. Caroline took advantage of my distraction and kicked at my shoes fruitlessly and instead hurting her own toes as ballet flats had no chance against leather oxfords.

"Damm it! Enough!" 

"Lem'me go you...bastard!" Caroline screamed still firmly caught in my grasp. 

"You are an ungrateful little brat; I was only trying to help you" I scolded, irritated at her stubbornness as I pushed her over the hood of the car. I grabbed the waistband of her dark pantyhose and yanked them down over her reddened ass and pushed the tight material down to her firm lower thighs. Her pale skin contrasted with her reddened cheeks as goosebumps instantly appeared at the sudden exposure to the cool breeze. I released a torrent of open palm spanks all over her now bare plump bottom. Her cheeks bounced and vibrated with every impact. Due to the tangled pantyhose constricting her thighs, she kicked as best she could with every spank that landed firmly on her exposed backside.

I stopped to take in the view, but was not satisfied with her color. I changed my technique and delivered another two dozen spanks counted out slowly and firmly; each falling louder than the previous one. I felt a half dozen eyes focused on me and seemingly keeping count with me. Fully counted out, I stopped and leaned over her and put my face to hers. Despite being entwined amongst her red hair, I could see her face turning red while still pressed against the hood of the car. 

"Had you been wearing panties at least I could have taken those as a peace offering for your utter nonsense; therefore we'll have to finish this discussion some other time 'Caroline'." I purposely emphasized her name whispering into her ear as I continued leaning over her as my obvious erection fought to be released. Instead, I nuzzled my firmness up and down slowly between her exposed bare cheeks. She relented and released herself onto the hood of the car and seemingly intentionally pushed herself back into my firmness pouting.

I rose up off her thinking her lesson was finally learned, but while still straddling her from behind; she kicked wildly backwards making impact with my shins. Provoked again, I pushed her down further by the small of her back and firmly grabbed each of her cheeks with my hands. Behind me I heard her friend and the yoga girls all gasping in unison as I slowly spread Caroline's once pale, now rosy red, cheeks wide and apart. 

"Ohhh...ohhh", she whimpered in shock while staggering to keep balance as the rolled up pantyhose around her thighs kept her locked in an uncomfortable bent over stance. Holding her cheeks spread wide, I took in the full view of her charms and tight hole and stopped for a moment to enjoy her very compromising pose. Tempting. 

I swung back and gave her bare ass a final solitary, echoing slap across her cheeks. The impact caused her ass to vibrate and bounce intensely as she arched her back over the hood in reaction and then shot both hands back and began to rub madly. 

She pushed herself upright off the hood and turned around, fighting back tears as she quickly began the familiar, yet very challenging, act of pulling up her tights. Making this more difficult was her struggle to carefully and quickly pull the tight elastic up and over her swollen, throbbing bottom. In addition, this awkward dance was being performed not in private as usual, but in public as added embarrassment. I didn't bother to look away, but rather took in the view of her tidy red patch that remained defined even after she had struggled to pull up her skin tight hose over her aching ass. She looked at me and then down at her protruding patch highlighted by a few small hairs escaping from between the nylon material and her face now completely reddened to match her bottom cheeks.

"You can walk home in your pantyhose. It won't be much different than the walk here, will it young lady?" I scolded, picking her skirt up off the sidewalk. With her face now completely flush she stood there in front of me feeling as if she were standing there completed naked.


I turned and walked away behind her friend and the yoga girls whose mouths were all still open in shock. Walking a few steps further down the street, I paused then turned back and walked up towards the three.

"You" I pointed to the outspoken blond yoga girl "Downward Dog!"

She pointed to herself in disbelief. 

"Yes YOU!"

"Wwwhhaaa...?" she stuttered looking at her friend for reassurance. Her friend backed away from her; visually relieved that she herself was not the focus of my attention.

"Downward Dog! Do it NOW!" I ordered.

I reached for my belt buckle and was ready to undo it when she focused in on my hands and realized what motivational technique I was willing to take out on her ass if need be. She suddenly obeyed without further hesitation and quickly turned around; bent over and grasped the sidewalk in front of her as her ass rose to meet me. I walked up behind her and swung my hand back and landed it with solid sting covering her entire petite ass with my single palm.

"OWWW!" She lietrally hoped up from the impact . As she stood up, I pulled her leggings up wedging the material up tightly, further defining her bottom cheeks. I moved in front of her and pulled her into my embrace. With my other hand, I grabbed her ass cheek and forcibly sunk my four fingers deep into her now clearly defined crevice of her yoga pants and pulled her even closer.

"Next time it will be your turn, Blondie." I whispered into her ear squeezing her soft petite ass tightly while pushing my fingers as deep as the material would give. "Word of advice... You should have kept your tight little ass, begging to be punished, out of others business."

Her eyes widened and blinked slowly, gulping as she focusing in on my every word. I slowly pulled out my proportionately large fingers from her petite tight crevice, letting my fingers linger on her soft  bottom. Releasing my tight grip, I patronizingly softly patted her tight bouncy bottom "Next time I wont be so gentle" I winked. Her eyes showed her searching for a response, but I ultimately cut her off by delivering a final resounding upward spank to her tight petite bottom. Leaving her with a vibrating and throbbing ass while I walked away. 

Halfway down the block, I called back, "Oh and perhaps you two shouldn't buy Athletica yoga pants unless you like giving a free show like Caroline over-there!"

I walked away waving Caroline's skirt up high in my hand like a victory flag knowing my intentions had been good from the start. The four were frozen in their places; each stood knee locked, wide mouthed and speechless.

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