Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Still Asking Questions?

In years past fellow Bloggers were participating in an “Ask Me Anything” month-long event. I have not seen any bloggers participating this year and since I am not sure where this originated I don’t know where to check for a comprehensive list – ?

Regardless, I have once again decided to participate unofficially. I say ”unofficially" since I did not fill out the necessary paperwork and submit it to the powers that be. In my defense, as stated previously, I was unaware of where to find said application. Coincidentally, this makes a good time for this post as I find myself
as it did last year, yet again knee-deep with ongoing real-life commitments and troubles.

It was either that or do a weekly Hump Day post which I have been considering. A bit more of a graphically visual series of posts to get you through the week, if you follow my train of thought. Perhaps that may be more to your liking?

Back to the post at hand and your opportunity to have answers to your burning questions. Burning questions only if you have you ever been curious about the author of this inquisitive blog
to be exact. Ever been curious about this Man whose many underlying failed goals include attempting to better understand the female species? Ever been intrigued as to the inspirations behind the stories? If so, go right ahead as here is your chance to ask away. If not, then now would be your chance to click away.

I am open to answering most questions, except for obviously not sharing my personal information (I will not give you my checking account number, pin, passwords or key to the punishment box), so apart from that, feel free. Overall I reserve the right o plead the Fifth as I see fit, or as it is best summoned up, "ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies".

I will answer your questions, if there are any, in one summary post. 

Oh and a final warning to any young ladies contemplating cheeky, bratty and otherwise smart-ass questions:  

Remember, I might be too much a gentleman to strike a woman,
but never been afraid to spank one.

Best to think twice.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Random Thoughts Thursday

Can you believe Spring is here?
Well it is officially, regardless if it doesn’t fully feel like it in some parts of the country just yet. I can't believe how fast these weeks are flying by. It was also midweek yesterday and unofficially “hump day”; as it has been acknowledged weekly for years in most offices across this already great country.

Coincidentally, last week’s hump day was also International Women’s Day and I meant to publish then. However to be honest I choose not to for various reasons, including a primary one: I was shocked at the amount of controversy on social media around this day and related events. Not just on the to be expected political party divides, but on a more surprising women on women tone. There was so much negativity it would make anyone’s head spin
and therefore I chose to steer clear.

I will however state 3 thoughts regarding Women’s Day:

1. I personally found it incredibly ironic and sad that on that day, the Marine Corp found itself in the middle of the female Marines photo sharing scandal investigation. Unsatisfactory to say the least. Without going into it here, I give Commandant Neller credit for his honest responses and owning the fact that he did not have any immediate solutions. At least he didn’t deny it or or cast blame incorrectly. Which may not seem like much on the surface, but I think it says a lot.

2. As mentioned, I also found it ironic how so many women were attacking other women’s opinions and their individual right to or not to protest. This all seems counter-intuitive. Wasn't the point for women to support each other?

3. Women’s Rights are Basic Human Rights. Should be simple.

But this is not why you visit here; is it?

Do you really come here in order to catch up on the latest national/international political news and related controversies? I sure as hell hope not; because if you do, you will no doubt leave disappointed one way or another. If you want political thoughts go see Bogey at O.B.B. he seems to be making that a recurring theme at his blog.

Perhaps you simply come here for my sexist ways?
No doubt I would be accused of that and much worse by some women who were especially vocal last week on social media, if they ever visited here.

Actually, I am almost certain that most of you that come here voluntarily, come here as an escape; a temporary yet hopefully joyful distraction of entertaining stories and simplistic thoughts.

Regardless of outside opinions, I offer you the following 3 Random Thoughts today in 3 pictures:

1. Daylight Saving Time Adjustments - Because (A) I miss my all female team and (B) I could really do with delivering some office discipline right about now to some sleepy office assistant who forgot to set her alarm. Love these pictures and loved Rosaleen's take on "typical" story-lines.

2. The Beautiful Game - If you are new here, you may not know my relationship with soccer. If you’ve been around for awhile, well then you know and you’ll understand the following.

She is awesome AND in heels!
Enough said.
If you can’t appreciate this athlete, well…

3. Stories - Lastly, did you have a chance to read my recent revised story, Urban Safari?
Was it entertaining?
Or a
re you just anxiously awaiting the next chapter of our Polltaker Rebecca?

Speaking of Urban Safari, I must say I enjoyed writing the final scene in particular. I found it especially... what's the word? Entertaining and fun? Hot yet humorous? Humiliating yet erotic?

I don't know, you tell me; or did you not get it? Were my words not enough and you were in need of the added visual? If so, her struggle went something simialr to this: