Sunday, March 5, 2017

Urban Safari: Revisited

How was everyone's' week? 
Mine was extra busy and I can’t believe it is already Sunday.

I was hoping to share a new story today, but the days are slipping away fast as I deal with real life responsibilities; leaving me with little time to finalize the few uncompleted stories still in the works. 

Therefore I searched the archives to bring you this little treat. I originally published this early on in my blogging days. Not sure if any of you would remember it, but I am re-sharing it now, updated and edited in hopes of it brightening your day. Please let me know if it does just that.


When life has you down in a headlock and you yearn for just a little something to make you smile. When nothing comes your way, you start to question if you have asked for too much......

It is not as if you were asking for something seemingly extreme like wanting to escape from it all and fly away to another continent and experience a big game African Safari.... or anything such as that. No, just asking for a simple smile-inducing moment.

Well yesterday, during my multi-layered commute to work, life smiled back at me. Allow me to share:

Frustrated and cold, I waited for the constantly off schedule, yet always packed to the gills, bus to arrive for the second to last leg of my long pilgrimage. A pilgrimage to work best described as an urban safari-like trek yet void of any positive excitement. However, that seemed to change immediately this morning when out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of a quickly approaching creature. A young, yet well-endowed, long blond haired, female creature of the classic American Beauty variety to be a bit more exact. If her appearance wasn’t enough to justify it, her soon to be revealed manners would soon solidify my reasons to immediately baptize her as such; a genuine Fawn.

As she reached the crowded busstop and came into earshot, I nodded and mouthed a cheery ‘good morning’ in the manner of common courtesy used in this region of City-dwellers. She blatantly ignored my greeting, looked at me up and down and apparently not to her liking turned with a stiff neck up and away. I originally simply mistook the rude gesture as an automatic reaction to perhaps multiple inappropriate comments already directed at her this morning. Upon closer observation, the intentional ignoring of my greeting was probably due in part to her membership to the elite clan of city-dwellers who only on rare occasions have been known to wander outside of their safety zone and down to this less desirable region of the City. The females of this clan are easily identified by their oversized and overly priced designer purses and often even more expensive shoes. Yet, this female representative was in herself an anomaly; down this deep into dangerous territory and furthermore traveling alone.

When the City bus finally arrived, the crowd charged. A mixed stampede consisting of a few skid-row locals (who in contrast were easily identified by their lower end spectrum of dental hygiene), a pack of grumpy chinese grandmothers, plus a handful of commuting warriors (including yours truly) all pushing their way towards the boarding doors. The out of place fawn joined the fray.

Her allegiance to her notorious clan became suddenly apparent to all. The self-absorbed Fawn wrenched her way to the front of the line with no care or regard towards anyone other than herself; not the elderly, nor the less-than-able (and without even mentioning her reaction to the dentally challenged) as she pushed them all out of the way with her visibly weighted down purse.

I kept her in my sights and immediately tracked her. She succeeded in making her way to the front of the line and into the bus with amazing speed considering her towering heels. I quickened my pace to stay on her track and managed to board only a few passengers behind her (causing no injuries to any of the locales to be noted).

“Ugh! Oh, Ugh!” she called out in a chorus as she slowly maneuvered her way down the aisle, avoiding any possible contact, in an awkward pose and gait.  A partially extended hand held out in front of her, clutching her jewel encased iPhone, her arms close to her body in an attempt to safe-guard that of which she was obviously self-conscious of. A shield in her mind from any locals who may become so mesmerized by her white globes of beauty that they might break with custom and reach out for proof. No doubt the gathered locals were wondering to themselves about her seemingly engorged size; questioning that despite being ripe for the age of mothering, she did not appear to be one, and in turn, no doubt left them wondering if her assets, were in fact real.

Despite her ballet of self-defense, she was not too pre-occupied to miss what she had been hoping for; the sight of unoccupied bench seats at the back-end of the bus. Focused on self-preservation, she picked up speed and tackled her way through the crowded bus, leaving a trail of disdain as her purse
and shopping bags bumped and banged against the other passengers. As unintentional as it could have been argued, despite her relatively small size she left what some elders would describe as a damage trail worthy of a Tasmanian Devil.

My eyes continued to follow her as she hurried to claim her seat. Her full frame now in the clear I watched as she carelessly pulled the oversized heavy leather purse close to her body as she spun around and plopped herself down to take the seat. In turn, the weight of the purse pulled at her short white skirt, hitching it up enough to allow me an unobstructed view of a rare sighting...... "the bright triangle of happiness" as I like to call it. But it was not your ordinary (if there is such a thing as ordinary in these cases) upskirt view.

No. I was in awe as I witnessed the small field of thin white rayon stretched taught against her; as black animal stripes added dimensional definition to her treasure that rested just underneath. A truly rare sighting indeed; zebra pattern panties. 

Her eyes caught mine and she moved quickly to hide her exotic panties from view, from being spotted by any other strangers as

she pursed her lips as if to scold me for looking at that which could not be missed.

Yet, I was not about to have none of that! To her surprise, I shot back with a glaring look and she seemed to read my mind:

"Utter a word of nonsense at me Young Lady and I will have you bent over this safety railing, with your skirt flipped up and those zebra panties on full display so fast you won't know what happened!

And let me confirm your suspicions that none of these other passengers will raise a word of protest in your favor as I spank that cute tight ass of yours until I am satisfied I have left a glowing impression on you." 

With that seemingly communicated in one stare, she straightened out her skirt and proceeded to selfishly position her oversize purse and shopping bags onto the adjacent seat, a seat that could have been offered up to any of the other weary passengers, but was not. As the overly crowded bus began its jerking rise up the congested city street, she turned away from me, avoiding eye contact yet unable to conceal her blushing facial cheeks.

She managed to avoid any further eye contact for the next several stops until she began squirming in place as we neared what was obviously her stop. In her haste to make it to the doors and avoid missing her stop, she prematurely got to her feet just as the bus lurched and in the process swung her oversize purse directly into a three-foot asian woman. The woman's protesting scream was interrupted by an another unexpected yet not uncommon, combined sudden stop and forward jerk of the bus. The unpredictable movements of the crowded vehicle launched Fawn into a careless purse-led tackle of yet two additional seniors and digging of her high heel into a third. Unapologetically, she pushed ever forward through the bus.

She kept on until she was forced to a halt. She grimaced as I stood between her and freedom; standing in front of her closest escape route, the rear exit door. Her expression contorted as she blurted out:

“And what the hell is your problem?! Get outta my way!"

Once more, I shot her a look of utter disapproval at her cumulative actions and attitude. She scanned around for an alternate and hopefully easier escape route. Another sudden slam of the bus brakes, combined with the precarious height of her high heels, and she was easily thrown off balance as she stretched for the overhead safety bar. The momentum swung her forward with her arms outstretched as she attempted to grab hold of the overhead bar, but missed it completely. Instead, she collided chest first against me.

As any hunter would, I took advantage of her distraction to my benefit. I grabbed hold of her one wrist and pulled it tight behind my back. My free hand grabbed her her other dainty wrist, turned her arm against herself and secured it there in the small of her back as I pulled her even closer and backed up against the tight stairwell’s exit railing. Shocked at her surprise trapping, her eyes full of anger now mere inches from mine, she struggled to break free. I held her tight in what appeared to some to be the capture of a wild beast and to others, nothing more than a lovers embrace.

The bus jerked to a sudden stop and the pack of chinese grandmothers immediately began their unified war charge towards the exit and anything that stood in their way - including us.

The angry elder women began their exodus with their large colorful vinyl shopping bags, bulging full of exotic fruit, shoving their way towards us in haste. Each and everyone apparently seemed to suffer from the same lack of balance for they all individually managed to bump, poke and prod the same target in passing with their heavy bags; the unseen zebra stripped bottom of my captured Fawn.

She stretched over her shoulder to foresee the onslaught of each approaching bag, but was unable to as their prodding and poking against her only thrust her ever tighter against me. She remained silent of any comprehensible words, letting out only pouts and screams every time each of the women shoved their shopping bags against the easy ample target as they exited. The last elder woman stopped for a few seconds behind us, shouted out an unknown comment directly at Fawn in a undeciphered tongue that caught the attention of all the other passengers. All just before the senior woman delivered an apparent well practiced, old-world lesson. A single firm and full palm slap that echoed throughout the bus.

“Ohh! Fck!” she screamed out, “What the hell are you doing! You damn crazy old bi…”

She wasn’t able to complete the insult when at that precise moment, the bus driver released the air-brakes in preparation of pulling away from the stop causing the bus to shake. I released her arms and wrapped mine around her waist and pulled her against me once more. Without hesitation, I slid my free hand under her short skirt and instinctually found and grabbed a firm grip of the thin elastic waistband of her striped panties and yanked them down as far as they would go in a one-two tug.

“What! Ohmagawd! Wahh…?! Stop you bastard!”

“Shh…Mind your manners, or I’ll pull up your skirt and spank you on full display.”

“Nooooo! You can’t!”

I swung my hand back, flipping her short skirt up in the process, exposing her bare bottom for a brief second as my hand returned and met her bottom with a smack as the skirt floated back down. A half dozen shots were delivered in this manner; the curtain rising and falling, teasing the audience of locals anxious to see the full view of pale flesh being punished.

As I held her close, she was unintentionally rubbing her entire body against me upon every impact. I stared down at her large breasts pressing against me and imagined a similar ample cleavage between her lower cheeks. The combined thought of what that view might be like, plus the feel of her tight body against mine, her constant pouting and moaning were all having a reaction over me. As I delivered the apparent final resounding spank she let herself slowly glide down against me only to have her eyes glaze over as she became fully aware of the long, thick stiff result of this dance.

It was then that my hands reached under her skirt and sized up her bottom, my fingers gliding like butter across her silky smooth skin. My hands found firm grips on her well-rounded ass for a brief moment, just before I pulled her soft cheeks apart, spreading them like fresh baked bread. She stared at me in disbelief not saying a word; simply biting her lip. A moment later her large blue eyes suddenly grew even bigger as she loudly gasped. She stood as if stuck in place; eyes bulging,
one lone ankle shaking nervously, all while her lip trembled in a pout.

Time stopped on this freeze frame of a capture scene as we stared at each other (unquestionably, time stood still longer for her than I) reading one another's minds. Satisfied with my capture it was time to release the prize. With a twinkle in my eyes, I retreated my thick middle finger from deep between her tight cheeks with a forceful jerk and a whispered pop. Her mouth
slowly dropped open.

Still wide-mouthed and speechless, the bus engine jolted to a rattling start and broke her trance. She managed to pull away and take a single step back yet visibly shocked. Her mind spinning, her face now flushed bright red as she turned to exit. Attempting to keep balance on her towering heels onboard the unsteady bus was enough of a challenge, but now the balancing act and haste to exit was further complicated. She had no time to adjust, to adjust her panties. Her striped panties which were now clearly visible just below her skirt, scrunched taught around her toned thighs restricting her movements.

Rather than pull them up, she opted for the immediate escape out the door. The result was an awkward stagger down the small narrow steps off the bus. Her one hand gripping her precious oversize purse and shopping bags, while her free hand struggled. Her hand slowly alternating between gripping the exit railing and then switching to grabbing for her panties in an attempt to keep them from sliding down further
down her thighs. All this to the joint amusement of the other passengers, but in particular to the coven of elder chinese women eagerly gathered and awaiting her at curbside.

I have seen the elusive wild zebra and despite its nature,
it is far more beautiful up close and personal
than any picture could ever do it justice.

Lucky for this creature, I firmly believe in catch and release.


Well, what did you think of this little urban adventure? Was I too rough?

Please do let me know.
Polls are open, but comments are always the most appreciated.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

Nothing this open, but like things have happened a few times. I have probably missed more opportunities than I realize. But, treasure the ones that happened.

Enzo said...

Bogey - You'll have to share some of those stories sometime. So I'll guess you enjoyed this story -?