Friday, November 18, 2022

LOL XVII - Seventeen

Welcome one and all, it is LOL XVII.

Hello there, old friends, acquaintances and quiet strangers. I can't believe that here we are nearing the end of another year and in turn another edition of the yearly event with the new twist as of last year, no longer solely “Love Our Lurkers”; but is now the all encompassing “Love Our Lifestyle”.

I am off to a late start to the festivities, but from a quick glance at things in the blogosphere it appears as if I'm not alone in that. I am not sure how many bloggers will be participating this year, but I do encourage you to visit them all and say hello!

You can visit them all via an easy blog-hop from Hermione’s, our official host, blog; linked for your convenience right

To me LOL Days are an opportunity to remind you all that this is a welcoming place for those that share this lifestyle interest. You know the one - TTWD.
  • A reminder that this is a welcoming blog for those who enjoy the D/s lifestyle, but in particular for those who prefer their dynamic in any of its M/f iterations.

  • From general M/f relationships dynamics that exist as such, but aren’t often clearly labeled as D/s, but are in fact just that.

  • From those “unlabeled” dynamics, to the titled and clearly defined relationships such as D/lg or CG/lg. With the submissive side also possibly being everything from and including lg, to princesses and pets and even on rare occasion a brat.

  • And perhaps this is a most welcome blog for those who unapologetically enjoy the cornerstone of these M/f relationships – Domestic Discipline.

So now that you know where you are at – Welcome!


In the past we bloggers used the opportunity of LOL Days for its original intent, to help persuade “lurkers” to come forward and say hello; while asking the frequent visitors here a question or two. 

This go around, I will ask a couple of questions:

  • Has your interest in reading these lifestyle blogs waned over time,
    over the last year in particular;
    remained the same,
    or maybe possibly increased?

  • If you've visited before, is there anything that draws you to this blog in particular?
    (Is there something unique that you read here that appeals to you that you don't find easily elsewhere)?

I'm curious especially since I haven't post much at all this year; wondering if anyone has visited much in my absence.


If you are new here, you should take a moment to read the description below*** so that you are clear what this blog is and more importantly what it is not. 

Just as well, if you’ve been here before, a yearly reminder wouldn’t hurt.


Would love to hear from you anytime, but especially during these LOL days!

All the best,



*** An explanation of my Everyday Voice as heard here:

Welcome to this wonderful place that looks, sounds, feels and smells like our own everyday world, but with some distinct differences. A place where adult girls who shun their responsibilities, are made to pay for their offenses, where their entitled or arrogant attitudes are checked often and their bottoms are the primary focus of their penance.  

This is a place to see and hear of girls flushed to all cheeks with embarrassment and occasionally brought to the edge of humiliation.


Not only is this a place whose focus is the disciplining of young ladies in various clever and embarrassing ways, but a place to also admire and be in awe of the female creature in all her inner, outer and spiritual beauty; all in an everyday context.

Additionally it is a place where nature and synchronicity agree and conspire
with short skirts and sheer dresses to turn on their owners much to their dismay;
but to the welcomed entertainment and joy of those fortunate to witness such beauty.


But, please don't ever confuse this place as somewhere where women are meant to be disrespected or degraded. These stories are a blend of fantasy and reality. Non-consensual discipline is for the young ladies who deep down secretly crave it; not something done out of a lopsided abusive relationship or anything worse. 

 However, discipline here is seldom random and never unwarranted. Well administered spankings are fully justified. The young ladies may seldom be willing participants, but that is the fantasy aspect right? I don't believe every story needs to have a "disclaimer" paragraph at the end that explains that those involved were in a prior relationship, secretly planning and consenting all along as so many authors choose to include. For me that merely spoils the entire story.

I hope you enjoy what you find here,
come back often and say hello when you do.