Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Everyday Thoughts: Grateful Thoughts

Did everyone had a grateful and restful Thanksgiving Day and a nice extended break?

I am a week late with this post despite the fact that I had this simple Turkey Day greeting all lined up. As luck would have it, my wifi internet connection was down for the extended weekend. Although initially disappointing, it was a bit of a blessing in disguise as it was a break from social media and the drama there. Is it getting worse out there in social media world or is it just me?

Regardless and more importantly back to the point of this post. 
I have found this illustration years ago and it was an instant favorite. Why you may ask? Well, I will counter that question with my own question:

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see this illustration?

(Don't forget you can click on the image to enlarge it.)

You know you are a spanking enthusiast if the first thing that comes to mind is probably something different than what Pilgrim Smith here, had in mind; ever grateful upon seeing this helpless heroine. Yes, did your mind wander to....all the way to....yes, a spanking!

Okay perhaps you thought a caning, a strapping or a belting - I’ll take those answers as one in the same with my answer of a spanking.

However, If I shared this image with most of my friends, male friends in particular, I am pretty damn certain that "a spanking" would not be the first thing to come to their minds.
So I ask, am I truly amongst like-minded friends here in blogland? If so, please let me know honestly what was the first thing to come to YOUR minds?


A few extra random thoughts:
By the way, am I the only one who thinks Pilgrim Smith looks like he already had both his share of  the Thanksgiving feast, plus hers and then some? I was lead to believe the Pilgrims were starving until the Native Americans brought them food...
Oh, lastly, did you spot the lurker?

Saturday, November 19, 2016

An Overdue post on LOL Day

This is me currently; literally sitting here at the table, sipping my coffee, watching and listening to the constant slow marching and retreating of the the rain.

Welcome one and all to LOL Days. If any of you regular readers are still out there, welcome back; I am still here. For all you new to this little corner of the world, welcome.
I have been away as you may be aware for quite sometime. Away once again with the constant of it being longer than I imagined or had planned. Regular readers to this blog are aware that I was undergoing a tough time due to the ending of a long term relationship. While I have been trying to move forward it has still been rather difficult to focus on writing.

Even without those changes, all this past year I have been struggling with quite a few things going on outside my personal world. No need to rehash our current events and or the uncertain future yet to come; but I shall summarize it all to say that one thing I believe we can all agree upon is that these are historic times regardless of our political and personal preferences and opinions. 

However I will address one point in particular I have been struggling with that is perhaps the most relevant to this blog.

In brief (for a long winded answer will only serve the purpose of you clicking away), my struggle has been a concern with the treatment of women in general. In relation to this blog,
my concern is the possible misunderstanding of how women should be treated based on misinterpretation of blog posts here.

This is something I have mentioned quite a few times; in previous LOL posts in fact. This possible misunderstanding, especially to new readers, plus
with the added political climate that appears to have opened a door for misogynists all might just add to that confusion.
Before I go on, and since people like to label others, let me define two words for your convenience in my own words:

A Misogynist -
Is a person who is often hateful, angry and has an open contempt of women and often aiming to belittle them.

A Sexist -
On the other hand, is the person who holds a door open for another stranger simply for no other reason than because she is a women.

In other words please don’t confuse me or this blog as a place of misogyny. I may be guilty of being sexist, offering to change a flat tire for a women often before even asking her if she can do it herself, etc; if so - Guilty. However, do I have a hatred and disdain of women - Never!

My point is that I question if I am doing a disservice to women with this blog -? On the other hand, there is this voice, my voice and those of others who share my views that on one hand you can still respect women and hold them on the highest possible, and yet at the same time be okay with pulling a woman aside, flipping up her skirt and yanking down her panties and putting her over your knee for a good spanking and all for her own good. These things are not mutually exclusive. I know that is a hard seemingly contradictory concept for the general public to grasp.

I will stop before I digress from the intent of LOL Day, but I'll leave you with this:

For New Readers, you may want to read my previous explanation, reprinted here and found below the break, of what this blog and the spirit of the the stories and opinions found here are meant to be. (If your interest is peaked, there are other posts where I explain my views further if you simply search this blog.)

For Regular Visitors, thanks for always visiting especially if you vote in my polls. If you comment, I appreciate it more than you know.

For All Visitors and in the true spirit of LOL Day;
Please tell me why you visit here or what brought you here and what about this place brings you back.

All the best,


Welcome to this wonderful place that looks, sounds, feels and smells like our own everyday world, but with some distinct differences. A place where adult girls who shun their responsibilities, are made to pay for their offenses, where their entitled and/or arrogant attitudes are checked often and their bottoms are the primary focus of their penance.  

Not only is this a place of disciplining young ladies in various clever and embarrassing ways, but a place to just admire and be in awe of the female creature in all her inner,
outer and spiritual beauty; all in an everyday context.


This is also a place to see and hear of girls flushed to all cheeks with embarrassment. Where short skirts and sheer dresses turn on their owners much to their dismay; but to the welcomed entertainment and joy of those fortunate to witness such beauty.

But please don't ever confuse this place as somewhere where women are meant to be disrespected or degraded. These stories are a blend of fantasy and reality. Non-consensual discipline is for the young ladies who deep down secretly crave it;
not something done out of a lopsided abusive relationship.

 However, discipline here is seldom random and never unwarranted. Well administered spankings are fully justified. The young ladies may not be willing participants, but that is the fantasy aspect right? I don't think every story needs to have a "disclaimer" paragraph at the end that explains that those involved were secretly planning and consenting all along as so many authors choose to include. For me that merely spoils the entire story. 

I hope you enjoy what you find here and come back often and say hello when you do.