Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Family Feud Spanking!

With so much serious and depressing News going on lately, I offer you this brief distraction of light-hearted amusing "News".

Survey Says: Spanking has Hit the Mainstream.

Well, not exactly.

The Survey doesn’t really say that. At least not the famous know the one, from the television game show, Family Feud.

You are familiar with this game show right? I don’t watch it, but it goes way back. I believe it is as American as Angry Politics. (Caught you? You were expecting 'apple pie' weren’t you.)
If you are familiar with this show, have you ever wondered like I how long is that survey anyways? And why do I never get that phone call and asked to answer all those questions? Especially the question I am about to discuss.

Which brings me back to my point.

Whether or not you believe that spanking is becoming mainstream or not, and just in case you haven’t heard already, you might be interested in hearing that spanking made it onto the Family Feud.

So the other day while online I came across Yahoo. Yahoo, in its glorious and horrible excuse for reporting, came up with a headline that caught my attention:

“Kelli Pickler embarrassed by answer on Family Feud".

To their credit it worked and I clicked on the link.

Without getting too critical of the way Yahoo handles its "reporting", I was expecting one thing and got another. This article focused not on her answer, but on her reaction to missing the buzzer. 

Curious, I searched for the same story on other sources and sure enough Yahoo led me out to the internet and the long way around back to its own other site - Yahoo TV (Honestly, I don’t know how Yahoo works, but then again do they?). There I was happily surprised when I found THIS article:

“Steve Harvey Stares On Aghast As Kellie Pickler Melts Down On 'Family Feud”. 

I think they mixed up the titles of their articles, don't you?
Regardless, this article was a thorough recap of a celebrity edition of Family Feud with Kellie Pickler and friends vs some other singer guy.

Kellie Pickler, who you may or may not know, is a young country music singer. She is a cutie in my book more so for her personality and character then the obvious. One example being that she is not ashamed of admitting to being very much a girly girl, which if you know me by now, well... That and her shared favorite causes add to my fondness of her, as
evidenced by the charity cause she was playing for (donating her winnings to) that night was the USO.

I digress again.

Steve, the host, asks the question,

“We asked 100 women, name something specific
that only your man is allowed to do to your behind.”

Kellie goes into a spasm trying to hit the buzzer to answer the question (
I wish I could find a gif of her spastic/catwalk up to the podium which was very cute as well). This is where Steve and the Yahoo reporting side-rail the sexiness of the question and focus on her little spastic move instead. 

Thing is I’m guessing her excitement was not out of nervous of missing the buzzer, as much as excited about the question and the subject itself!

She gives the answer, but not without hesitation stating that she isn't sure she should say it and finally saying what we all wanted to hear. Yes, she said it

“Like, a little spank?”

She blushes madly like a school girl and the show goes on as Kellie and the rest of her family and friends give pretty innocent answers to a survey that could clearly have dirty responses. At this point you would think that is all for anything interesting; well guess again.

Steve got down to Kellie’s friend, Caroline, who thinks there was only one obvious answer left to
"...something specific that only your man is allowed to do to your behind.”
She is pretty embarrassed to say what her lil' dirty mind is thinking. Yes that! She proceeds to answer eventually, but in modern southern lady-like charm.

I’ll let you watch, click on this link: Yahoo TV

So weather or not spanking has gone mainstream, we can probably all agree that family television has definitely gone out the window. None the less, I was amused and happy to catch this.

So again, I'll leave you pondering if Kellie's excitement was out of missing the buzzer or being caught off guard and excited about the question itself ?
Your thoughts?

As for myself, all I can think about now is two things (both with a southern accent):
1. Giving Kelli Pickler “a spank!”
2. And taking her friend Caroline “dirty from behind!”


By the way, here is the full episode if you are interested and have 40 minutes to kill:

And if you are interested here is Kellie doing her much appreciated pinup duty.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Pleasant Sunday Morning Conversation

Overheard: A pleasant Sunday morning conversation amongst friends.   

"Oh no! Seriously?! I would have died of embarrassment!"

"Yeah, I can't believe my luck sometimes!
I was embarrassed enough already and
then when I heard my name,
I peed myself."


"Yes, haven't you ever?"

"Yeah. No. I have. But no, not what I meant;
I meant was what did you do when you saw the guy from work?"

"Well I just tried to cover up and run into Starbucks,
but I'm pretty sure he, and everyone else, got a great view
'cause they were sheer anyways..."

"So what happened when you got home."

"Well, he was home before I was,
which was weird because he always works late,
so I knew something was up.
Turns out all his buddies at work were teasing him about supposedly seeing my ass.
I guess they are all jealous of him having a hot girlfriend,
but he's mad at me?"

"So what did he do or say?"

"Well like I said, he thinks I need to be spanked if I am being irresponsible, so right then and there he flips me over his knee and yanks my dress up and begins spanking me."

"And you let him?"

"Well, I deserved it sort of. Don't you think?
Especially after he warned me about the wind."

"I guess -?"

"Well he was really upset. Telling me that I should know better.
That all
the guys are giving him a hard time at work,
saying they really loved the sheer material..."

"No doubt, I can imagine."

"Well, I can't seem to explain myself because,
well because he's spanking me good and;

and then he rips off my panties,  
and really gets going.

He finally finishes and tells me to go clean my face up.
I get up to go and tell him it's really his fault
because he is the one who likes me to dress up.

So that really ticks him off as I try to explain my logic.
Well, I told him he can't have it both ways, either I dress up nice or not.

He tells me I should have listened to him or DID I want to show off my ass?
So of course, I give him the smart-ass answer of 'Maybe I did' and 'What of it?
Maybe I wanted the guys at his work to see my ass'.

That's when he pushes me over the counter, pulls my dress up again,
slaps my already tender ass some more.
I mean a lot more. 
My ass is on fire at this point.
He gets so worked up that he stops;
kicks my legs apart,
spreads my cheeks, undoes his pants
and pounds me good.

I mean really good!
Like he's really frustrated.
Its a really long time before he's done.
My pussy is so sore by the time he finally explodes inside me I'm practically in tears.

I tell him I'll be walking funny for days after that,
as a joke and that's when...

That's when he grabs my cheek really rough
and tells me
that this spanking was nothing.
Next time I do something like this again that
he's going to take me up the ass
and really teach me a lesson.

And then; then, he sent me to bed.
"He sent you to bed?
Really?! Like a..."

"Yes. And I loved that he did that!
He didn't come up until hours later,
but I snuggled my warm ass against him as soon as he got in bed."

"He tells me 'I love you' before we fall asleep.

I whisper 'I'm sorry'.

 'Shhh... Just go to sleep'. 

'I'll make it up to you in the morning', I promise him.

'Yes, yes you will', he tells me as I feel him hard against my bare ass."


Would love to hear your thoughts via comments. 
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Friday, June 3, 2016

Random Thoughts: Friday I'm in love

Dressed up to the eyes
It's a wonderful surprise
To see your shoes and your spirits rise
Throwing out your frown
And just smiling at the sound
And as sleek as a shriek
Spinning round and round
Always take a big bite
It's such a gorgeous sight
To see you eat in the middle of the night
You can never get enough
Enough of this stuff

I don't care if Monday's blue
Tuesday's grey and Wednesday too
Thursday I don't care about you
It's Friday, I'm in love.

Not my words, which may or may not be obvious to some of you,
(I’ll give you extra credit if you can name the artist)
and although I’m no longer loved, it is Friday.

It has been an especially busy week and I'm going into an event filled weekend and
wanted to leave you with some upbeat thoughts to ponder.

(Oh, if you haven't read my latest story, under the “Reflective Sunday” post,
do stop by and let me know your thoughts.)

My choice of verse above was partially inspired, not only by Friday, but by the following image. I have come across it numerous times on various Tumblr blogs and it is often called out with similar comments as the latest:

“This is a girl’s dream come true. ❤️”

I have always been a fan of PDAs and obviously a fan of the female posterior, so I would do this on occasion. However, of most recent relationship, I was never met with the
sentiment referenced. Nor was I met with the expression shown here which would have been a welcome one as she does seem to generally share the tumblr consensus.

So I ask my female readers out there, “Is it? Is this a girl’s dream come true?” 

Happy Friday.