Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Costumes!

My imagination goes wild this time of year! All those sexy costumes – I can’t be the only one on overload thinking of spanking all those adult costumed girls?!

One of my favorite bloggers posted a question on her blog about what makes for the most Spankable Halloween Costumes?
What a great topic ! I posted my opinion over on that blog, but thought I would post my thoughts here as well. 
My opinion of most spankable Halloween costumes:
1) The most obvious  – the tried and true: Witch. 
Who doesn’t deserve a spanking more than a naughty Witch? I am sure most trick or treaters wouldn’t object if they saw a witch bent over and being spanked on the porch as penance for her evil magic. Although my imagination always leads me to more of a pouty witch vision complete with thigh high stockings much like this:

Funny thing is she looks like she is levitating if you look closely at her shoes. Imagine her trying to levitate over the porch railing but foiled and instead be pulled down and bent over the railing...for a flip of the skirt and a nice bottom spanking treat.

2) Of course there is the obvious Schoolgirl. 
Pigtails, short plaid skirts, thigh high socks and of course sheer white panties...detention..…enough said.
Again.....…enough said.

3) This of course leads to the not so common, but none the less ever so spankable cross between a 
Witch and a School Girl:

Definitely would love to practice some magic detention spells on her. The conjuring up of rope to tie her hands and then levitation of her skirt to reveal black panties...

4) Did no one mention a Nurse? My personal favorite.
Not following proper medical procedures, let alone not following dress code (I believe the dress code requires a skirt), is all easy grounds for spanking a beautiful young nurse:

Reminds of a friend telling me about her Halloween costume one year...but that is another story I will save for another time.

5) Of course it is October after all and I think of Heidi costumes. 
All very spankable:

6) Somewhere in between the schoolgirl costume and anime costume has to be the 
BabyDoll costume of the Suckerpunch character:

7) So perhaps all these costumes are to overtly sexy and or obvious for some people. 
In that case how about a more non-traditional costume.
This Lost Girl definitely deserves a spanking right?
"I have been looking all over for you young lady !… Do you realize how hard I have been looking?
Now that I found you it is time to teach you a lesson.:

(Just can't help but wonder what color of panties she has on…)