Tuesday, February 17, 2015

How Red was Your Valentine?

We went out to a simple restaurant dinner this past Saturday night. Nothing extravagant by intent. We tend not to celebrate Valentines day in the commercialized traditional way. Often times we don't go out at all on this "special" day, mainly due to the crowded, understaffed and over committed restaurants. On any other given day we could get into a favorite restaurant within an hour, but when that time is doubled or tripled…Well that eliminates the desire for nourishment and starvation becomes a reasonable option. 

Saturday night, due in fact to a previous busy week, we did in fact venture out. My Girl was on her extra good behavior, not surprisingly in large part to the occasion of the day. She was so well behaved at dinner in fact that I rewarded the pleasant evening by giving into shopping at one of the nearby malls. It may not sound like much of a sacrifice to some of you, but shopping to me is something I at times relate to slow water torture. Call us stereotypical, but I detest shopping where as she loves it to a dangerous level. 

As she shopped, I people watched and was surprised to see so many dressed up ladies. As I mentioned we are hardly out on VDay in previous years, but the amount of well dressed ladies to match the love theme seemed noticeably high. I work in the city and when VDay falls during the week, red clothes floods the work day like no other, but this was different. This was all the Valentine colors, all turned up a few style notches. 

One young lady in particular who was encased in a form-fitting black dress initially caught my attention due to her contrasting sky high, patent leather red heels. As I followed her long legs up and and zeroed on her well defined bottom I was frozen until forced to look elsewhere when she eventually turned around. My eyes grazed at her chest which was accentuated by a horizontal strip of transparent black mesh positioned strategically across her cleavage. (Bare with my pedestrian description as I am sure there is a couture term for such a cut out, but which I simply am unfamiliar with).

As she moved, her bright red bra unintentionally peeked through the mesh. It was obvious to me and anyone, even the fashion challenged, to realize that this was not the way it was meant to be worn.

Close enough for you to get the mental picture, for I did not get an actual picture.
Opposite of this girl as the mesh went horizontal, not vertical. 
Horizontal and revealing only cleavage for clarity's sake. That being said, this girl here may well 
have been a distant relative to the girl I saw for their bra wearing styles were quite similar.

She caught my precise stare and attempted, but failed multiple times to adjust her top to conceal her bra. Obviously my detective skills were keen and I concluded that I had a good chance of winning a bet that her panties were red to match her bra and heels. If only someone would have taken me up on the bet. If so, I wouldn't have hesitated in pulling her dress up to prove it; in order to claim my winnings of course. Hey, I would have given her a percentage.

I digress...

As she hurried away and her bottom was lost in the crowd, my eyes became overwhelmed! My eyes darted left right, down and up, I stood there in wonderment…

Short black dresses, short red dresses, 
red high heels, extra tall black heels,
tight white short skirts...
any and all combinations of; 
all were abundant!


I have asked these questions before and I will ask them again framed on my personal experience.

I always leave out a dainty and sheer, pink or red pair for My Girl to wear on VDay under her black dress.

Question is how many of you wore special red, pink or black lingerie for your Valentine? Lingerie barely covered by an extra hott dress for the night out? And did you go as far as pulling on those thigh highs?

Is this a current trend or a common tradition? Or do these special outfits and color specific wrappings continue to be reserved only as bedtime attire?

Hope you all had a fulfilling V Day in whatever way you dreamed it best. 
There were no spanking here as those are typically reserved for bad behavior and She was on very good behavior.  Such good behavior is rewarded differently.