Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wind & Serendipity + the Truth or Dare Challenge

So what is it about the wind blowing up a girl's skirt that is so exciting? Is it just the simple fact that we are seeing something that was not meant to be seen..or at least not by us. Perhaps it goes to the sexiness of less is more in that we are not seeing full nudity, but just enough to tease us in an old fashion pinup girl type of way. Just enough to put a smile on our faces, get our imaginations running, set our hearts pumping and ...

The best of these situations, in my opinion, happen under the power of Serendipity and her control of events. For my tastes, a few simple things must come together for the ideal situation: a beautiful girl, a short skirt/dress, a public location, a naughty wind, and of course an unsuspecting yet ever grateful witness (namely oneself).

There is something magical about walking down the street, deep in thought, focused on ones worries and responsibilities when Serendipity sends the Wind to treat us to a girl's modesty lost and our happiness re-found. Serendipity has coyly smiled upon us, graced us and thus we have become witnesses to a chance event. 

Imagine walking through your local shopping district concerned about your own bills when you come across this fashionista (or shall I dare say shopaholic) slowed down by shopping bags? You lost in your worries and her in her own; "Is everything coordinated today? Purse matching dress and shoes matching..." -- shoes matching what? The wind gives us the answer and your mind suddenly goes to finding a solution to dealing with girls with over zealous shopping habits.

Or imagine walking up to that wedding you were dreading attending, concerned about being greeted by them strange far off kin, but rather are greeted instead by this welcome rear-view? I especially like those tan lines which go to show she must be wearing her "special occasion" cheeky panties for this evening. Let's hope that special occasion is a hands on instructional training on how to properly tan a young lady's bottom.

Or imagine yourself simply running errands, on any given day, pressed for time as usual and to have time and your heart stop simultaneously upon viewing this wind swept vision of beauty? Even though her legs and panties are seemingly covered by her pantyhose I still find this view rather refreshing!

Now, let me share with you one of my favorite sets. The brunette girl below I believe is some British fashion designer by the name of Amy Molyneaux. Why do I particular love this set? Well it is not because she is some celebrity as I do not necessarily care for celebrities; nor their upskirt shots as they all seem staged to some extent no matter how "real" they appear to be. 

I like this set for it contains all the elements I mentioned before that make a great scene, plus more. A beautiful girl [For the record this may not be her best shot as I have seen other pics of her and she is quite attractive], a short dress, a very public location, a naughty wind, and of course quite a few unsuspecting, yet ever grateful, witnesses. Plus she seems to truly be surprised and caught off guard by the wind as she makes her way down the red carpet receiving line for this event.

But here is the part I truly love - the next action shot. Look at her panties! Love those pink with red cherry panties! Sounds silly right, but that makes the shot for me. Here you have this fashion conscience girl, just look at the rest of her outfit, those shoes for one and I need not say more; wearing some rather everyday panties. You would suspect she would be wearing some fancy european silk knickers, but no instead we are treated to some very cute and flirty, and seemingly small, cotton cherry covered panties. 

One can only imagine what happened when they got home that evening and logged onto the internet and were greeted by paparazzi crazed pics spreading like wildfire across the internet and the fashion police, critics and other girls commenting like mad on her seemingly "poor choice" of knickers. One hopes her well dressed and dashing date (who seems to remind me of a certain someone...) took matters into his own hands and spanked Amy's bottom into a cherry red glow for embarrassing them both by committing such a careless fashion faux pas.

So with that and Spring being in the air I am putting out a a little Truth or Dare Challenge to all my female readers. 
Your Assignment:

Ladies: Dare - Go out dressed in a short flowy skirt/dress with some especially contrasting (be them bright, sheer or super cutesy) panties underneath and send me a detailed report on your adventure; additional points for a picture of you in said outfit. Extra credit points for a wind-caught picture!

Ladies: Truth - Tell me about a time in particular when the wind has not been your best-friend (or perhaps it has as you have enjoyed the show it helped you give to others) by making a sail of your outfit and a flag of your panties.

Assignment Deadline: This Friday (points for early submissions)

Gents (if you want to play along): Truth - Any real life first hand tales of windy blown beauty you care to share? 

This will motive me to keep writing and not give up this blog.  
I'll be waiting.