Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pop Quiz: Girl in Pink

Part of what I hope to bring you on this blog, as I mentioned on the initial post, is my admiration of the beauty of the female form and all things associated with it in the context of the everyday, with hopes of being reminiscent of the charm associated with pinup girls of days gone by (and - unfortunately - way before my time). 

Welcome to my class students.
You can call me Professor Enzo.
Today we are having a Pop Quiz.

Pop Quiz: Question 1: 
Quick name the lovely young lady pictured here: 

Any ideas? Quick time is almost up. Well if you are like me you would have said it is the TMobile girl of course. This girl always makes me smile every time I see her commercials. Am I paying attention to what she is saying? Not exactly, but her smile is contagious. OK I know sounds shallow.....  But apparently I am not the only one caught up by the persona of this lovely girl. Just do a quick Google search and you will discover online what I have discovered in real life. Guys seem to be attracted to her while some girls have nothing nice to say about her starting with "her choice" of dresses. My Girl falls (not surprisingly if you know her) into the over critical segment of girls who dislike the TMobile Girl.*

*As an aside, I realize this girl is a real person and has a name. She is a model by the name of Carly Foulkes I prefer to refer to her as the TMobile Girl since people seem to judge the person when in fact they should be judging the persona. She is quite a stunning model too as demonstrated in the lovely black and white photo shown here.

So back to the point at hand. My Girl can not stand the outfits worn by the TMobile Girl. This I do not understand? To me that pink is quite appealing matched perfectly with that smile. Her outfits are always in some shade of pink pattern. Which, by the way, to be totally honest I thought she always wore a pink polka dot dress until I did my online variations. Regardless this brings me to my main point...

Pop Quiz: Question 2: 
What do you think of when you see the TMobile Girl? 
Any idea what I think of?

No show of hands?

Ok I will call on someone....

OK T Girl I am looking at You...
......Yes You!

What do you think I am thinking of when I see you standing there in your tall pink heels and your ready to be windblown pink dress?

OK TGirl don't stress too much (although I do love a girl who shows her stress by biting her lip). 

Ok Give up?

I think about what color panties you have on. :) Yes really. Every time. I think, if the costume dresser spent that much time pondering your pink dress and matching shoes; I am sure they issued you a pair of regulatory matching panties. 

Which brings up the other questions. So does each dress have a matching pair of panties? Pink stripped panties like those below to match the dress above? Pink polka dot panties to match the polk dot dress? 

Or perhaps you defy the dresscode and wear what you think is girly and flirty? Which I venture to guess is white sheer lounge style panties like those you have worn for other modeling assignments like those shown below?

Well I am not sure about the color, pattern and style of panties you have on under your dresses; all I know is one thing I am sure of. That is I wish my job was to do a mandatory panties check prior to filming of the next commercial. Do you know what else besides the benefit of seeing your cute bottom would make that job worthwhile? 

He who does the mandatory pantie check and finds you in violation of the dress code gets to discipline your bottom with a good over the knee spanking all the while you wear that cute outfit. Discipline not complete until your bottom is as pink as the panties you should have had on in the first place. So TMobile Girl bite your lip on that.

So that brings us to our final questions?

Pop Quiz: Question 4 & 5: 
What kind of panties do YOU think the TMobile Girl wears?


Who wants to be the TMobile Girl?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fashion Update: For the love of Yoga Pants

OK so I don't follow fashion trends vary closely (due largely in fact that I am a straight male), but I am aware of fashions as they come and go mostly demonstrated by the office and college girls who grace the pavement of my fair City. One trend that has been around for awhile now is the Legging as Pants fashion or faux pas (depending on your point of view) and is quite controversial - just do a Google search and see for yourself.

MY Point of View:
I know I will probably upset some readers here, but to be totally honest I love this fashion trend. So the fashion police is out there passionately hating on this trend, but lets's take a step back for a minute. Besides those obvious individuals who should not be wearing pants as tights ( I will spare you those visuals -- just use your imagination people), I ask "what is wrong with this trend?"

A lot probably comes down to being either a T or A man. Yes there you heard it straight from me. You are either a T or A man and if you haven't guessed by now I lean towards the bottom half - Ass please. So being an A man, there is something special about being treated to a view of these round spheres walking down the street or mall or park etc.

So there is the whole issue of transparency and visible panties and the perfect definition of a girls' ...umm...cheeks, but if I was to see the following girl in a parking lot, I would freeze, my heart would possibly skip a beat ....

All  I would be able to think about is the lucky guy who will be blessed with the 
following visual that night; 
that girl....
at home....
in bed.....
bending over....
in front of me... 
and me .......lost in a transfixed gaze....

I have been fortunate to see girls in the "college uniform" of leggings and UGG boots as demonstrated by this actress here: (Does anyone know who she is? This pic has been around and I recall someone mentioning she is famous?)

Whomever she is, she is a perfect example of leggings as pants worn correctly in my book. 

Unfortunately, as much as I do see this trend I do not see enough of it on a regular basis for my liking. Perhaps if attended Yoga classes I would be graced with the visuals similar to the following:

Both stunning visuals and beautiful examples of the female form in all its glory. But then again it doesn't take much to make me happy or to applaud female fashion. Long live this trend!

So where do you stand on this "Legging as Pants" controversial fashion topic? 
Let me know.
I for one.... will gladly, stand...directly behind awe.