Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fashion Update: For the love of Yoga Pants

OK so I don't follow fashion trends vary closely (due largely in fact that I am a straight male), but I am aware of fashions as they come and go mostly demonstrated by the office and college girls who grace the pavement of my fair City. One trend that has been around for awhile now is the Legging as Pants fashion or faux pas (depending on your point of view) and is quite controversial - just do a Google search and see for yourself.

MY Point of View:
I know I will probably upset some readers here, but to be totally honest I love this fashion trend. So the fashion police is out there passionately hating on this trend, but lets's take a step back for a minute. Besides those obvious individuals who should not be wearing pants as tights ( I will spare you those visuals -- just use your imagination people), I ask "what is wrong with this trend?"

A lot probably comes down to being either a T or A man. Yes there you heard it straight from me. You are either a T or A man and if you haven't guessed by now I lean towards the bottom half - Ass please. So being an A man, there is something special about being treated to a view of these round spheres walking down the street or mall or park etc.

So there is the whole issue of transparency and visible panties and the perfect definition of a girls' ...umm...cheeks, but if I was to see the following girl in a parking lot, I would freeze, my heart would possibly skip a beat ....

All  I would be able to think about is the lucky guy who will be blessed with the 
following visual that night; 
that girl....
at home....
in bed.....
bending over....
in front of me... 
and me .......lost in a transfixed gaze....

I have been fortunate to see girls in the "college uniform" of leggings and UGG boots as demonstrated by this actress here: (Does anyone know who she is? This pic has been around and I recall someone mentioning she is famous?)

Whomever she is, she is a perfect example of leggings as pants worn correctly in my book. 

Unfortunately, as much as I do see this trend I do not see enough of it on a regular basis for my liking. Perhaps if attended Yoga classes I would be graced with the visuals similar to the following:

Both stunning visuals and beautiful examples of the female form in all its glory. But then again it doesn't take much to make me happy or to applaud female fashion. Long live this trend!

So where do you stand on this "Legging as Pants" controversial fashion topic? 
Let me know.
I for one.... will gladly, stand...directly behind it...in awe.


  1. Very nice compilation, Enzo!

    I've become quite a fan of Yoga Pants myself, and I've seen many a pleasing trend through the years: Capri pants, Hot Pants, Miniskirts, and so forth and so on. This fashion really made my ears prick up!

    There seems to be some argument about when an article is "leggings" or "Yoga Pants"; do you know what the exact definition is?

    Anyway, thanks for the pleasing post!


  2. Wolfie -
    Thank you for stopping by and most importantly for commenting. Appreciate it.

    As far as the difference between yoga pants vs leggings, the short answer can be found here:


    Just kidding (sortof).

    Seriously, yoga pants are meant strictly as athletic apparel (yoga wear). To make things a bit confusing for us guys is that many different styles exist; some bellbottom, some with roll-over waists, etc. To add to the confusion is many girls wear them in public even when not going to yoga.

    Leggings are meant to be casual wear and depending on which girl you ask, either meant o be worn under a dress or skirt, but not alone. Again I emphasize depends on who you ask as there are plenty of girls who wear leggings just as pants. This of course turns into a whole other augment; of which I touch upon in this post.

    I am a huge fan of yoga pants and leggings as you can tell based on some of my other posts. Here are some in case you haven't seen them and are interested:



    plus references in other posts, in particular here:

    Thanks again!


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