Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Good Ol' Days Revisited (and A Modern Technical Question)

I consider myself computer literate; often times probably more computer literate than English literate in fact. I based that on the frequency on which I am misunderstand during a conversation vs. how often I am the one able to solve computer related issue. Regardless of how often my spoken intent is misunderstood, unintentionally offending countless young ladies by merely asking them simple questions related to their attitudes and their bottoms… well that can be a whole other post in of itself. 

Back to my point, this quite Sunday morning I am stuck on the following Blogger, aka tech, related issue:

Comment Notifications:
When I comment on a fellow blogger's blog, I check the "Notify Me" box in order to receive follow up messages. Well that feature doesn't seem to be functioning any longer; for at least the past month. I have used various blogs and used various browsers all with the same result - no follow up emails; when in fact they are there when I revisit that particular blogpost.  I tend to bounce around from blog to blog, commenting here and there, and would love to keep track and/or up with these comments using that feature as it was intended.

Can anybody offer any ideas of why this no longer works? 
Anyone else having similar issues? 

I know this is a minor, modern day problem; nothing generations past would have had to worry about. No, Sir.  Sunday mornings were simpler then so I am told. Sunday mornings were not met with any new fangled technical, space-age issues.  Everything was simpler then apparently. If something was broken or not working, there was always one sure way to fix it. GIve it a good firm slap.

With that in mind I am sure none of you cam here to offer your Tech Support as your primary intent;. therefore I offer you a morning gift. A gift of another installment peek into the "good ol'days". If you don't remember my first installment, or never read it in the first place, start the story on this page and then come back here.




The door bell rang urgently hardly giving the young bride anytime to put herself together. She had just stood up and was wrestling with her tight sheer panties; struggling to pull them up. In fact, she was no where close to putting her tight skirt back down around her throbbing pink bottom when the front door suddenly swung open. She leapt off her feet and shrieked at the sound of someone rushing through the open door and turned around in shock only to offer the intruder an eyeful of her feminine charm.

"Mrs. Larsen! Wwhaa…What are you doing here?!" she asked fumbling to push down her skirt in a failed attempt at modesty.

"I heard you two arguing and I just had to come over, dear. When I saw how that brute beat your ass, I just couldn't let you pout alone" the experienced housewife rushed to her younger, instant girlfriend's side; leaving the door wide open.

"Mrs. Larsen you saw us?! You saw Jimmy sss…spa…spanking me?" the young lady let go off her skirt as she immediately fisted her palms tight and pulled them to her face in realization of what she had just heard. In realization of her humiliation being raised to another level knowing that not only had it occurred, but that it had been witnessed.

"No need for formalities; we are neighbors dear. Call me Beth." Beth offered as she put her arm around the girl's waist and escorted her back towards the scene of the chastisement.

 "Oh, don't worry dear, you aren't the first bride to have her bottom blistered. It happens to more of us than you think; well at least in our younger days it did. Like you, when we were first married." She explained as she sat herself down on the chair that Jimmy had only minutes earlier occupied; leaving the newlywed standing in front of her struggling to pull up her panties, back up towards their presumed proper place.

"Now don't pull those back on dear. That's entirely the wrong thing to do. Put those down and let's sooth that bottom" she explained slapping the embarrassed bride's hand away from the delicate undergarment. And in much the same way he had done, she grabbed the young bride's hand and pulled her close.

The bride gasped and attempted to pull away.
"Whhaaa…what are you doing? What do you mean?"

"I know you want to put those on and cover your embarrassment. They are pretty and all; Neiman Marcus intimates? Expensive no doubt." Beth stopped to admire the sheer panties closely. "But based on the size of these dainty things, compared to your bottom, they most certainly will sting if you pull them back on entirely. You have to let your ass air out for some time. But don't you worry, I brought something to cool the sting."

"Air out my…" the young housewife's face blushed redder than her bottom as she listened in shock to the older more experienced housewife rattle on.

"Oh. I apologize. Did I offend you dear?" she asked pulling the junior lady towards her closer yet. "I like to say I picked up that foul language from Dan and his Navy ways; but honestly it is what happens after all those years of raising little ones and nonstop domestic management. Not to say I'm not grateful. I mean I am grateful for what Dan has given me and no doubt, obviously I'm more grateful than you from the looks of things…" Beth continued on sizing up the contents of the newlyweds' home while sizing up the bride's attitude which she surmised might have led to her husband's justified forced actions.

"Excuse me Mrs. Larsen, what in heaven's are you implying? I deserve nice things; all this – and more in fact! I am an up-and-coming lady of this town; you have no right..." the bride stomped her heeled foot in offense.

"You deserve something that is for sure. That you do, you upity lil'..." 
And before the young bride could utter another word in protest, Beth reached around the bride's youthful waist. With seemingly well practiced coordination, yanked the upscale undergarment back down again. In the process, Beth intentionally allowing one of her long fingernails to latch onto the delicate full back panties and let it drag down. The thin sheer nylon laddered easily.

She lowered the young lady's feminine flag to half-mast, resting them around her healthy thick thighs where they caught above her stocking tops. Then before she could even vocalize a protest, Beth had dragged her new neighbor over her lap with her skirt pulled high.

"Now this creme, it is called Desitin, can be found at the corner drugstore. I recommend you get the large tube from the looks of you; it can be found near the diaper section." Beth explained matter of factly as she held the freshly spanked bride down with one hand, while she uncapped the medicinal tube with her thumb and forefinger of her other hand.

"What! What is that? In the diaper section?" The bride kicked and whined while Beth held her in place.

"Oh don't be embarrassed dear. Mr Robinson, the pharmacist, won't ask you about it. He might stare at you funny knowing full well you don't have a family yet, but if you go today or tomorrow he might not have heard about your marital matters. Not yet. Can't guarantee anything later this week, as gossip...I mean…concerned news…travels fast in this neighborhood. Now stay still, this might be cold."

The bride kicked her feet in a frenzy glaring up at her newest punisher.

"Now I am only trying to help dear. Please don't kick; you just might hurt me" No sooner had she said it, when she felt a boney knee dig into her thigh.

Shaking her head in disbelief, Beth put the tube down and raised her hand and delivered a single open palm slap on the girl's still tender bottom.

"Owww! What are you doing?!"

"Now that was for the kicking. I am here to help; now let's get some of this cream on you shall we."

With that, Beth delivered another singular slap for good measure and to even out the fresh redness of both cheeks. She then began spreading Desitin liberally over the top of the girl's jiggly cheeks as the young bride buckled repeatedly at the shock of the freezing cold cream coming in sudden contact with her warm bottom.

"There, there dear. I'll rub this into your cheeks and make it all better in no time." she explained.

The bride kicked furiously against the floor; her healed shoes pushing the shag rug out of the way.

"Really now dear. Just calm yourself. It is not that bad really. You should be grateful I'm here to help. Dan was never really good at aftercare." 

"I'm not a baby! I don't need diaper ointment! I shouldn't have been spanked! I don't need your help!"

"Really dear; that is not very being very appreciative of your neighbor's good intentions, is it?"

Frustrated, Beth stopped her rubbing and instead picked up the tube again. Except this time  she spread the girls cheeks and positioned the tube directly between them and squeezed. Out shot a thick serpent of stinging ointment; precisely bulls-eying between the girls ample rump. Beth then proceeded to push her long finger into the girls bottom, chasing the cream deep into the young bride's porcelain crevice until her finger seemingly disappeared.

"Ohhhhh! Owwwww!" the bride blurted out incoherent protests as the combination of the manicured intruder and sudden sting of the cream left her speechless, wide eyed and wide mouthed in shock.

"There, there dear. The creme doesn't sting when rubbed over a spanked bottom. It only irritates when inside. So remember young lady; next time you get spanked and I come over to console you, to offer you a shoulder to cry on, perhaps you'll be a bit more grateful. A bit more appreciative and I wont need to squirt any directly up your little spoilt asshole. Understood young lady?" 

The bride let out a whine and shook her head in acknowledgement. 

"Very good. Now get up and we'll come over to my home and I'll teach you how to cook a proper Sunday breakfast for your husband." Beth charmingly offered while shamelessly plucking her finger out of the girl's bottom with an intentional jolt.

"Holy....oowww" she began a curse she never ended feeling the sudden rush of cold cream begin its inner irritation. 

The young bride franticly pushed herself off her neighbor's lap, clenching her teeth and bottom cheeks in rapidly growing discomfort. As she steadied herself upright; her pale-pink sheer panties cascaded to her ankles. They landed spread sunny-side up, draping her white leather heels.

"Oh! What a shame; it looks like you ruined your expensive panties. I would suggest you don't tell Jimmy that your carelessness, your unnecessary struggling, wasted his money; at least not today."

The bride gasped in disbelief seeing the gapping laddered tears on her panties,  "Bbuuttt, I didn't ripp…."

"Its OK dear. 
You'll have to learn to admit your mistakes, you're a big girl now. And remember even big girls get occasional spankings and diaper cream on their arrogant, punished asses, don't they?

Well at least you didn't ruin them by soiling them like some immature brat. 

Oh wait. Look.

It looks like you did both you silly girl. 
Ripped and soiled. 

You must have "tinkled" on yourself; 
perhaps when he first threatened you with a spanking?

Oh, such a shame.
Such an embarrassing shame.

Truly humiliating some would say.
But, don't worry dear; your secrets are safe with me," 

Beth smiled her biggest, friendliest neighborly smile very much pleased with herself.


Hope you enjoyed that story. Comments and feedback are always needed and appreciated!

Friday, August 21, 2015

When Good Plans Go Awry

It has been rough around here to say the least. As part of the original mission of this blog; during tough times, sometimes the best medicine is distraction. Here is a distraction that I hope you enjoy. And remember the only way I know if you enjoy my stories is if you let me know. 


"Ohma gawd!  Ohma gawd! Whah..What did ya' do!" she huffed as she eventually swung herself around and managed to get herself completely upright in an attempt to pull her self together.

Even with her face still partially covered by her ruffled highlighted locks, her complexion was undeniably vividly flushed in embarrassment. Still not making use of her hands, she blew her hair out of her face with a forceful huff and shoved him away. She stretched to look at her own bottom over her shoulder, and thankfully due to its ample size, was able to see part of it and confirm what she feared.

She turned and stared at him wide-eyed without uttering a word; not knowing what would be remotely appropriate. She proceeded to push out her bottom and bowed-out her knees to complete a full awkward ballerina pliĆ© like stance. She took a few short steps forward while attempting to maintain her balance as her towering heels dug precariously into the carpet. Although partially confused by the strange stance, he understood the intent yet had no patience for it at the moment; however amusing she might have looked. 

He grabbed her arm and preceded to rush her towards the door,
"Enough of that. We are late."

"Noo…But wait – I gotta' take these off. 
I gotta change!
I can't sit down in these?!" she protested breaking free from his grip.

"You can and you will!"

"Noooo. Honnn...ppplease" she began pleading. 

He stopped, stared into her big eyes and calmly whispered into her ear;
"Who's spoilt ass just got taught a much needed lesson?"

She said nothing and simply looked down and fidgeted her feet.

"I asked you a question! I expect an answer, young lady! And an apology."

He pulled her face up by her chin and met her teary, yet still glistening, eyes.

"Who's spoilt ass just got taught a lesson?" he asked again as his fingers reached for the front of her exposed sheer panties. Easily finding her lower lips he began rubbing gently, distracting her while still awaiting an answer.

"Who's entitled ass just got humbled?" 

'Mine' she mouthed softly with full pouty lips.

"And who's arrogant tight asshole is going to be taught a very stiff lesson tonight if she doesn't learn to behave herself? If she doesn't remember who owns her ass?"  

She immediately stepped back afraid she would explode at his constant touch, knowing full well he had no plans to offer her release anytime soon. The rubbing, the threat, the feel of his warm fluids still dripping down her bottom – It was almost too much for her. She was too wound up to let him tease.

Instead taking another step back she looked down at her heels, pointed them into each other and rocked for a few seconds thinking over her scolding and warning. She stretched her arms wide; took a deep yoga breath and steadied herself and suddenly flapped as if a she were a swan about to take flight. What the hell was she doing, he thought to himself. 

It slowly became obvious that it was a final, however feeble, attempt to speed up the drying process of her nails. She glanced at her still wet nails from a distance and huffed in frustration. 

Resolved she closed her eyes. Reaching back with one hand, she proceeded to pull down at the hem of her skin tight dress in order to cover her exposed stained panties. She worked her way around to the front of the dress, before reaching for and grabbing his hand tightly and following him out the door without another word. 


On Saturday, he was forced to remind Melissa that there is more than one way to deal with an entitled attitude when good plans go awry.

He had not plans to do so, mind you. What he did have (what "they" had) were plans. Plans to to enjoy themselves during a weekend getaway to attend a wedding. A wedding he was actually very much looking forward to for various reasons. Reasons ranging from the obvious, time away from the routine, all the way to other not so obvious reasons including the simple pleasure of seeing his girl extra dressed up. 

Truth be told, they both were looking forward to it, yet Melissa had maintained her usual complaining and nagging attitude that always preceded such events. Her "ritual marathon bitchfest", as their mutual friends had so appropriately dubbed it, had seemingly begun the moment they received the invite months ago and crescendoed through to this weekend. 

Melissa's usual complaints of having to wake up early on a weekend, drive for hours, endure through a long and boring religious ceremony all while sitting outside in the blazing summer heat. All this before they could even begin to nibble on any hors d'oeuvres and eventual uninspired catered food she would add. These were the simple complaints, but her list ran long and varied from unexpected expenses, including a new dress and shoes (to this particular complaint he would always interject; that for the record, he was covering all her expenses as he always did) to her judgmental opinions of the guests, family and of course the bride-to-be. No this was not her idea of fun she would vent constantly. 

"For all the free-flowing alcohol that will be available and the way you drink that champagne, it really is a very small price to pay" he would teasingly remind her. The humor was never truly appreciated.


He checked his watch in frustration realizing they were well past the time they should have had to have left without needing to run. 

"Are you ready?" she yelled out to him from inside the vacation home's bathroom.  
"Do you 'ave the directions?  Do you 'ave the gift? I don't want ta be late, ya know."

"Am I ready?!" He replied not believing what he had just heard.

"I have been ready. Done and done" he responded calmly as he couldn't quite believe she was attempting to derail the cause of the current situation.

She came out the bathroom, her makeup and hairdo looking radiant as if she herself were the focus of the wedding. Dressed in a form fitting, curve defining little black wrap dress that had been a gift by him and a compromise by her. He loved her to show off her curves more than she cared for, but at the same time she wanted his eyes on her and not the bride, or heaven forbid the bridesmaids.  

Carrying her heels in one hand and a cosmetic bag in the other, she casually found her way to the bed and plopped herself down nonchalantly.

"Just waiting on you." He corrected her.

"Well, I would have been ready, but I was waiting for you to get out o' the shower."
she responded pulling out a bottle of nail-polish and proceeded to paint her finger nails. 

"Really? Really!" This was not going in a good direction and he immediately set out to put things in the correct perspective.

"First of all young lady, I was up early cooking you a nice breakfast which I delivered to you in bed. And all you could do was complain about the lack of enough bacon. Second, you could have at least gotten your sleepily lil' self up and in the shower while I was preparing you that meal."

Pulling on his shirt cuffs out from under his suit jacket he moved in close and stood in front of her, positioning himself so her eyes aligned with his belt buckle. She avoided eye contact and remained perched on the edge of the bed as he began tapping his foot ever so slowly. Realizing the fact that she was dangerously close to pushing him over the edge; she bite her tongue figuratively and bit her lip literally while she diverted her eyes from his bulge and her instant craving.

His anger was diffused momentarily. Diffused by the cute and amusing scene she had begun of flapping her outstretched hands to dry her nails, while turning her head one way and then the other to blew on them. All the simultaneous movements causing her to shake softly on the bed; ringlets of hair and full breasts bouncing in a beautiful rhythm. He was further diffused of that emotion, while another entirely different emotion crept up; as his eyes focused in on the result of her plunging neckline; her tempting deep cleavage and the softness of her over exposed bouncing breasts.

"I'll meet you outside" he decided best to avoid dealing with her for the moment, should he be sidetracked, as they were already pressed for time.


When he walked back in fifteen minutes later she was still sitting on the bed trying to figure out how to put on her heels. She stretched for her shoes with her long bare legs and managed to get one on without use of her hands. She then struggled to find a method to tie its strap without getting her nails nicked and or get any polish on her heels.

"Here; I'll do it for you" he once again came to her rescue. 

Kneeling in front of her he tied the leather strap of her first heel. He then moved her knee gently to the left, intentionally spreading her legs wide as he reached for her other shoe. He placed her other foot in the wedged heel while enjoying the view between her inner thighs. The thick shadow of freshly trimmed public stubble held just behind her sheer panties called for his attention. 

His heart raced as he enjoyed this upskirt vantage point despite seeing her in much less earlier that morning. He was ready to forgive her for all her current infractions. He tied the strap on her heel and allowed his hand to run up the back of her soft calf while savoring the view of delicate transparent nylon holding tight the treasure of what awaited him later that night.

"Lets go!" she demanded as she broke his trance, "We are going to be late. Seriously, if you wouldn't have taken so long making breakfast we would have been fine with time."

"Ww..what?" He stood up in disbelief, "Excuse me, what are you rambling about?"

"I'm ready"she replied standing up and smoothing down her dress casually when she decided to drop the final straw, "If you wouldn't have cooked the bacon so long it, we wouldn't be running late. Honestly it was actually burnt." 

"Actually you are ready. 

You are ready to learn a lesson, young lady! 

Come here!" 

He pulled her away from the door, but instead towards the bed.


Wait! Hon...

Care-fulll, maw nails…"

He pointed her towards the bed, "Bend over now!"

"But..? Butt, why?"

"Now!"  He replied with a commanding echoing slap to the bottom of her form fitting little black dress. 


She paused knowing she was in trouble feeling the sting radiate through her bottom and grasped for random salvation.

"Come on Hon…please let's go. The sooner we leave, the sooner we can get back…. and I know you saw I wore the panties you picked out for me." 

She offered a coy smile while fidgeting with her wrap dress; wanting to rub on her bottom yet not wanting to give him any indication of how much one slap had hurt.  

"You are half right. But I have to deal with that bitchy attitude of yours first." 

"No Hon..." she stared at him in heightened despair.

He delivered another solid slap to her bottom causing her to hop forward before he pushed her over the bed with a solid shove. She landed purposely on her palms with fingers stretched upright, still worried more about her nails then the impending punishment.

"Oh please Hon…Noooo! We are going to be late!"

"Enough! Not another word! This is long overdue. Long overdue."
He responded with two quick back handed slaps to her now exposed thighs as she steadied herself, bent over the bed.

"Ow! Ow!"

Flipping up her dress fully he revealed her ample cheeks encased in tight sheer rayon. Her arched back and her pushed out bottom made for an eyeful of ripened beauty.

"You need to be taught a serious lesson young lady"

"Hon no!" she looked over her shoulder shocked. If she was worried about the impending punishment or her more shallow worries of mussing her hair or ruining her nails in the process; he still wasn't sure.

"I told you not a word!"

He took a full swing and delivered a quick thunderstorm of spanks to her panty clad ass. Her bottom bounced and jiggled while her protests became muffled as she sunk into the plush bed coverings.

Slap. Slap. 


Her bottom blushed quickly; obviously still tender from the warm shower.


He stopped and looking at his watch and then at the beauty before him debated with himself. He needed to teach her a lesson, yet he also didn't want to be late.

"God. I ought to take you right now, you look so damn good!"

He unzipped his pants and wrestling with his manhood he finally managed to released it. Taking a step forward, straddling her long thick legs, he yanked her soft delicate panties to the side. He leaned over her and rested his solid erection between her ample cheeks. She shivered as she felt him throbbing against her now bare cheeks as he slowly ran himself along the length of her crevice teasingly.

Grabbing onto her waist, he pressed against her further just before pulling her panties back in place, but covering his own thickness. His engorged tip, wedged between her cheeks, spilled out of the top of her panties. He pulled back and kept his manhood under the cover of her delicate sheer panties. 

Excited by the soft touch of the feminine fabric, he readjusted himself and plunged into her plump cheeks until his tip rested against her tight rosebud. She bite the comforter in preparation for what she thought was coming.  Pushing in just enough so she could feel him at her backdoor, he was ready to pound her despite enjoying the softness of her ample cheeks currently squeezing against his manhood. He pushed further against her, stretching her doorway without entering it entirely; her tightness begging to be penetrated. He pushed in just enough to let her know he was there; just enough to let her know exactly how much bigger his thickness was in contrast to her tight petite opening. 


Instead she suddenly felt him pull her panties taught and back; as he began rubbing and gyrating against the top of her ample plump and warmed cheeks. She could feel the size and engorgement of his erection as he let it roam wildly, sandwiched between her bare skin and  her delicate panties. Her ass rubbing against his starched pants was adding to her unwilling excitement as multiple worries filled her mind.

'Oh, he's going to ruin them. All that money on such cute panties gone to waste if he ends up tearing them. My hair is going to get tangled. My nails are going to smudge. Gawd, he's so excited; he feels huge...' Her mind wandered as he continued to rub and hump her bottom; when suddenly…

He exploded all over her ass. Cum drenched her panties, running over her cheeks in different random directions. She felt his warm fluid spatter across her pale skin and drip quickly down into her cervices.

"Oh my Gawd! Oh my Gawd!" she huffed over her shoulder trying to get a look at what was happening.

He breathed heavily, pulled back only half way as his erection remained still entirely under the silky smooth, tight sheer cloth. He remained there as he let himself pump out slowly. He finally let out a sigh of ecstatic relief as he shot the last of his load seemingly purposely aimed between her pale cheeks.  

"Ohhh...! Ohh... Whah..I'm gonna be a mess."

Her dress clung to her back above her waist as if from static electricity, leaving her with her soiled panties on full display. He pulled away entirely as he enjoyed the view of the sticky mess across the stretched sheerness draping her spoilt plump ass. 

Breathing heavily, she remained bent over the bed quietly mumbling and uncertain of what to do. She attempted to push herself off the bed without using her hands and instead used her elbows and knees for leverage causing her upright bottom to shake. 

The sight of her twerking bottom with quickly forming stains of his fluid still covering it was keeping him stiff. Keeping him solid and excited; when to both their surprise – he released a final gush. She let out a blubbering whine of mixed emotion as she felt the warm load over her bottom once again, but this time on top of her panties. 

Taking a step forward, he grabbed the waistband of her panties and pulled up, wedging them deep. He then proceeded to wipe himself off, right and then left, onto her exposed quivering cheeks. She felt his erection slap her exposed ass as he unapologetically used her spanked and naked cheeks to clean himself off. He stopped and smiled as he enjoyed the view of his perfectly marked territory. 

She let out a long pout as she glanced over her shoulder; looking at him like a scolded puppy. Feeling helpless, she merely squeezed her toes tight in her shoes, manicured fingernails remained stretched in shock; all while she pouted loudly, bouncing her humbled ass in place.