Monday, September 28, 2015

Would You Rather: Someone Else Spank You?

everyday thoughts

I often wonder if it would do any good. 
I often wonder if it would get through to her more effectively delivered in a different way. 

What exactly are these thoughts that I am pondering you ask? Well, allow me to explain. Recently I have been rather frustrated with MyGirl to the point of exasperation. I keep coming back to a possible solution to dealing with her. The same unique solution keeps popping up over and over again.

Now mind you, most readers out there are probably questioning the obvious,

"Enzo, why don't you just spank her?"

Well of course that has been the obvious solution to deal with her ongoing issues.
But it is beyond that now. Well at least recently. 

Either I take it up a notch or change the parameters of the punishment. 

What I am ultimately getting at is to our –
"Would You Rather..." Question of the day.


Well let me explain further with a bit of a background story.
My Girl has a small business that she runs with a partner; a female friend. Her friend is older than her by no more than a dozen years. They share the responsibilities of the work, except the partner carries more of the financial weight of the business. This adds to a pre-existing unspoken natural hierarchy that exists with MyGirl almost being in the adult daughter-like role to her partner.

Long story short and details aside, something recently led them to have a following out over a big project. Well MyGirl released her ugly blatant ungrateful attitude during the course of the argument and her partner, a strong willed woman, called her on it. This has led to non-speaking amongst them and ultimately to misdirected anger at me.

So what I have thought about over and over again is
what if….
perhaps if…

What if her female partner took MyGirl over her knees and gave her a good bare bottom spanking. A full on, skirt flipping, pantie tugging, verbal scolding, counted out, cheek jiggling, ass trembling spanking! 

I'm already sure that her partner would love to do it figuratively, having stated at various times, amongst other things, that My Girl can be an entitled spoilt b. 

Would she like to do it literally, is the question; well her question
Your question is different.


Before we go on, lets get something clear dear readers. I don't share well. Well to be perfectly honest; I do share well. I just don't share MyGirl; with other men nor have any desire to, even in the most remote sense. So the idea of some other man spanking My Girl is not something I fantasize about.

However, my question is how would I feel about My Girl being taken to task by another women? 

Well in my book, it would have to be in such a scenario as I just described. Not a stranger, but rather a friend, delivering a well earned and well administered spanking.

Would I be OK with that? 
In that scenario; in that situation - 
Absolutely Yes!
With one caveat. I would have to be there to witness it first hand. 

Would My Girl enjoy it? 
Probably actually, definitely not.

But that is the point. 
It is a punishment served. 

Would she be more humbled being spanked by another woman? 
By a friend in fact? 
More than likely a resounding yes.

And given that option 1 over the other option, option 2 – 

The second option of me setting her straight by delivering a thorough, cheek quivering, tear inducing bare-bottom belting. 
AND throw in the added requirement of her marching herself over to her friend's house that same day and forced to apologize in person while her bottom is still throbbing.
Not just apologize, but explain how she was convinced she was wrong thanks to a leather belt spanking delivered to her unprotected bare bottom. Explaining how she was taught a lesson mere hours earlier.
With those options she might just take Option 1.


So my question for my female readers is:
"Would You Rather...

Option I:
Take a serious punishment spanking from an offended female friend
based on such a scenario as described above? 
An offended, angered friend who no doubt will be merciless, plus scold and criticize your pantie choice and ample bottom throughout the long process. To reiterate, this would be a skirt flipping, pantie tugging, verbal lashing, counted out, cheek jiggling, ass trembling spanking!


Option II:
Would you rather take the spanking AND have to apologize to your friend in person, in front of the entire staff, while your bottom is still throbbing from the belting?
Forced to apologize while standing at her front door, legs twitching in your heels as you are forced to stand in a short, tight dress sans panties; your aching naked bottom rubbing uncomfortably against the rough material of your dress intentionally handpicked by your partner. This plus having the entire staff witnessing not only your apology, but the explanation of your freshly delivered and well deserved spanking. Everyone from the tough handi-man helper, to the uncomfortably awkward errand boy, to the young bubbly female intern; all the way down to giggling Pomeranian pet. 

To be perfectly clear Ladies, neither would be an erotic-spanking or what I like to call "funishments." Rather a spanking inline with those who are into domestic discipline relationships and believe in real punishment and discipline spankings. 

So contemplate your options for a minute and let's play!
Cast your votes, but remember long answers via the comments are always preferred and appreciated!

For the most part, I can fairly accurately guess what the guys reading this blog points-of-views on this subject are. I know most guys into spanking think would be OK with these scenarios. Or perhaps not. I'll let you gentlemen vote too, just to keep the polls honest.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Summer in the City: Frustration

It is hot in my fair City today. There has been what some describe as a "heatwave" taking place for the past few days here. 

So for clarification's sake, to separate fact from perception let's agree it is hot. However, is it a heatwave of unbearable, scorching desert-like temperatures? No. Trust me, I know firsthand what the desert heat can fee like. I've experienced heat so intense it makes you wonder if you literally crossed over the gates to the fires of hell. That has not been this week's, nor today's heat.

I personally enjoy the heat. In the City especially. The abundance of sunshine which is a positive mood enhancer also brings the abundance of bare visible skin. This side benefit of sunny day fashions; short dresses and skimpy outfits also adds to my positive mood.

Obviously some people don't enjoy it at all. In fact some young ladies, such as My Girl, tend to become extra agitated in this heat. Simply stated they become extra cranky. Complaining and bitching about the never-ending heat, the lack of adequate AC, blah...blah...blah.

Sorry, but I have no patience for that.
I have strong beliefs about perspective. One being that there is no point in complaining about that which you have no control over; i.e. the weather. Complaining and griping only worsens the situation. 


Earlier today I ventured out of my office, walked down the street and into the convenience store to grab a cold beverage. I prefer solutions to blatant unproductive complaining. For the record, apart from searching out a refreshing beverage, my only adjustment to the heat is rolling up my shirt sleeves; always leaving my tie on and in place. 

As I am walking around the store I notice a young lady who is wearing a short, strappy, lightweight summer dress with flip-flop sandals and apparently not much more. It is obvious, thanks to an air conditioner that is cranked too high, that she skipped the bra when she got out of bed today. Which, by the way, from the looks of her hairdo, wasn't that long prior to dragging herself into the store. 

Due to the mid-day hour, the store is nearly empty and I cross paths with the young lady multiple times. Despite her obvious attractive looks, she has already rubbed me the wrong way by her actions. She was chatting away loudly on her cell phone in one hand while dragging one of those crazy little shopping basket carts haphazardly behind her. 

Do you have these baby carts in your stores? I have only seen them in these particular chain of convenience stores. They are odd in the that they are low to the ground with long handles and not sure the point apart from eliminating the need to carry the proposed heavy load around. Instead the inconvenience is merely shifted and becomes apparent when the awkward bending over takes place in order to load and unload the baby cart. 

NOT The Frustrated-Summer Dress Girl,
but to help you get the idea of the carts.

Well whoever designed these awkward baskets; neglected to take into account ladies...
in short dresses -
who don't bend at the knees -
but rather bend at the waist -
and reveal their flowery, white cotton panties -
panties wedged deep between their cheeks.

I was in disbelief when I first saw her bend over.
On the third time I was fully aro...amused. 

What made it more amusing was that I was certain she was oblivious to the show she was giving me. Oblivious because she was too busy complaining about the heat to her friend over her cellphone.

Again, NOT The Frustrated-Summer Dress Girl either,
but the scene was very, very much like this.


I ended up in the check-out line behind her; coincidence or not, I will let you decide. 

As luck would have it an elderly women was checking out and was having trouble with the entire process, from hearing the cashier properly to counting out the correct change.

So Frustrated-Summer Dress Girl proceeds to go into a tirade to her friend over the phone. She goes on about how she can't believe the lack of open registers, how some people are so slow, and why do they have to pay in change, have they never heard of a credit card - on and on. She is spewing her anger to her friend without any attempt of lowering her voice; sprinkling in complaints about the heat for added measure (despite the fact that we are on a temporary reprieve from the heat thanks to the stores's A.C.).

Granted she wasn't screaming; simply speaking in a normal voice, but it was rude regardless. I cleared my throat loudly a few times to cut her off. She merely turned around once, stared at me without regard and continued on.

Her turn at the register "finally" came up and I was once again treated to a view of stuffed white cotton stuck between tight tanned checks as she unloaded her basket.

My view was unfortunately interrupted as I was helped at another register that opened up midway. However, this ultimately led to us both walking out the door at the same time.

"You know you could learn a little patience" Against the better judgement of my internal voice telling me to let it go; I told her as we both walked onto the sidewalk.

"Huh?" she loooked at me perplexed "Excuse me?"

"I said, You could learn a little patience" I repeated.
"That lil' old lady was doing her best. I bet you didn't even notice her arthritic hands, did you?"

"Excuse me. I...I.. What, who are you?" she shook her head at me, confused and caught off guard while she quickened her pace down the street.

"I think you embarrassed that lady with your comments" I explained. 

"It was hot...and they were taking too long. They didn't..." she rambled off her prior complaints.

"Can I ask you something?" I cut her off.

"What?" as she stopped walking.

Timing my question to exactly the moment when two other senior ladies passed us on the busy City street.

"I couldn't help but notice. Your white panties. The white ones with lil' blue flowers. The ones you have on. The ones you have all up in a wad; do they make those in adult sizes?"

Her eyes dilated instantly in visible shock as she attempted to say something, while I courteously stepped out of the way to let the senior ladies pass between us. Based on their stares at her, they definitely heard my final comments. Left speechless, her nostrils flared as her face quickly reddened in a combination of disbelief and embarrassment. Not knowing what to say or do, she huffed off and scampered down the street; flip-flopping in haste down the hot cement with hips swaying and obviously irritated (literally and figuratively) cheeks jiggling. 


So that is what really happened. 
Perhaps in my next post I will share what I would have loved to have happened; 
because I wanted to do more than just embarrass her. 
That is, if anyone is interested.