Monday, January 21, 2013

Humble White Panties

"Are you coming?" He called from downstairs.

"Not yet...." 

She replied giggling to herself at the unknown double entendre that had been exchanged between her and her date downstairs.

She resumed massaging her lower lips firmly with her finger tips as her hand struggled to remain within the confines of the form fitting white panties she had just put on. 

A moment later, "I'll wait in the car then." he called back up.

"No…No.. I'm coming." She abruptly stopped and yelled back down making sure he heard her from upstaters and from behind the closed bathroom door of the apartment.

He was in a hurry and thus so was she...except now she was frustrated.

"I wish I was coming….." she mumbled to herself as she pulled her hand out of the tight sheer panties and took a deep breath. 

"I can't believe I just did that." she told herself uncertain of why the soft fabric had had such an effect on her. Normally she was not one to masturbate; especially right before a date...let alone with her date waiting downstairs.

She adjusted the new panties and turned around and looked over her should to get a view of her backside. She admittingly looked spectacular in the basic seamless white panties. They wore like as second skin and had remarkable stretch, but at a size too small the stretch also created a perfect sheerness.  She admired how they created a perfect dimple between her cheeks. She would have never guessed these simple panties would be so flattering. How did he know? 

She was losing herself in self admiration again and then abruptly she stopped her contemplation of going back to her self enjoyment and instead hurriedly looked around to find her hose and dress in order to finish getting re-dressed.

The whole thing was a contradiction of terms and definitions she thought. Normally she would not have had an issue choosing to wear these style of panties, but being told she "needed to" was a different matter entirely. She was confused and uncertain by the relationship; by him, by his actions, by his requests and by her desire to make him happy. 

On any other day, a work day perhaps, she would consider wearing these, but for special occasions, for special dates she liked her lingerie to match her entire outfit. Something "sexier" had been her choice when she picked the black lace panties. Fancy panties for a fancy dress for a special event; that made sense to her. White simple panties under a sexy sweater dress did not. 

- - - - --- - - - - -

When he had arrived she was uncharacteristically already dressed, needing only to finish doing her hair. Normally she wouldn't even be this far along even though he was a stickler for punctuality. He followed her upstairs to the bedroom and laid a small gift box on the dresser sealed with a simple blue bow. In her haste up the stairs she hadn't notice him carrying anything when he came in and the surprise now shown throughout her face. 

"Should I open it now or later?" she asked uncertain of the occasion for a gift.


She unraveled the bow with a simple tug and folded back the light blue tissue paper and pulled out the delicate and very tiny white panties.

She looked confused and said nothing.

"For tonight." he explained.

"But I already have some on…plus I think they are two small" she responded abruptly.

He turned to walk away.

"Wait… Honestly I think they are too small"

"They ARE the perfect size for you. Perfect for tonight. You need to wear them. It will be good for you."

They stared at each for a moment.

"I have my tights on already…" she pouted. "That means I will have to take them off and get dressed all over again."

He said nothing and simply shook his head. She relented.

"Fine." she replied as she walked past him towards the bathroom and closed the door.

- - - - --- - - - - -

Always the perfect gentleman, he held the front door open for her.

"I am ready for a drink." she smiled as she made her way out the door. "By the way, they fit really well."

"I knew they would be perfect. Humble panties are what you need." 

He interrupted her confused comment as he gave her a solid full palm spank to her pert bottom.

- - - - --- - - - - -

"I can't believe we won all those items at the auction tonight. I can't wait to open this nail spa gift package." she said as she half stumbled through the front door and nearly dropped the large gift basket on her living room table.

"Technically we bought them." he smirked laying another basket on the table.

She sat down and unhooked her heels, sliding out her tired feet and watched him attentively as he took off his coat and undid his tie. She waited anxiously for his next move. Without a word he turned back around and towards the front door.

"Whaa….where are you going?" she asked fully perplexed.

"Home. I have things to do in the morning. Come here and give me a hug".

Without a momentary hesitation, she lept up, stood on hosed feet and flung herself towards him wrapping her arms around his back. "But I thought you'd want to hang out for awhile."

"Not tonight Hon. You did well tonight. You behaved yourself; but I am heading home." He kissed her gently on the lips.

"But…I thought you might want to keep me warm…and see how the panties fit me? I have been thinking about it…" she asked coyly. 

"I know you have." He interrupted. "I am sure you will be fine." 

She gave into her confusion and thought he was doing these things just for that sake.

"Fine." She pouted as she reached in for another hug and welcomed his groping hand as it outlined her cheeks and his fingers half pressed into her feminine lower cleavage and were pushed back by the extra taught elasticity of her panties. At least he was predictable in his goodbye gestures she thought.

"You can call me in the morning and let me know how they felt to sleep in. Goodnight Hon."

Moments later she was alone in the apartment and letting out a sigh flopped herself on her sofa. Her mind raced for a moment and then she let her frustration take over her. She pushed herself further down the sofa, spread her long lean legs and extended one leg onto the coffee table. Hiking up her dress she pulled out the front of her black pantyhose and without a singular glance reached her hand into her sheer white panties. She thought about how he made her feel; how those panties made her feel throughout the night….it was all a contradiction, but ultimately pleasurable. Closing her eyes, she proceeded to finish what she had started. 

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Company Holiday Party Lessons

Hope you enjoyed my previous yuletide season related post (reminder: comments always appreciated). If you missed it you can read it HERE.  
With that, I will now share another recent holiday event: Rushing home to pick up my Girl to take her to my Company Holiday Party was not a a quick stop as planned.

"Come down here right NOW."
Without raising my voice  beyond what was necessary I simply made it clear that I was not pleased. I was already on short fuse about this evening due to having to attend the company holiday party which  I was not looking forward to.

I heard my Girl Melissa slam shut a few dresser drawers in haste and then shuffle out of the bedroom and in an instant was walking down the staircase towards the living room heels in hand. I shot her a look of disapproval.

"Why aren't your shoes on? Are you not ready?" I asked as calmly as I could as I tried restraining myself.

"I AM ready. Lets go before we are late." Was her quick response as she picked up her pace, struggling to wiggle her feet into her tall black heels.

"At this point we are already late." was my simple reply as I walked over to the sofa and made myself comfortable.

"But I am already dressed now and ready to go... let's just leave now?" she protested grabbing her purse.

"We are late entirely because of YOU and we are not going anywhere until we discuss a few things."
I had no intentions of going anywhere until I dealt with the matter at hand.

"Ugghh... Can't we just talk in the car...We still need to pick up Jennifer" she huffed pulling her purse over her arm and headed past me towards the door.

My patience was maxed. As she attempted to walk past me, I pulled her down by her arm and towards me. She was caught completely by surprise and was thrown off balance causing her purse to go flying across the living room while her right heel came loose, slipped off and made an unexpected room filling echo as it landed on the hardwood floor. Her knees bent as I caught her fall on my lap as her little black dress conveniently rode up with the sudden momentum. She was left speechless for the moment, as I pinned her beautiful body into the perfect position on my lap.

"Hmmp...What are you doing?!!" She protested clearly irritated and attempting to wiggle free.

"Hush. I don't want to hear your voice unless I ask you something and you are answering. Is that clear?"

"Honey come on let's go. We don't want to miss the dinner portion of the holiday party right?"
Her tone quickly changed as she began to realize that something serious was coming her way.

I pushed my left arm onto the small of her back and restrained her in place.

"I said hush. You need to..."

"Come on Honey I am serious let's go..." She insisted and pushed herself up on her elbows and unintentionally causing her bottom to rise.

SMACK! I delivered a solid spank to her bottom.



"OW ! Oww! What was that for?!"

"Quiet Melissa! One was for interrupting me and one was for cussing"

"Please Hon let's go... We need to pick up Jennifer still." she pouted lowing her tone.

SMACK! I gave her another solid spank on her bottom. "Interrupt me again and you will be sorry. Not another solitary word until I am completely and entirely done. Am I clear?"

"Yes, but.."


"Do you not understand?"

"Yes, but can't we just.." With yet another interruption, I pulled her dress up and let loose a series of spankings on her panty clad ass as I began my lecture.

"It took you how long to get ready? You had all day to get ready and you still weren't done when I got home. You knew we would be on a tight schedule and that this company holiday party is very important. Perhaps if you would have started getting ready earlier rather than wasting time on Facebook all day we wouldn't be late now would we?!!"

"But I wasn't on Facebook!" she replied sheepishly.



"That was for saying a word when I told you to be quiet and this is for lying. Don't you know I like anyone can see your Facebook activity." With that I wedged up her cotton panties into her cheeks exposing her plump bottom and gave her another half dozen spanks. She squirmed at the obvious discomfort of the combined wedgie and spanking.

"Stop it !" She screamed.

"I know you were on Facebook all day exchanging posts with Jennifer. You two are going to see each other tonight was that really necessary? You should be grateful I managed to arrange to bring your best friend to my company holiday party."

"But we were discussing what we were planning to wear. You know we do everything together."

SMACK! another solid solitary slap.

"That's it! Not another word! Speaking of what to wear what is with these blue cotton panties?" I demanded.

"They are more comfortable for tonight." She responded.

"You know you are really not getting it. I don't even know where to begin with you. Sit up and take those panties off now!"

"Bu...." she trailed off as she caught herself and stopped.

"Sit up and take those off! Those are not the panties I left out for you to wear. Are they?"

She slowly sat up on the sofa and lifted herself up just enough to slide the large cotton panties past her knees and down to her ankles.

"Now come back over here and let me explain to you about the meaning of "comfortable" I ordered as I quickly put her back in position over my lap.

"But they ARE more comfortable. I don't want to be uncomfortable tonight. You know its hard enough for me to walk around all night in these high heels. You can even ask Jennifer. Can't I just carry them and put them on when we get there?"

"NO. You know I hate hearing about your petty complaints plus you are not walking barefoot down the street carrying your makes you look cheap. For both your and Jennifer's sake you better hope you didn't agree on two many stupid comforts."

With that I pulled her dress up and rained down a storm of nonstop spanking on her bare bottom. All the while alternating occasionally between cheeks, but still maintaining the firmness of the slaps. She finally realized her punishment might be less if she kept quiet. She said nothing, but could not keep from making wide-mouthed gasps at every individual spank.

I felt myself stiffen up as she reddened up in minutes and I stopped to admire my work. I squeezed one cheek then the other and then the first. My mind was now being tempted by possible scenarios.

"Well young lady, not sure what I should do to make the message clear to you, but I will give you choices about which motivational method will keeping you in line tonight. Perhaps you need me to spank you some more? Or maybe a night sans panties would make the point clear. Or perhaps some other motivation might be best... "

I ran my palm across her cheeks and gave her another singular slap.

"Get up, put your heels on and go fetch those panties I left for you this morning. Bring them down here. Do not put them on...yet."

Despite the high heels, or perhaps motivated by the spanking, she managed to trot up and down the stairs in what seemed like seconds and was back holding the black panties balled up in her hand and behind her back as if hiding a bad report card from a parent.

"Don't be shy about those panties. They show off your bottom nicely. Besides I thought you liked feeling sexy. Come on..." I motioned to leave. "Turn around. We are heading out the door"

Her beautiful blue eyes grew bigger than their natural large size as she looked at me pleadingly "But you are going to let me put the panties on right?"

"Well is that your choice? Turn around and hike your dress up. I want to see you put them on."

She did as she was told as she bent over and struggled to keep balance while fumbling with inserting her heeled feet into the tiny panties.

I stood behind her, admiring the view and as she pulled the small lacy black thong up. I waited until she had it to her thighs and then I took over. With a sudden tug, I yanked the black thong up and wedged it into her still tender and ever-tight ass. I pulled extra high giving her a wedgie and almost causing her to lose her balance. She squirmed left and right and tipey-toed as I held her panties taught and positioned myself behind her.

"You know Melissa, before you rushed to put these panties on I was still going to give you a choice. I am not sure if choosing not to go a night out sans panties was better than another spanking front of Jennifer. "

Her jaw dropped, mouth completely opened in shock. She knew this was no false threat.

"Shhh.." I said raising my finger to her lips "Careful what you say. As is I am certain Jennifer is going to enjoy watching you get spanked tonight. Just how long a show you want to give her is up to your behavior at the party." 

"By the way, you know you look great with you mouth wide open Melissa...when you arent saying anything that is. Perhaps you can put that pretty mouth to good use tonight....when we get home. Now let's get going." I released my grip on the puppet string like wedgie hold of Melissa and gave her one more solid spank on her exposed ass. She pouted in silent complaint as she quickly lead the way to the front door while simultaneously trying unsuccessfully to gently pull her tight dress down over her throbbing bottom.

She swung the door open for us to exit and froze......

Not sure of what was going on, I stepped forward and saw Jennifer at the door looking stunning as always, but perhaps in the shortest and tightest dress I had ever seen her or anyone wear. The visibly soft material of her dress hugged her every curve and accentuated her every curve and highlighted her perfectly round ass. Admiring the view my blood pressure rose just as Melissa's had, but for different reasons.

"Hey guys! I thought I would come over to save you a trip since you were running late.You ready? Oh Melissa you wearing your heels after all?  I thought we were going for comfort?" Jennifer asked standing barefoot and swinging her heels in hand.

"Well ladies, it looks like you both need to learn some serious lessons tonight. I am sure neither of you will mind sitting in on the other's lesson will you? Jennifer I think I need to teach you in particular a lesson about business event appropriate attire."

I immediately contemplated the methods and amount of time that would be necessary in order to get the points across to Jennifer... Looks like this night was going to be enjoyable after all - at least for me that is.