Friday, November 20, 2020


There's no time to waste, please come in; join me and Welcome to Love Our Lurkers  XV.

Come in, come in. Make yourself at home. Yes, please take off your shoes, leave them at the door. What was that Young Lady? No that was a rule even pre-COVID. Yes Sir, thank you; yes go on ahead and grab a drink on your way. Excuse me, what was that Young Lady? Yes, boots must come off; those are the rules despite the hassle. Oh, and house rules, drop that skirt as well. Come along all of you. Join me, grab a seat. Sir, not her seat.

Follow me out back, my favorite spot. Yes, sit down; sit down. Say hello to the others, don't be shy. Yes, yes don't worry Young Lady you won't be alone, all the ladies here are interested in the same just as well; here, have a drink first it'll take the edge off. We are all friends here. The overarching rules for today are quite simple, 'be respectful and be honest'.

And with that on to this year’s discussion and questions.

Typically I use the opportunity of LOL Day(s) for its original intent, to help persuade “lurkers” to come forward and say hello; while asking frequent visitors here a question or two. 

So if you are fairly new here, Welcome.
Please don’t be shy and say hello. And my questions for you to pick from (or feel free to answer all three):

  • How did you find your way here to this lil' blog floating in the middle of the vast inter-webs?
  • Any general age and regional demographics you care to share?
  • And the bonus question is: What is it that you read here that appeals to you?

If you are frequent visitor here, foremost I want to say Thank You.
Thank you for coming by and visiting. My question for you all is a bit different this year:

  • Are you still out there?

Seems odd, but let me explain. There have been so many readers throughout the years; some in particular who commented regularly and then without warning would disappear. I've enjoyed all your comments, but just wondering who’s still around, who’s still visiting?

That's it. I’ll keep it short this time around. 

One more thing -- 

For those of you who are fairly new here, and to those of you who may have heard this before, but it bears repeating just so we are all clear:

An explanation of my Everyday Voice as heard here:

Welcome to this wonderful place that looks, sounds, feels and smells like our own everyday world, but with some distinct differences. A place where adult girls who shun their responsibilities, are made to pay for their offenses, where their entitled or arrogant attitudes are checked often and their bottoms are the primary focus of their penance.  

This is a place to see and hear of girls flushed to all cheeks with embarrassment and occasionally brought to the edge of humiliation.

Not only is this a place whose focus is the disciplining of young ladies in various clever and embarrassing ways, but a place to also admire and be in awe of the female creature in all her inner, outer and spiritual beauty; all in an everyday context.

Additionally it is a place where nature and synchronicity agree and conspire
with short skirts and sheer dresses to turn on their owners much to their dismay;
but to the welcomed entertainment and joy of those fortunate to witness such beauty.

But, please don't ever confuse this place as somewhere where women are meant to be disrespected or degraded. These stories are a blend of fantasy and reality. Non-consensual discipline is for the young ladies who deep down secretly crave it; not something done out of a lopsided abusive relationship or anything worse. 

 However, discipline here is seldom random and never unwarranted. Well administered spankings are fully justified. The young ladies may seldom be willing participants, but that is the fantasy aspect right? I don't believe every story needs to have a "disclaimer" paragraph at the end that explains that those involved were in a prior relationship, secretly planning and consenting all along as so many authors choose to include. For me that merely spoils the entire story.

I hope you enjoy what you find here,
come back often and say hello when you do.

All the best,