Thursday, June 13, 2013

Serendipity: Yoga Pants + Commuting

I had to do a quick post as my mind can't seem to focus on anything else since yesterday afternoon. I need to write part of it down so that I can move on and get some work done. 

Those of you who have followed this blog for awhile should know a few thing about me by now:

1) I am NOT a fan of my commute
2) I AM a big fan of yoga pants & leggings
3) I believe in serendipity.

With that reminder out of the way, let us move onto yesterday. I was blessed by Serendipity's touch and my commute yesterday afternoon was, to say the very least, memorable. 

As I maneuvered through the crowd to catch the train home, I noticed a girl hurriedly following closely behind me wearing a workout outfit. We both jumped through the train doors at the last second and narrowly avoided being crushed by the merciless doors as the train departed the station. She made her way to the sparse yet valuable open space and ended up near the window. I ended up standing to her right. I honestly had not noticed her much until I caught her in the act of self-admiring her butt in the reflection of the train windows. In the underground portion of the subway system the windows create a useful mirror and as subtle as she tried to be there was no doubt she was checking herself out. Of course as is the manner of the commuting beast, no one else seemed to notice.

I of course had to get a closer look at what she was admiring and took a step back and closer to her. 

I was in awe. She had every reason to be checking herself out as her grey yoga pants hugged and defined her bottom cheeks perfectly and the indentation on the lower quarter of her cheeks was just enough to define their fullness. 

As we reached the next stop and another crowd of disgruntled passengers boarded, I was "forced" to close the gap between us. She continued to glance over her shoulder into the make shift mirror and analyze the results of her obvious recent workout. As it was evident she had just returned from the gym based on her outfit; her yoga pants were exactly that (and not leggings), her athletic shirt and shoes. The semi-sweet scent of her perspiration covered by a soft feminine deodorant left no doubt.

She caught me looking at her through the mirror as she looked at herself. She said nothing, but rather looked down slowly and then turned to face me. I gave a casual non-threatening half smile in the attempt to ward off any possible misunderstanding. She looked down again and began to move. But then to my total surprise she did not move back and away, but rather moved forward and to the right - nearly in front of me. Her perfectly defined ass encased in skin tight yoga pants was now merely an effortless sway of fingertips length away from my hand. My hand ached to reach out to feel the perfection. I held back. Suddenly everyone swayed as the train shifted gears with a jerk and began its acceleration through the rough track portion of the commute and I realized that there was no doubt this ride was about to get interesting. 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Perils of Texting

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She feverishly clicked away at her cell phone, lost in the interaction with her best friend and oblivious to the people and elements around her. The vast majority of the Friday afternoon post-work crowds, engrossed in their own priorities of escaping their personal torture of another workday, paid her no attention. She was yet another young office worker lost in her texting, walking slowly down the blustery street and simply made their way around her.

She was brought out of her digital trance as she saw her phone flash the missed-call icon. "Damm" she mumbled to herself knowing she would now have to cut her current text conversation short. She nervously typed the abrupt farewell to her friend, 
"SRY GTG. M is calling me. Talk tonite" 

As she texted the wind caught hold of her skirt and attempted to make a sail of it. The blustery June winds caught her skirt and slowly raised the thin material ever north. Had she not been in haste to text her husband back, she would have been more concerned about her skirt, but the last thing she wanted was to keep him waiting longer.

Hi Babe :) On my way home.

Hi Princess. 
That was a quick text response...What were you doing?

 Ah…What  do U  mean…? I told you on my way home.

What Exactly were you doing?

Walking..? Why? 
I have something to tell u!!!  which I know U R gonna love! :)

She was excited to tell him what she had just witnessed. The thought of telling him and exciting him was making her anxious to get home now.

And what else are you doing?

 What else what? 
You wont believe what happened…U will love it tho! :) :)

Let me clarify. I asked what are you doing?

Ummm….texting and walking?

What did we discuss about your dangerous texting habits?

She knew where the conversation was headed, the lecture that was coming and she wanted to deflect it. 

I am NOT Driving!

No you are not, but you are texting and walking and 
NOT paying attention to your surroundings.

But Hon U called me!

Were you not texting with someone else before I called you?


She was caught. She stopped walking, brushed her wind blown hair out of her face and focused on her phone. 

Two guys walked past her craning their necks and chuckling. She looked down and saw her skirt billowing. She flushed red. Apparently he was right.

She couldn't believe it. He somehow knew what was going on, but he was nowhere to be seen. She fumbled to hang up the phone debating to call him back and apologize. She knew what she was in store for her when she got home. Just then a renewed wind-gust caught hold of her and seemed to funnel around her. Her skirt rose clear above her waist past her navel. Countless strangers were now treated to a full display of her long lean legs capped by her small black panties. 

She closed her eyes in momentary shock as she heard parts of comments from strangers passing her by:
"Nice panties..." 
".....Oh Dear you really should wear hose...."
"Wow! You could see through her panties..."

She was frozen in shock listening to the comments while she felt herself flush red; her temperature rising as the wind continued to have its way with her to the entertainment of strangers on the busy city street. The vibration of an incoming text broke her from her embarrass induced trance. She clicked to read the message:

Get home and wait for me.
Bare bottom an over the bed.
Those black lace panties at your ankles. 

 I hope you like them because they will be 
in your mouth when I am done.