Why Everyday?

Why today? Why not today?
What if Everyday...

If you are like me (and I hope to some extent you are and that is why you are here) there are few things that are as beautiful to you as the female form. Especially the female form in its everyday beauty that we are on occasion fortunate enough to come across... You still with me? Good. 

Before I digress further all you really need to know is this: Often times, life can often be mundane and my only salvation has been a healthy imagination.

Thus my reason for setting up this blog  -  for YOU - yes you. To help you get through the everyday by drawing a picture(s) for you so to speak of what could be when everyday situations can become so much more... more entertainting...more exciting...

How and in what way you ask?
Read on, come back often, comment and be enchanted.


  1. I'm going to be a regular reader Enzo. Thanks a lot.

  2. There is no reason NOT to spank a naughty girl each and every day. Keep her in line and show her who is boss.

  3. Hey there thank you i like this and i can show up and out... I have always been fearfull because i have an image complex. But honestly never have been as happy. As when i was ingadgueing in such acts


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