Tuesday, November 25, 2014


I can't believe it is almost Thanksgiving, the gateway that ushers in all of the craziness of the extended holidays. Thanksgiving around here, perhaps like most of the US of A, is full of hometown traditions. Traditions ranging from gluttonous feasts, to marathon NFL, college and high school football games, to homecoming courts and alumni events. These traditional events and rituals guarded at all costs which always leads me to caution that, "Tradition at all costs is not a good thing." Here, below, is one illustrative example why.


"Hon, stop.  I'm going to be late; I don't want to miss the Princess Parade!"

"From where I stand the main Princess already marched in with attitude to fill the stadium."

"Uhggg! I gave into these stupid panties already, I don't know what else you want" she stomped her heeled foot in a display of her adult defiance.

"Excuse me? You gave into those panties? Really? Is that how you see it ?"

"Honnnn…these panties are a real fashion faux pas. These are embarrassing enough. Do you know how many of my  friends are going to be commenting on my pantie lines behind my back. Do you? " she questioned, attempting to pull away from his firm grip on her upper arm. 

"You don't get it, do you young lady?" He asked, not expecting an answer; at least not an answer to his satisfaction and sat himself down on the living room chair.

"I can just imagine the girls thinking I wore these intentionally. Thongs don't show panties lines yuh know; they make it look like you aren't wearing anything."

"So it is better people think you aren't wearing underwear?"

"Exactly. Can I go now? Please?! I really don't want to miss the Homecoming Parade" she asked bouncing in place on her heels, anxiously awaiting his dismissal.

"I don't understand you. You are well past the age to care about some High School Homecoming."

"Uggh! What don't you understand?! 

Ever since I graduated, and every year since we were in college, the weekend before Thanksgiving everyone would come back to town; go to the game and watch the parade. It is so much fun! It's tradition. 

We all sit there, watch the game and the crowd, drink and talk and comment about how we made a prettier court back then, more then these girls now. Then after the game we hit up all the bars in town and talk about how much has changed since then."

"From the looks of things not much has changed about your princess attitude since then!
I told you, I worry every time you get together with your old friends; you drink like a naive teenager. Thus the necessary reminder to behave yourself."
He repeated his rationale while tugging her down and over his lap.

"Awww! No! Hon, no! Please! Not before going out tonight. I'm wearing these aren't I; isn't that enough?!"

"You don't get it, Princess" he said flipping up her clingy dress over her waist revealing the tight form fitting bikini cut panties. "These are just a reminder. A reminder to behave yourself; but apparently they aren't enough and you need a more direct reminder."

He flicked the top thin elastic waistband of the panties; the bright white sheer material contrasting against her unnatural tanned skin.

"Ouch! After all the comments I get about these pantie lines I am sure that will be punishment enough" she argued.
"Punishment enough? Ha! You have not idea. How easy you forget. Let me remind you."

He raised his open palm and brought it down with a stinging slap to her bottom.


He raised his hand again as she clenched her cheeks nervously. He brought it down and began a torrent of slaps. Her perky cheeks felt naked under the snug, sheer material of the panties he had selected. Intentionally a size small, he demanded she wear them tonight instead of a thong. Wear them as a constant reminder of the punishment she would be receiving at the end of the night if she drank to the dangerous extent she had last time. 


He never forbade her to go out with friends or forbade her drinking. No, that wasn't his issue. His issue was with her unsafe careless actions that resulted from influences of her old friends; old friends reliving careless days and wishing to forget more current life choices.


Her heels kicked the rug in beat, as he slapped her pantie clad bottom without rest. She squealed and grunted as the hand spankings reverberated and ached more than usual due to her freshly baked artificial tan. He cheeks bounced and jiggled with every slap as she bopped her head in inaudible protests. Four baker dozen spanks later, or so, her cheeks were a uniform red showing clearly through the sheer material.

"Oowww! Ow! Ooohhh..." she whined as he slowed the rhythm of the slaps. She might as well have been naked for the thin material provided absolutely no cushioning protection.

He finally stopped the flash storm of spanking, "Get up!" he ordered.

She did as she was told and struggled to her feet.

"Damm you!" she huffed blowing her curls out of her face and smoothing down her dress.

"If you would have behaved yourself last time we wouldn't have to take these preventative measures." 

"Preventative measures? This sure as hell doesn't feel preventative. It is bad enough I have to wear these and then to spank me regardless!" she snapped back at him.

Unhappy with her continued back talk, he stood up and without hesitation spun her around and pushed her down on the sofa. She caught her landing, as he expected, with her outstretched arms and her bottom upright in front of him. 

Flipping up her dress over her waist once again, he grabbed the edges of her panties with each hand and gathered the material together into one hand. He pulled the sheer fabric up and forward, wedging it deep into her cheeks. With another firm tug upwards, he nearly knocked her off her feet; forcing her to tip-toe in order to keep balance as he lifted her by her panties. The underwear dug deep. He continued to pull up and did not stop until the material nearly snapped and her red cheeks were basically bare. 

"OhhhMaGawd! Fuuu....Oooowww!" she protested barely able to get the simple words out.

"Oh...isn't this like wearing a thong?" he asked sarcastically.

She clawed at the sofa to steady and catch herself as he nearly had her off the ground as she struggled to remain balanced on her tip-toes. Pulling on the makeshift reigns with one hand, he spanked her ass with the other. He slapped her cheeks in a slow precise upward motion. He alternated left and right. Slow, controlled and harsh. Each slap was deliberate and delivered with the intent to sting.

"Ssssstop..pp...pa...please!" she whined out her protests "I..I'll...beee..ggoo... I'll be good! I promise! ...Oooowww!

He continued to spank her with one hand, all the while pulling her up by her panties; leaving her resembling a pleading, dangling marionette. 


"Hmmm, look at the time. You better be going before all the good bleacher seats are gone" he smirked, satisfied with her bottom hue, yet still holding her in place by her wedged panties.

He delivered a final perfectly targeted slap to her bent over exposed bottom with his free hand. Slapping her squarely on her left cheek; upon contact he let his fingers close tightly grabbing a firm hold of her ass. His fingers pushing into what little area the sheer lingerie material was now protecting and firmly probed between her lips.

She involuntarily released a soft moan as he pushed his fingers in. His fingers draped by the sheer material filled her femininity tightly. She squeezed herself tightly against his fingers, not to stop the motion, but rather to enjoy the resistance. Amused he left his fingers in place as she began swaying; slowly working herself into a sweat.

Yet, just as quickly as he had pushed in, he pulled out and simultaneously released her from his string hold. Not expecting the sudden release, she fumbled away from him, landed on a knee and quickly pushed herself upright in dismay. Spinning herself around to face him, flailing her arms in an attempt to uncover her face from her hair; while her black wrap dress clung wide open above her waist for a brief moment. He took in the view of the small, white, sheer triangle caught between her feminine lips, before the cloth gave way and the curtain closed. 

She shook her head at him in silent anger. She then preceded to awkwardly bend her legs at the knees, reaching behind herself with both hands to release the tightly wedged fabric. She stretched her fingers under her dress, unhooked herself and stretched her panties down into their proper place around, rather than between, her cheeks. Her eyes fluttered as she released an audible sigh of relief and then immediately moved onto cursing under her breath. 

Rubbing her throbbing cheeks with one hand, she reached for her purse with the other. Upon straightening out fully she swung and smacked him with her purse across his chest.

"Damm you! Jerk; you do all this on purpose!" she turned to him with flaming eyes. 

"All for your own good. All for your own good, Princess" he watched her full bottom sway right and left, undeniably defined by her pantie lines, as she hustled to the door.

"Enjoy the parade and long game...on those old hardwood bleachers! Oh and watch for splinters" he called after her.  She heard him and in utter frustration slammed the door behind her.


Hope you enjoyed that little story.
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Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Good Ol' Days (and A Modern Technical Question)

I think I am too young to remember the "good ol' days". I often wonder if they really existed. Nevertheless, I am pretty sure the good ol' days depends on your perspective and where you were fortunate enough to be standing. 

All I know for sure is maybe; just maybe, some things were better in the good ol' days. Such as this little scenario not seeming so out of the ordinary as it would today; which nowadays would result in multiple calls to all possible local authorities from police all the way up.


"Just step away from the window Beth! Just step away."

"Oh my he is going to get her good! Oh my. Oh my...OH MY."

"It is none of your business how the neighbors handle their affairs," he rose his voice ever so slightly.

"Oh my, he has pinned her down good," Beth narrated the scene more for herself then for her husband's sake who seemed uninterested and kept reading the Sunday paper, "She's not escaping that grip!"

A loud bang and a cat like shriek echoed across the small grassy pathway between the two small post-war suburban homes. 

"He's completely pulling off her skirt...OH MY! He's tugging at her panties now! Awww lil' pale-pink ones. It would be a shame if he ripped them as they do look expensive. They probably are you know; Margo said she saw her coming out of Neiman Marcus the other day…probably where she bought those sheer dainty things, and not at the corner drugstore..." she pulled herself away from the window for a moment to check her husband's reaction.

"I told you to mind you own business Beth. A man has a right to take charge of his household; especially the finances and if that requires taking that uppity young lady over his lap for a good bottom warming so be it." 

"My, my, my; aren't you the judgmental one, Dan Larsen. That young lady has been nothing but courteous and proper since they moved in."

"Proper? Hmm, … A real proper...." Dan covered his comment with the snap of the paper.

Shrieks carried through the early morning neighborhood. It was barely past 6:30 and the sun was still shy as most of the neighbors slept in on their day off.

"Oh… Oh! He is spanking her hard now. Must be really hard too as I can see her really kicking an' flaying! That delicate bottom must already be aching; poor girl.

Beth continued to peek from behind the dining room curtains and through the window clear across to the young newlyweds similar dining area.

"Poor girl? That uptight girl deserves it. I told Jimmy; she don't know how good she has it. On top of that, her parading herself around town in those skin tight skirts. She's a married woman now and should be in a proper long skirt!"

"Excuse me? You told him what? I thought you said I shouldn't get involved in others' business; and you..." Beth snapped finally turning herself away from the window.

"Watch your tone Beth. This is different; this is a matter of a young man needing to be mentored. Needing to take control of a wayward spitfire before she gets out of hand."

Dan explained, standing up and taking his coffee cup from the table and walking over to the window, and took in the view of the full moon at morning.

"Hmm… Nice curves and tight round bottom; just like we all pictured with her advertising that ass all around town."

"Excuse me; you all who? Pictured what?" she stepped away from the window.

"He's lacking form and a bit hesitant...He should be slapping harder....Oh well, practice will make perfect....But man, look at those cheeks jiggle!"

Beth stopped herself from further arguing with her husband; curiosity taking her priority, and instead joined his view out the window.

"I think she's had enough!" Beth said straining her dry hands anxiously in her apron.

"Nope. There's a way to go yet. I told him not to stop until she starts balling like the spoiled brat she has been acting like."

"You did not?! That poor girl!" she looked at her husband with disbelief and a hint of subtle admiration.

"The boy needs guidance and that girl needs a regular spanking! This'll be a damm good lesson for her. Where's my breakfast Beth?"

"Oh you're no fun anymore Dan. Can't I just watch a few minutes more? She looks like she's about had it."

"Suit yourself" Dan returned his attention to his coffee and Beth turned hers back to the window.

The reverberating sound of slapping dry flesh finally crescendoed into audible tear-gushing whimpering. 


Minutes later the sound of a door slamming; followed by a metal door slamming;  a car engine starting, reeved up and peeling off into a seemingly otherwise quite ordinary Sunday.

"I'm going to go over there and talk with her; the poor thing." Beth informed her husband while still peeking thorough the curtains. 

Tiptoeing for a better angle, she could clearly see the young bride kneeling on the shag rug, her bottom still bared with her panties bunched tightly around her stocking tops. 
Her whimpering movements against the sofa making for an amusing sight; an embarrassing teeter totter-like motion. Her mascara stained face and disheveled hair bobbed in and out of the cushions on one end, alternating with her once porcelain bottom, now completely bared and bright pink, bobbing up and down in the open air at the other end.

"Suit yourself; your breakfast is going to get cold. Besides, I'm sure she would love to know that the neighbors just witnessed her naked ass getting a humiliating spanking.

"I'll be back in a just a few," she threw off her apron and headed to the door in haste to be the first to catch the warm gossip.

"Wait!" Dan said standing up. In no particular hurry he opened the kitchen sink drawer and ransacked the contents for a minute, "Where is it?"

"Where is what, Dan? I want to get there before anyone else does… I mean before... I mean..."

"Here." he tossed a small toothpaste-like container to his wife,
"Show her what to do with it, will ya."

Beth caught the tube, looked at the blue Desitin label and smiled, mouthed an "Oh My" and opened the door just before pausing.

"I will. I will definitely show her how to apply it."

"Good. Hopefully you haven't forgotten how; it has been some time since you've needed it yourself."


Hope you enjoyed that  little story - Now back to our reality.
Things are better for us now 'days; at least from a technological point of view. Arguable I am sure on either side. 

Regardless, we all use technology and thus here is my off topic question:

Does anyone know what happened to Google's Image search function?

The one I am looking for is where one was able to upload an image and it would find similar images if not the actual source image itself. It was helpful in avoiding copyright images. 

It was functional up until about 3 months or so ago and now it is gone. Does anyone remember using it?

These images I believe were finds from Richard Windsor. Go say hello and tell him I sent you. 


Voting will get you a passing grade, but extra credit points will be awarded for comments.

Enjoy the week. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Late to LOL Day

I am a few hours late to this LOL party, but fortunately the celebrations lasts 2 days this year! 


My LOL Story.

I have been blogging for a few years now and LOL actually played a big part in my decision to begin blogging in the first place. 

As I have told in previous posts, I had originally turned to the internet, like so many of us, to find some sort of explanation and preferably some sort of solidarity to my preferences. I had these strong desires, urges and impulses that have been with me as far back as I can remember. I was in need of some sort of acknowledgment that I was not alone.

I too was a lurker….

I did not immediately "come out" and start commenting on blogs, forums or websites overnight as I was hesitant to share my thoughts even though I had found websites and blogs that shared my overall spanking desires.

Long story short, I eventually came "out online". First with a few random comments here and there, but then I saw this LOL day and I thought, what a great opportunity to acknowledge those bloggers whose voice I could relate to.

Eventually I created this blog with one of my primary goals of it to be a welcoming place for those who seek reassurance of the joy found in the pleasure of spankings - giving or receiving.

Therefore I hope that when you come here, you are reminded that you are not alone; that there are so many others who share your preferences and opinions, your desires and beliefs. That you are not alone in your admiration of the female form, not alone in finding pleasure in the female bottom, in finding joy in the sound of spanking a lady's posterior; in the pleasure of punishing, embarrassing and exploring deserving young ladies

or of wanting to be that lady on the receiving end of all that pleasurable yet very humiliating punishment.


If you have ever enjoyed reading anything here, laughed at my random stories,
or simply been struck with disbelief at my bad sentence structure…

now's your chance to say hello. 

Blogging can be a lonely business and we bloggers welcome any communication we can get. Not knowing if his or her voice is connecting with a predominantly silent audience makes feedback all the more important. 

Come on, say hello - it is easier than you think. 
Here is a simple set of questions to guide you:

1) What is your name (doesn't have to be your real name)?
2) How often do you come here?  
3) What in particular brings you back?
4) Favorite story or type of story (/post) here?
5) Or tell me simply why I should stop wasting my time; just close up this blogshop and walk away.


A LOL Day Acknowledgement
An online event called "Love Our Lurkers Day(s)".

A special thank you to the talented and very smart blogger Bonnie whose foresight came up with this great idea some 9 years ago.

Thank you to Hermione for taking this LOL Day torch and keeping it lit AND for adding that extra day!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Big Trouble

I don't often get angry, but when I do...

"Let's get this clear; 
the first and only thing I want to see when I get home and 
open the front door 
is that pale ass of yours greeting me! 

Is that clear, young lady?

The closest your panties need to be to covering your ass
is on the floor 
warming your ankles. 

And I hope you wore the right panties that I left out for you this morning too. 
If not, you're going to get extra for that. 
We're going to do a sniff test so don't try to sneak on the right pair now
if you don't have the right ones already!

It is time your ass starts cashing some long overdue checks.

It's bad enough you did such a stupid thing to begin with... 
But trying to hide it from me...really? 

As soon as I get home I'm going to teach you a lesson,
one you won't soon forget...

...and just to be 100% crystal clear young lady -
You better be bent over, looking away
with that big ass of yours standing at full attention!

When I open the front door 
your naked, pale ass-crack better be
smiling back at me!"


Wonder what she could have done that was so bad?
Well, I would love to hear your guesses.

Hope you have a good weekend;
someone I know won't be sitting comfortable for days to come.