Monday, October 12, 2015

Timing is Everything

Here is an excerpt of an Autumnal story for you. One in particular, I do hope to get your feedback on.

Not sure how much I need to or should set up the scene for you. 
The month is October. The time is present day, somewhere within the past 5 years. The scene is a university dorm. The characters; well I'll let you meet them for yourself...


"Enjoy your 'date'. You gonna miss all the attention this pawg is gonna get! You could be my wingman; oh' winggirl!" Her roommate giggled as she intentionally pointed and shook her tightly encased bottom at her while twirling her keys up high and around manicured-tipped fingers. She turned slowly making her way to the door, teetering in her new high heels. 

"Yes, I could, but no. Whatever. Now get going,"  Dorothy replied literally pushing the door against the backside of her teasing roommate.

No sooner had the door closed then it swung back open again.

"Fo'got ma fags," she chimed as she marched back into the small shared dorm-room.

"Ya sure ya don't wantta go? What if 'e don't call? This party is going to be off the chain." 

"No and thank you. He always follows through with what he says. Plus, he sent me a care package and we plan to talk about it. Now go!"

Dorothy explained blocking the way back further into the room.

"Suit yourself. But watcha' need, if you ask me, is a personally delivered package. Don't get too frustrated on your 'date', sweetie." Meghan winked as she walked out the door.

"Out!" Dorothy slammed the door shut, looked at her watch, "Oh shoot" and scampered over in a mad dash to her desk and powered up her laptop.


"Doll, you there?" the question came in clear, but deeply echoed.

"Sorry Hon. I'm here. I'm here, but I can't see you" Dorothy nervously jiggled the laptop monitor back and forth.

"I can see you; beautiful as always. Did you get the package?" he asked echoing off into the now quiet and almost empty room.

"I did. Thank you! I love the necklace" she smiled awkwardly at the pixilated image while caressing the stone dangling at her cleavage.

"Good. I'm glad you liked it. What about the other things? Are you wearing the panties I sent you?"

"The necklace has my birthstone, how did you know? I love it"
she looked away form the monitor trying to keep his attention on what she wanted to talk about. 

"I know your birthday; it wasn't that hard to figure out. Doll I asked you a question" He asked as his image coincidentally came into focus with his deepening tone.

"I…I'm no…I'm not" she replied biting her nails and looking away from the monitor.

"Really? One thing I ask and you refuse" his tone sounded extra annoyed due to the unnatural echo. 

"I…I well. Well, they just aren't gonna fit. They are too small."

"They're your size. You are just used to wearing baggy oversize clothes. I've told you time and again, I love your body and so should you. I love your shape, your hips..."

"But they…they loook tinnyyy."

"Enough! Did you even try them on?!" his voice rose instantly and boomed through the laptop's speakers.

"Bbb, but Honnnnn!" she whined.

"Stop biting your nails. If I ever get back stateside, you are going to get your ass spanked for this type of nonsense!" 

"Honn. No. Please, don't say that. You know I hate it went you say that. You'll be back. We'll be back together"
her voice broke.

Suddenly, a scramble of voices and popping noises broke through the speakers.

"Hey Doll, I got to go.
Something just happened."

"Nnooo! Hon! Don't go! I'll go put them on right now. Watch. Just wait. I'll be right back" she blew a kiss to the laptop and rushed away from the webcam.

"Hey, my Sergeant is screaming. Something is going down.
Love ya. Bye!"

Moments later she was back standing in front of the laptop screen. She posed coyly showing him her full backside. Dressed only in her red heels and, most importantly, the leopard print panties she was now modeling.

"So what do you think?" she asked, pointing to her ample bottom that was practically bare minus the thin strands of a thong lodged high around her waist and lost deep between her cheeks. She jiggled her bottom at the screen once again and listened for a reaction.


She looked over her shoulder and saw only the reflection of her ass filling the entire width of the blank screen. The laptop slowly flickered as if to refresh and then reverted back to the log-in screen.

"Fuck. Dammit!" she pounded the laptop shut.

"Harder. Yes! Harder!" she purred.

"Please spank me harder; I deserve it. Don't hold back." She called out awaiting a response. Her breathy voice filled the dimly lit dorm-room. "I'm sorry Hon. I am. I know I deserve this."

She ran her hand inside of her panties and pushed down, sandwiching her thin fingers against the soft rayon material and her femininity. She closed her eyes and imagined him standing behind her as she adjusted her pillow between her legs.  Imaging herself in position as she was now; laying on her bed wearing nothing but the tiny leopard print panties he had bought for her. Imagined him wielding his thick leather belt against her bottom.

She rubbed against her pillow, squeezing her thighs tight. Her bare breasts rubbed against the cold sheets only added to her excitement. She tried to focus on her vision and not the sounds outside in the distance. Her thoughts focused on her fiance, in his "dress blues"; standing behind her. Spanking her with his unforgiving belt, over and over and over again.

She could feel herself quickly getting wet while she imagined the sounds of the leather swooshing through the air. Imaging the sting on her nearly bare bottom. She could feel herself breathing heavily and starting to lose control as he scolded her sternly. Imagining his new tough voice explaining how he was going to take her roughly from behind and give her a real reason to scream as soon as he was done spanking every inch of her large ass. He was going to make sure she knew what would happen if she didn't follow his lead ever again and do as she was told. If she didn't start believing how beautiful she was.

She was now physically bouncing on the bed, her fingers rubbing and penetrating deeply. No doubt she was a shameless sight of frustration she thought to herself. Her legs were now partially dangling off the bed, her hair swinging madly in her face, her unsupported breasts bouncing freely. 
She didn't care how desperately horny she looked she told herself. She didn't care that she was shamelessly humping her pillow, legs spread wide and ass high. She didn't care. She needed it now. She need to be spanked. She needed to be fucked. 

She felt her moisture soaking through to her pillowcase...When suddenly the door swung open! She lept up and scurried backwards to the corner of her bed. She sat up in shock, knees bent covering her chest; breathing wildly. Her eyes were as wide as her legs spread; offering an undeniable clear view of her stained triangle of interrupted pleasure. Her heart beat furiously against her naked chest as she sat and watched as someone crossed the threshold into her room.


Did you enjoy that?

Since my ego has been crushed lately as part of ongoing personal issues, I am searching for some reassurance. I  have been wondering about somethings for quite sometime. 
Therefore, I told myself what the hell; go ahead and ask; what do you have to lose.
I made the questions in survey format for your convenience, but would really love your input.

I have been thinking about publishing a book for quite sometime.
A collection of my stories, some seen here, but also new content as well.

Would love your honest feedback. So what do you think?


Friday, October 2, 2015

Everyday Dreams: Selfies

everyday dreams

It is Friday & perhaps you've had a long week as have I.
Therefore, because I need a good laugh and I need a good dream...

Perhaps you have seen the video making the rounds online of the sorority girls at the baseball game taking non-stop selfless of themselves. They do this while the game commentators are poking fun at them about the selfies.

Here is the full 2 minute video in case you haven't seen it video

Honestly I find the whole scene rather funny and truly amusing. It looks almost staged with so many selfies and awkward poses going on at once. Of course, as is the case in any item that makes it to the "news", there is instant controversy; an instant cry of unfairness in one way or another. In this case the cry is that of sexism. In fact some have called the comments by the commentators "cruel" and "unnecessarily mean". If you want to read about that viewpoint you can here.

Regardless, the fact is ultimately these young ladies came out on top based on their classy response to the Diamondbacks [forced] apology offer of free tickets:

'We have asked the Diamondbacks and 

Fox Sports 

to provide tickets to a future game 
for families at A New Leaf, 
a local non-profit that helps support 

victims of domestic violence.'

Well done young ladies. Well done and well played.


However, if you'd rather just take it lightheartedly and indulge in the real reason you probably visit this site then read on. 

I don't know about you, but these selfless do seem rather excessive and the young ladies rather self-indulged. Therefore, it all seems rather a fantasy in the making in my book.

Sorority pledges at baseball game, caught taking excessive selfless. 
Called out not paying attention to the baseball game. 
Caught posting obscene gestures with hot dogs onto social media. Not very lady-like is it. The video and story runs wild on social media 
bringing another clink to the tainted armor of a sorority already knee-deep in bad press. 

So what are the top reasons to spank Adult Girls in your book?
Self Indulgence and narcissistic attitudes are on the top of my list.

Seems like there is only one true remedy for such infractions. 
The very next Friday, after the girls are dressed and ready to go out clubbing, the time to deal with such matters is at hand. 

The entire sorority is summoned to an urgent last minute meeting. 
The girls are called into the living room of their sorority house.

Two by two the pledges who took part in the selfie incident are called up.

Forced to kneel.
Arms over their heads at the command.

Dresses are lifted.

Panties are yanked down.

Paddles at the ready…

Phone cameras ready and aimed. 

How many swings of the paddles?
Just like the selfies; until we get it just right.

Ah, the ingredients of dreams.

I don't need to do the paddling. 
I just need to be there to witness it.

And most importantly you can rest assured,
if my girlfriend is amongst the guilty, 
I'd be sure to pound some added sense into her.
Marching her up to her room afterwards.
Immediately afterwards.
While her bottom is still warm from the paddle.


Would love to hear your thoughts. Comments are always welcome and appreciated.