Saturday, November 27, 2021

Everyday Gratitude: Grateful Thoughts Revisited

To my fellow American friends; Did you have a grateful and restful Thanksgiving Day?
Hope you did and are having a nice extended weekend break as well. 

Politics of the day aside and focusing only on the element of gratitude, I'm still not sure why Thanksgiving Day is just one day - Why can't we be grateful year round?


I found this illustration years ago and it became an instant favorite of mine.
However, the answer may not be immediately obvious as some may think.
Then why you may ask?
Well, I will counter that question with my own question:

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see this illustration?

(Don't forget you can click on the image to enlarge it.)


You know you are a spanking enthusiast if the first thing that comes to mind is probably something different than what Pilgrim Smith here, had in mind; ever grateful upon seeing this helpless heroine. Yes, did your mind wander to...

all the way to...

yes, a spanking!

Okay perhaps you thought a caning, a strapping or a belting - I’ll take those answers as one in the same with my answer of a spanking.

However, If I shared this image with most of my friends, male friends in particular, I am pretty damn certain that "a spanking" would not be the first thing to come to their minds.

So I ask, am I truly amongst like-minded friends here in blogland?
If so tell me, when you first saw this illustration, what was the first thing to come to YOUR minds


A few extra random thoughts:
I am also curious on details and ask, what happened to her bloomers or pantaloons or panties? I am not a historian so don't know what they would have looked like exactly, but was expecting to see them down around her ankles or discarded near her bonnet. 

Also to clarify, once I was done with spanking her, then yes other thoughts would cross my mind. Mainly making use of her innocent, now red-hot, bottom for other non-Puritan uses.

If you have any information on the artist that would be appreciated. I have it noted as possibly being Norman Saunders, but can't seem to find it online anywhere to confirm which is in of itself rather surprising. Google reverse image search used to be so much better.

Lastly, did you spot the lurker?


Oh, and a final note, it isn't too late to comment on my previous post. I know, I know; two posts in one week for me might be shocking, but take advantage and share your Thanksgiving related thoughts there and here.

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Ramblings for an Autumn Kitten

Another stream-of-consciousness post.

Ramblings for an Autumn Kitten

Wait, wait...It is Winter, not Autumn.
You say.

Technically you are incorrect.
You may feel like it is Winter, the world
already may be starting to look like Winter, Nature may be preparing herself; but we are still in Autumn for just shy of another month.

Okay, fine.

Since it is late Autumn, my favorite time of the year, my mind has been wandering more so than usual and is stirred constantly by reminders of all that which we associate with this season; falling leaves,
pumpkins, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, turkeys, Thanksgiving…

And your point?

You see, this melancholic time also reminds me of a dear girl who was close to me once and whose since seemingly gone stray. She was the younger one, who
shares our persuasion, but has no intent or desire (and also due to the benefit of her physical traits) to focus on a singular partner. You might recall her if you are a regular reader here and also have an impeccable memory.

She has an honesty about herself that I adore, but also is a bit too genuine in her self-deprecating manner at times. (For clarification I am not referring to the "self-deprecating"
trait some people pretend to have in order to make themselves more likeable. Some find that endearing, I just find it fake and annoying).

One evening, in an Autumn that feels both just as if it were last week and simultaneously as if  years ago, we were taking a late night walk with the intent and opportunity for her to offload some of the heavy weight of her current life’s concerns to me. As we approached a business district corner she motioned if we could go into that popular mermaid cafĂ©. You know the one. The one on every other corner of every major US city and airport.

“I need my Pumpkin Spice Latte,” she whispered and bowed her head.


“Yes, I know.”

“I mean, no really; you?”

I was genuinely surprised, not by the choice of beverage in of itself, as you may assume, but rather that she was interested in such. It was such a stark contrast to her dark personality and persona.

Misunderstanding my questioning, she looked up at me, puppy-dog-eyes peering up from behind thick glasses and below her wide brimmed and oversized black floppy, and shrugged,

Sorry. Despite it all, I’m just a basic bitch. Hat and all.”


As you may be aware, Pumpkin Spice Lattes (PSLs) have become part of the American landscape. And in the latter half of their existence, their detest has also become an equally huge part of the mainstream landscape.

There continues to be a lot of fun being poked at those who enjoy the hot beverage as evidenced with just these few examples below. I'll admit I do indeed find them humorous. Tell me you don't?

Kidding aside and digging deeper, and also admitting I may be very late to this debate, I’ll state my facts.

Look, I’ve never tried a PSL and neither have I ever felt the desire. No bigger reason than just personal preference. My preferences are exactly that, mine. Not to be imposed on others. And vice versa. Simple.

Therefore, I don’t understand the backlash against PSLs. I don’t get it, never have. To each their own is sort of my belief on most commercialized things (on most things actually).

I recently stumbled across a few articles, including this one and this one, which argues that the anti-PSL stance is really at its root about sexism and possibly yet another sign of misogyny. This of course can be its own debate, but for the time being let’s stick to the surface argument.

That a young lady feels shamed for liking what she likes
because it is deemed basic, an often “white-girl” beverage of preference, is really disappointing to say the least.

Circling back to a particular young lady, that even she felt she had to second-guess her comfort drink even to me - someone in her trusted sphere, says so much.

Not only did she have the drink, but I proudly bought it for her because in my book there is no shame in finding tiny comforts when this harsh world gets too heavy.  

This image reminds me of said dear girl in so many ways including many physical, beautiful things about her (Well, minus the ample chest, but definitely not excluding the
forced presentation of her lightweight gauzy white triangle, that beckoning and welcoming kitten door). I so often wonder where she is, especially now during this melancholic, forced gratitude, time of year.

So tell me, are YOU a fan of Pumpkin Spice Lattes?

And if you know the origin of such image let me know as google reverse image search has failed me yet again.

Friday, November 19, 2021


Welcome one and all, it is LOL XVI.

Yes, another edition of the yearly event with an all new twist because LOL is no longer solely “Love Our Lurkers”; but is now the all encompassing “Love Our Lifestyle”.

So what does this mean exactly?
I am not sure how other bloggers will handle this year differently, but I do encourage you to visit them all and find out!

You can visit them all via an easy blog-hop from Hermione’s, our official host, blog; linked for your convenience right

As far as how I plan to acknowledge this event here this year, I’ll focus on part of what this new title, “Love Our Lifestyle”, means to me. Just a part.

To me it is an opportunity to remind you all that this is a welcoming place for those that share this lifestyle interest. You know the one - TTWD.
  • A reminder that this is a welcoming blog for those who enjoy the D/s lifestyle, but in particular for those who prefer their dynamic in any of its M/f iterations.

  • From general M/f relationships dynamics that exist as such, but aren’t often clearly labeled as D/s, but are in fact just that.

  • From those “unlabeled” dynamics, to the titled and clearly defined relationships such as D/lg or CG/lg. With the submissive side also possibly being everything from and including lg, to princesses and pets and even on rare occasion a brat.

  • And perhaps this is a most welcome blog for those who unapologetically enjoy the cornerstone of these M/f relationships – Domestic Discipline.

So now that you know where you are at – Welcome!


In the past I used the opportunity of LOL Day for its original intent, to help persuade “lurkers” to come forward and say hello; while asking the frequent visitors here a question or two. 

This go around, I will ask all a unified question:

  • Do you simply visit here because it is just another like-minded blog,
    friendly voice, in this overall shared lifestyle?

  • Or is there anything that draws you to this blog in particular?
    (Is there something unique that you read here that appeals to you)?

There are no wrong answers, just honest answers. And besides I'm just curious.


If you are new here, you should take a moment to read the description below*** so that you are clear what this blog is and more importantly what it is not. 

Just as well, if you’ve been here before, a yearly reminder wouldn’t hurt.


***An explanation of my Everyday Voice as heard here:

Welcome to this wonderful place that looks, sounds, feels and smells like our own everyday world, but with some distinct differences. A place where adult girls who shun their responsibilities, are made to pay for their offenses, where their entitled or arrogant attitudes are checked often and their bottoms are the primary focus of their penance.  

This is a place to see and hear of girls flushed to all cheeks with embarrassment and occasionally brought to the edge of humiliation.

Not only is this a place whose focus is the disciplining of young ladies in various clever and embarrassing ways, but a place to also admire and be in awe of the female creature in all her inner, outer and spiritual beauty; all in an everyday context.

Additionally it is a place where nature and synchronicity agree and conspire
with short skirts and sheer dresses to turn on their owners much to their dismay;
but to the welcomed entertainment and joy of those fortunate to witness such beauty.


But, please don't ever confuse this place as somewhere where women are meant to be disrespected or degraded. These stories are a blend of fantasy and reality. Non-consensual discipline is for the young ladies who deep down secretly crave it; not something done out of a lopsided abusive relationship or anything worse. 

 However, discipline here is seldom random and never unwarranted. Well administered spankings are fully justified. The young ladies may seldom be willing participants, but that is the fantasy aspect right? I don't believe every story needs to have a "disclaimer" paragraph at the end that explains that those involved were in a prior relationship, secretly planning and consenting all along as so many authors choose to include. For me that merely spoils the entire story.

I hope you enjoy what you find here,
come back often and say hello when you do.

All the best,

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

What’s your preference?

So I’ve been wondering …

We all share similar general preferences. At least in regard to that TTWD.
(Or TTWe Wish We Still Did or
TTWe Wish We Did More Of.)

Now taking into account how we digest our entertainment has changed tremendously in the past few years, more so in the last ten and of course in the last two decades. It is all constantly changing and thus has an effect. As one example, spanking magazines are possibly an unfortunate "casualty" due in part to the changes of technology. (Unless there are some still being published and I am unaware of and if so feel free to correct me). 

Therefore I was wondering, what is your preference, your main go-to, for spanking entertainment?

  • Are you a true traditionalist who prefers the written word?
  • Or Are you a modern traditionalist who prefers spanking videos?

And even within these two main camps, there are so many sub preferences.

For example as far as videos, do you pay for paid membership or one off streamings or do you still purchase hard media (i.e. DVDs)?

Or do you just go to the big p*hub and
s*tube and download your content there for free*.

        (*Which is a whole thing I’m clueless yet also curious about - as in: Is all that material pirated or do the original producers get some kind of cut? But how do they get a cut if it is all free to watch?)

 On the flip side, for those of you who prefer the written word, do you buy and
 download e-books or possibly even order physical books still?          
 Or do you just seek out blogs for free content?


I would guess most of us are likely a mixture of the two main groups, but I'm wondering what is your overall preference? What is the first thing you would reach for so to speak, a written story or a video of some sort?


And then I wonder about the bigger picture, as in did the COVID World Shut Down alter your preferences and intake? Or did it stay the same? Or did it even possibly increase?

See, I have plenty of questions today, but so few answers.

Yet I am extremely curious to hear about your preferences.

So pull up a chair and grab a warm cup and do share your thoughts.
Remember there are no wrong answers here, nor judgement, simply your preferences.


Top Image by Gil Elvgren (1959)
Bottom Image TBR Possibly
from a Brown & Bigelow calendar.