Wednesday, November 3, 2021

What’s your preference?

So I’ve been wondering …

We all share similar general preferences. At least in regard to that TTWD.
(Or TTWe Wish We Still Did or
TTWe Wish We Did More Of.)

Now taking into account how we digest our entertainment has changed tremendously in the past few years, more so in the last ten and of course in the last two decades. It is all constantly changing and thus has an effect. As one example, spanking magazines are possibly an unfortunate "casualty" due in part to the changes of technology. (Unless there are some still being published and I am unaware of and if so feel free to correct me). 

Therefore I was wondering, what is your preference, your main go-to, for spanking entertainment?

  • Are you a true traditionalist who prefers the written word?
  • Or Are you a modern traditionalist who prefers spanking videos?

And even within these two main camps, there are so many sub preferences.

For example as far as videos, do you pay for paid membership or one off streamings or do you still purchase hard media (i.e. DVDs)?

Or do you just go to the big p*hub and
s*tube and download your content there for free*.

        (*Which is a whole thing I’m clueless yet also curious about - as in: Is all that material pirated or do the original producers get some kind of cut? But how do they get a cut if it is all free to watch?)

 On the flip side, for those of you who prefer the written word, do you buy and
 download e-books or possibly even order physical books still?          
 Or do you just seek out blogs for free content?


I would guess most of us are likely a mixture of the two main groups, but I'm wondering what is your overall preference? What is the first thing you would reach for so to speak, a written story or a video of some sort?


And then I wonder about the bigger picture, as in did the COVID World Shut Down alter your preferences and intake? Or did it stay the same? Or did it even possibly increase?

See, I have plenty of questions today, but so few answers.

Yet I am extremely curious to hear about your preferences.

So pull up a chair and grab a warm cup and do share your thoughts.
Remember there are no wrong answers here, nor judgement, simply your preferences.


Top Image by Gil Elvgren (1959)
Bottom Image TBR Possibly
from a Brown & Bigelow calendar. 




  1. Hi! Enzo, Ilike both DVD's and Ebooks, I have all off Devlin O'N eill's books on Kindle and all but one of his DVD's I purchased, he won't let me see his last one!!! I'm certainly old enough, but he says it's not nice for his 'girls' to see.

    1. Hi Jenny - Thanks for stopping by. I’m not familiar with Devlin’s last DVD. I will have to look into that one.

  2. Hi Enzo,

    I have always preferred the written word. My mind easily supplies all the necessary images. Once upon a time I bought books with spanking in them from a very large bookstore whenever I happened to visit the city it was located in. Now, my go-to place is the Library of Spanking Fiction, where I can choose exactly the type of story that appeals to me.


    1. Hi Hermione - Thanks for sharing your preferences. That is the beauty of the written word, if well written there is enough there to tell the story and we each can supply our own details.

  3. I choose videos these days only because it's easier to get to content I'm looking for. With stories i sometimes end up spending a lot of time searching and finding the kind of stories I enjoy. BUT if both were curated and readily available for me in a heartbeat, I'd probably pick the story. I love making up the sounds and hearing the voices in my own head as I imagine myself in them.

    1. Hi Fondles - I can relate to the struggle in finding just the right stories. That’s why it is especially great when discovering an author who’s style one really enjoys.

      It is nice to hear that not only do you imagine yourself in the stories, but you make up the sounds as well.

      Thanks for sharing.

  4. I like videos, but I still like to pick up the odd kinky book


    1. Thanks for sharing Prefectdt
      Curious if books only or short stories online as well?

    2. Mostly books. I like to read naughty nora's stories, because she tends to serialize them into bite size chunks. It would be nice to be able to read more online, but I only have a limited amount of screen time every day and it is easier to tuck myself up in bed, with a book, than it is with a computer



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