Saturday, November 27, 2021

Everyday Gratitude: Grateful Thoughts Revisited

To my fellow American friends; Did you have a grateful and restful Thanksgiving Day?
Hope you did and are having a nice extended weekend break as well. 

Politics of the day aside and focusing only on the element of gratitude, I'm still not sure why Thanksgiving Day is just one day - Why can't we be grateful year round?


I found this illustration years ago and it became an instant favorite of mine.
However, the answer may not be immediately obvious as some may think.
Then why you may ask?
Well, I will counter that question with my own question:

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see this illustration?

(Don't forget you can click on the image to enlarge it.)


You know you are a spanking enthusiast if the first thing that comes to mind is probably something different than what Pilgrim Smith here, had in mind; ever grateful upon seeing this helpless heroine. Yes, did your mind wander to...

all the way to...

yes, a spanking!

Okay perhaps you thought a caning, a strapping or a belting - I’ll take those answers as one in the same with my answer of a spanking.

However, If I shared this image with most of my friends, male friends in particular, I am pretty damn certain that "a spanking" would not be the first thing to come to their minds.

So I ask, am I truly amongst like-minded friends here in blogland?
If so tell me, when you first saw this illustration, what was the first thing to come to YOUR minds


A few extra random thoughts:
I am also curious on details and ask, what happened to her bloomers or pantaloons or panties? I am not a historian so don't know what they would have looked like exactly, but was expecting to see them down around her ankles or discarded near her bonnet. 

Also to clarify, once I was done with spanking her, then yes other thoughts would cross my mind. Mainly making use of her innocent, now red-hot, bottom for other non-Puritan uses.

If you have any information on the artist that would be appreciated. I have it noted as possibly being Norman Saunders, but can't seem to find it online anywhere to confirm which is in of itself rather surprising. Google reverse image search used to be so much better.

Lastly, did you spot the lurker?


Oh, and a final note, it isn't too late to comment on my previous post. I know, I know; two posts in one week for me might be shocking, but take advantage and share your Thanksgiving related thoughts there and here.


  1. What came into my mind was, "Being pilloried is an act of punishment by public humiliation. So why was she in the pillory at night, when very few people would pass by to see her humiliated?"


    1. Prefectdt - I noticed that as well, but my rationale was that she had been there all day and was being further punished by having to spend the night until the next morning in that same position.

  2. hahah my first thot WAS indeed that she's in for a spanking!

    1. Hi Fondles! See we are truly like-minded friends.

  3. Honestly? FIRST thought? It was that she was dressed totally inaccurately and anachronistically for the period.

    I know. I'm strange. As a kinky person I should have thought about a spanking or some such thing, but that's just not how my brain works. I tend to see the kinky in the everyday, and the most mundane things in kinky shots.

    1. KDPierre - Interesting indeed how your mind thinks. So if you didn't know about the historical inaccuracy, I wonder what else your mind would have focused on.

    2. Actually that for someone still pilloried into the evening, that she was surprisingly clean. I would have thought she'd have been quite dirty from pelting by this time. I also thought it was nice that she hadn't had her ears nailed. (I figure whatever she did was not bad enough to warrant that added step.)

      Spanking was never a punishment used for the types of offenses that would land you in front of a magistrate. If anything, it was strictly a domestic form of discipline. So, no thoughts of spanking for this picture for me. It would be like watching "The Count of Monte Cristo" and wondering if they were just going to make him write "I will not commit treason" 100 times. ;-)

    3. KD Pierre - Interesting indeed! Your suspension of disbelief must be set near zero. I thought mine was low, but yours - wow.

    4. Actually? Guilty as charged. LOL I am horrible about suspension of disbelief unless it is really well done. I mean, I certainly CAN, but even in my own stories I go through great pains to make even the oddest situations at least, SEEM plausible. I guess since I do it with my fiction, I expect it in others. Sure it's more work....but worth it. Oddly, not only do I frown at such "detail laziness" but wonder at others who so readily accept it. I guess "to each their own" but wow, just as you say to me, I think about others. Like, "wow, that is SO off......and yet you're still OK with it?" I guess it's good we are all so different as people. LOL

  4. Night or day, who cares, I would bare the bottom, give her such a hand spanking that she could be heard loud and clear. Afterwards I would insure her dress was up to show her red bare bottom, the panties left around her knees.

    1. Anonymous - I don't know for certain, but I'm going to take an educated guess your idea is probably a popular one amongst readers here. Thanks for commenting.


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