Sunday, February 23, 2020

Unlocked Doors

Wow, here we are at the end of February already. Unfortunately, I have found myself preoccupied with all sorts of personal matters unable to focus on things here. Plus the constant background pecking of bigger matters, such as the decline of Western Civilization marching on, has also kept me away. 

I had written the following story months ago intending to release it during a different season due to its "scary" intro. However, I just couldn't find the time to make some edits back then. You might be surprised if you knew how long it takes me to write and format theses tales.
At this point it has been so long since I have posted and let alone brought you a new story, I have decided to share this now regardless of timelessness. Basically if nothing else, I am offering you a gift -- the gift of a momentary distraction because I'm guessing you may need it as much as I do


Instinctively he decides to check
; he reaches for the door handle and turns it. The door opens and he immediately releases it, left to swing open slowly without a sound. He is shocked to find it unlocked. He can't believe it; he can't believe his luck. He finds it hard to contain his emotion. Although he knows most burglars would start at the back door and not the front, he still can't believe the door is unlocked. He steps in and surveys the disarray of either a burglary scene that preceded his arrival or simply the result of an an unkept house. Still standing in the dimly lit doorway his mind is lost in an attempt to sort out his thoughts, emotions and the course of his next actions.

His concentration is broken as he hears a loud female voice coming from further in and thinks his entry has been heard. Her voice rises and falls between minimal pauses. Listening attentively he concludes she is unaware of his presence and is having a conversation on the phone and not with someone else in the house. She is alone. In an unlocked house. A house set clear enough of the road and free of neighbors.

He walks slowly and quietly towards her giggling voice.
It seems unreal to him that she does not hear his heavy boots against the hardwood. He walks down the short, narrow hallway immediately outside her bedroom. He stops. She's not expecting anyone so another minute before he sneaks up on her will make no difference he thinks to himself. He turns at the last second before confronting her realizing he has time before making himself known.

He zips up his jeans and turns towards the sink avoiding making any loud noise. He steps away to dry his hands and catches himself before he trips,
his boot snags something. Reaching down he picks up the culprit, a scrap of material. Untangling the delicate fabric, he raises it to his face and inhales her scent.

He recognizes the material from only minutes earlier when he was watching her. Watching her through the window. Watching her strut about with curtains wide open wearing nothing more than these. Her figure clearly visible inside the illuminated house framed by the twilight sky. Clearly visible down the gravel drive to anyone who might drive past. Shaking his head he bunches up the sheer gauze like cloth into his hand and marches out to confront the owner of the dislodged panties.

"Hello?!" she calls out to a creaky old house. "Hello?!"

She waits, hears no response and ignores her intuition.

"Sorry Jen, I thought I heard something, must've been the cat," she returns to her cell phone, "Anyways, I'll see you in about thirty, I still have to finish getting ready. Bye love."

She tosses the phone on the nightstand and picks up the enamel and returns to her beauty regime unaware of the heavy footfalls that are making their way ever closer towards her.

Without further warning, door and light burst in together with unified force announcing him as he is instantly greeted with a shriek, a thud and a ringing clink. A small bottle crashes against the hardwood. Splattered paint stretches across the polished floor and stops; pastel pink paint splintered by three-dimensional sparks greet him. 

The panicked scream continues and fills the house! She lurches up from arched pose as graceful as a cat caught by a water hose. 

"Wwhhaaat! What are you doing here?!"

He stands there, arms crossed filling the doorway, blocking her only exit.


She visibly inhales and gracefully stands up. Then like a bird stretching her wings scuttles across the small bedroom in bare feet and curled toes ignoring the broken bottle as if it never happened.

She reaches in with arms spread, fingers stretched wide, cautious not to rest wet fingernails on his shirt. She greets him thrusting into his middle and turns her head just enough in anticipatory wait of his evening greeting. 

"Gawd, you scared the hell out of me; I think I pissed myself" she shakes her head disapprovingly.

Grabbing her by the waist and pulling her tight; a contrasting gentle kiss delivered to her rosy cheek.

"Obviously. And you probably did...Why isn't the door locked?"
he answers staring not at her, but at the glue-like fluid spattered across the floor, seemingly frozen in time.

"I don't know? I guess I forgot? Doesn't matter, glad you finally made it. Ugh, I had just a bad day, you won't believe it. You have to hear this. First, I posted..."

Her voice trails off as she struts away while he focuses on the discarded polish and scans the room, peering around the bedroom where everything remains the same as the night before, if not worse.

"Did you do anything productive today?" he cuts her off.

"What do you mean? Didn't you hear what I was telling you about my bad day?" she looks confused and continues on, "Anyways, they are coming over in about thirty minutes, I want to finish telling you what happened before they get here."

"Did you clean up at all?" he asks softly yet sternly, still fixated on what obviously seems to be the more pressing matter to him.

"I just told you, they are coming to pick me up soon; I've been busy getting ready!" She shakes her her head at him as her wavy animated locks seem to distract his rising tone.

" she posts back that how if it was her she would never..." she is rambling on. He catches minimal sound bites as he surveys the interior space once again before taking an audible deep breath. Before stepping towards her.

Before taking action.

"Hey!! Wwhat!" she screams in total shock as her bare feet leave the ground and he has flipped her around. Before she has a moment to process he has swung her over his lap and has her in a controlled position.

"Wait! What are you doing?!"

"What could I possibly be doing?" he responds sarcastically.

"No! You can't! Don't!" she looks at him with pleading eyes, "You can't, I'm about to go out."

"I can and I will!" he answers analyzing his target.

"No, Hon! PLEASE!" she shrieks in realization, "Is this about the nail-polish?! I'll clean it up when I get home."

"This is about more than just the nail-polish," he explains patting her ample pert bottom which is now stretching her dress to capacity due to her upturned position.

"This is about you being an irresponsible spoiled brat. I'm going to give you something to think about tonight, something more important than if your your nail-polish matches your shoes. I'm going to teach you a lesson in responsibility and safety."

He flips her dress up and pauses at the unexpected sight; the sight of nothing more than a sliver of black string separating her otherwise naked cheeks. She gulps and closes her eyes in dismay knowing this revelation is going to cost her even more.

He immediately teeter totters her back to her feet and pointing a firm finger at her shocked face raises his voice, "Get that damm floss out of your ass and go put on some full panties right now!"

"No, Hon, don't make me change..."

"First of all, did you ask permission to wear those? And more importantly you need to learn multiple lessons. Go get some punishment panties!"  

She looks at him, eyes squinting and a pout forming across her pale face when he breaks the silence; "I said, Now!"

A moment later she is back at his side and he wastes no time in returning her to her rightful place over his knee. 

He delivers a singular smack while she braces herself for what is to come. And before she can take a breath of courage, it comes with full force as his big open palm delivers a torrent of slaps across the bottom of her dress.

"No! No! No!" she kicks and squirms,"Please! I'll clean up.
I'll clean up. I'll lock up next time."

"This isn't the first time you've done this. I've told you it is dangerous; especially when I'm not home!"

"Plus, I also told you about walking around in your panties with the windows open!
What if someone drove past and saw you? Saw you parading about in those sheer black panties that hide nothing?

What if one of those truckers drove past; imagine the hard-on you would have given him? Imagine what he would be thinking of doing to you; to the lil' tease dancing around in those transparent panties."

"Bb..butt? But I thought you liked me walking around the house in just my panties? I thought you liked me like that?"

"Not when you have the windows wide and open
I'm not around. Or is that what you wanted; to be putting on a free show, showing off your tight ass?"

She answers his innuendo mumbling a curse at him.
He responds by resuming her punishment, delivering a volley of slaps before reaching for the hem of the dress and pulls it up.

Her seductive sexy red dress is
contrasted against the, now exposed, innocence of her bleach white underwear. He pauses to admire the view. Her ample bottom barely fits in the small sized bikini cut panties normally, and now in her bent over state, they are stretched to capacity and no doubt will release themselves momentarily by either snapping down below her cheeks or snapping in between them.

"Hey! Stop!" She kicks as his rough hand decides on the best course of action is to skip a step,
tugging at the waistband of the stretched spandex. "Besides how did you even know I was wearing those?"

He continues yanking down the panties until fully exposing her ripe cheeks. "Because I SAW YOU! And here they are."

Holding her in place with one arm, he reaches into his shirt pocket and pulls the balled-up cloth up to the front of her face and dangles it between her big brown eyes.

"Wh...where'd you get those?" she looks genuinely surprised.

"Really?! Where do you leave most things?! On the damn floor!
Now, where do dirty things go?" 

She looks at him pouting.

He raises his hand and brings it down with a thundering slap against her pale cheeks.

"Owww! Gawwwwd!"

"I asked you a question?" he raises his hand again ready to strike her unprotected bottom once more, "I asked you a questi..."

"I don't know and I don't care! Let meeee gooo!"

Upon hearing her apathetic response, he delivers a stinging shower of hard slaps against her defenseless plump cheeks, "Where do dirty things belong?" he asks again in-between slaps.

"I don't fuc'n know! Fuc'n stop!" she peddle kicks in a sudden fury enraged by his insistence of the question.

"Well I was going to explain the hamper concept to you again, but perhaps dirty things should just go together!"

He reaches over, pulling her head up and around, staring into her tear restraining eyes. "Perhaps these dirty girl's panties should go into this dirty girl's mouth? Yes, your damp panties, no doubt from fingering yourself all day...Yes, your soiled and damp lil' panties should go in that dirty mouth of yours!"

"Nooo!" her eyes widened in shock as her mouth ironically opens wide.

Good girl, open wide," he instructs as he fumbles unraveling the cloth
one-handedly; unraveling them just enough. Just enough to shove them gusset first into her mouth.

That'll keep your mouth muffled enough," He smiles proudly and returns to spanking her rhythmically as her bottom responds every time with a reverberating jiggle.

"I'll finish taking care of your ass in no time. But don't worry if I don't," he explained pulling her chin up and around to face him once more.

"If I'm not done when your friends get here, I'll just call down to them.

To let themselves in...
and come on up and wait patiently
while I finish."

She stares into his eyes in disbelief reading his mind, as they share a joint glimpse of the possible humiliating scene.
A smirk grows across his face and elsewhere. She trembles at the thought.

Her heads shakes as she begins repeating a muffled plea, black lace dangling from her mouth. He stares back as her puppy dog eyes beg and swell until big girl tears roll down her cheeks.

"After all, you left the door unlocked, didn't you?"

Did you enjoy that? I hope so.
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