Monday, April 21, 2014

Flash Survey!

Work life and life's work have been exceptionally busy of late. 

As always, I aim to publish quality and not just quantity. Not always an easy motto to publish by; especially in hectic days like these. Therefore I am in need of your assistance, dedicated readers (if any of you exist). 

I am conducting a "Flash Survey"!
Yes, a simple survey published now and open until I decide to take it down; but most likely to come down within 24 hrs.  

What would you like to hear about first?
My mind is overflowing with tales to share so much so I am not sure where to start first. Now is your chance to sit up, speak up and vote.

That is it. Simple, easy and to the point.

What fate awaited this young lady?
(or at least the young ladies I have come across as of late).

"Hon, you just have to relax. Take a deep breath, relax and 
focus on what you want to do next?" she said

"Sweet, I took a deep breath and 
I am definitely focused on what I want to do next!"

Please vote! Not only would I appreciate it; I will gladly do my best to pay you back in entertainment and joy!