Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Random Thoughts - Check In

Greetings - I’m checking in just in case anyone is still visiting here.

Wow, where to start. Hmm. I wonder.

Oh, yes that damn evil virus thing…
No need to repeat news, stats and such. Rather, I will say that I’ve briefly hopped around some blogs and it is great to see that so many of you are actively posting during these times. I was especially happy to see the community outreach here during these coronavirus times; for example Hermione’s on topic brunch which you can read herePK's creation of a safe place where the ladies can check in on each other, read about it via this post and Fondles being a constant reliable resource for facts, in particular here and here. (I apologize I didn't mention everyone.)

I hope you all are healthy, staying safe and only going out when necessary.

As far as yours truly, so much has been going on in my life since I shared any personal details it is hard to condense. What to share without putting you all to sleep with all the stories and details?

On my last personal update, months ago, I had resumed dating which has continued, but with lack of success. Things have been seemingly the same only with different characters. It appears that quite a few women in my age bracket are desperately looking to be in a relationship and adjust their "types" with that simple end goal and set their eyes on me. What’s the problem with that, Enzo?, you may ask.

Well besides the obvious, that we all want to be wanted for ourselves not just based on fitting minimal qualifications; I still have particular tastes (tastes which you may be familiar with ;). Tastes that these women unfortunately do not share nor care to seriously consider.

There is one girl who is the opposite. She shares my eclectic tastes which is great. However being from a younger generation, she has no intent or desire (and also due to the benefit of her physical traits) to focus on a singular partner.

Plus, not to mention the obvious that if you add in all this world pandemic nonsense well my dating life does not look very promising:

I’m working from home for the time being which has been a big adjustment for various reasons. Once I get back into some sort of new routine, one of the things I hope to work on is volunteer efforts and ways to help in this war against this evil virus as I am not one to sit around. More on this in a future post.

Speaking of future posts, another thing I am considering doing is posting some shorter stories and image bites for the sake of distraction, if that is what you need or if it would help during this time?
It is either that or continue to post off topic ramblings? Or not post at all and take an official hiatus? Let me know if you have any preference. 

Until next time, stay safe, stay home unless you absolutely need to go out and most importantly stay strong. Focus on the future, because it we will get through this and don’t forget to pray for the others, the ones on the front lines.