Monday, May 30, 2016

Reflective Sunday

I've been away far longer than I intended. Much, much longer. Not sure if anyone noticed my absence. Regardless I was torn about posting. I have been too busy to complete comprehensible posts and have always believed in quality over quantity in regards to my posts (of course I leave that to your judgement). I therefore chose the former and stayed away. More on my absence later.

By the time you read this I'll be on an aircraft carrier saluting those who are no longer with us. May you all enjoy this Memorial Day how ever you choose to spend, but please, regardless of your political views, take a moment to acknowledge those it was meant to honor.

Meanwhile, I'll share a Sunday story that I hope you find enjoyable. This might be a good bedtime story.


“Please be seated” the minister directed as the congregation proceeded to sit together in parade. At that moment, amongst the pews, a freshly manicured set of fingernails dug into unsuspecting, masculine upper arm muscles. 

She braced herself against her partner’s arm. He turned to her immediately and watched as she closed her eyes while steadying herself, arching her back and in slow motion lowering her bottom onto the wooden pew carefully. He could see her eyes and mouth twist as she made contact; pausing for a couple of seconds before finally popping her eyes open in acceptance.

He grabbed her hand, which was still tightly clutching his arm beneath the pressed coat sleeve, and attempted to pry her fingers off. Her cold thin fingers didn’t budge until he conceded to begin plucking one finger off at a time. This action finally snapped her out of her preoccupied haze and coming to the realization that she was tethered to him; she released her hand from around his, folded her hands together and placed them neatly in her lap staring forward. For a second she looked the perfect background scene filler, a serene devout young women; hands folded, legs crossed and sitting at attention with eyes closed. Perhaps she was silently praying, but regardless she was a perfect compliment to the bigger ceremonious church scene going on around them. 

The scene did not last long as she immediately began squirming and shifting trying to re-position herself multiple times. She stopped shifting and closed her eyes again, moaning softly while clenching and releasing her cheeks. Her figiting would have been visible to anyone who was paying that close attention.

“Are you alright dear?” the elderly woman to her right chirped in what she thought to herself was a concerned whisper “You look uncomfortable; are you constipated?”

The rows of formally dressed attendees in the pew in front of and behind the women made a united head jerk in their direction. They weren’t staring at the unintended loud senior so much, but at the 30 something woman sitting between her and the gentleman now coughing in an attempted failed distraction.

Fortunately for the younger woman, the choir resumed singing and the church crowd turned its attention back to front and center.

“Are you OK, Dear? Because do you seem rather uncomfortable…” the old woman continued.

“I’m fine, Aunt Gee” The dirty blond whispered back not hiding her annoyance.

“Are you, Dear? Are you? It was probably all those sugary pastries at breakfast; it happens to me at my age more often then not…” 

“Aunt Gee; I’mm fffine…” she gritted out her answer.

“Yes, Dear. What ever you say, but have you considered a suppository?” the women advised not picking up on the verbal hints.

The young women’s husband leaned forward in his seat past his wife, who was now staring at him in wide-eyed disbelief. The ears of those around perked up attentively to hear the conversation which was now unfortunately, for the younger woman, only slightly being muffled by the acapella singers. 

The young women raised her folded hands to her forehead resembling a gesture of pleading prayer and turned to her husband “You see?”

He came to her rescue and attempted to reprimand the senior relation, “Aunt Gee do you really think this is the time to….” he began in a whisper.

“Oh yes, Dear. Yes, they really do work wonders.” she smiled seemingly misunderstanding his intent, “I bet a suppository would clean her sour face up in jiffy..." 

"...and precisely what she needs, if you ask me” the old woman trailed off. 

“Damm it Aunt Gee! I DO NOT NEED ANYTHING UP MY ASS,” the young woman interjected in heightened frustration in a clear resounding tone thanks to the echoing of the church acoustics. 

“Ohhhh!” the unison of gasping attendees all turned to face the young women who  slowly shrunk down further and further in her seat; grimacing all the way as her bottom skidded against the solid oak pew.

Her husband raised an eyebrow at his young bride as she blushed fully and knew the combination of thoughts he was thinking.

An Hour Earlier -

“Aunt Gee, would you mind waiting in the car with the lil’ ones?” The young man asked politely opening the front door for the senior women, “I have something to speak to Molly about in private.”

“Of course dear, of course” the slow moving older woman tapped him on his lapel gently, before reaching in and in what she thought was a whisper “Is it about breakfast? I really think she could benefit from some instruction. Perhaps less time tasting the ingredients, it is catching up with her you know, and more time cooking; those pancakes were just…”

“Yes, yes Ma’am, please…We’ll be out in a few minutes,” He nodded turning away to his young bride who was staring at him arms folded in a petulant stance staring at her crazied great-aunt and her accommodating husband.

“Did you hear that? Did you hear what she said? How many insults can she get in a sentence?”

“Never mind her. We’ need to talk about your attitude, young lady,” he stepped up to her and grabbing her hand lead her to the sofa.

“My attitude? What are you talking about? What did I do?!” she protested digging heels into the ground literally and figuratively.

“You know very well what I’m talking about. And there is a lot to talk about, but the one thing I need to address at the moment is your bad example.”

“My bad example?” she looked down at him as he sat down and still holding her hand maneuvered her closer.

“Today is Sunday. We have two lil’ ones you need to be setting an example for and not acting like one of them with your pouts and whining about having to go to church.” He explained and with that had her bent over and her dress flipped up.

“Wwhatt?! What are you doing?” She looked in disbelief, “You can’t! Not right now! Not with them outside in the car.”

“I can, I will and I need to.” He patted her taught yellow panties as he explained further “I’m about to give you a quick lesson in maturity.”

“No! Honey please! I was just tired and everyone was tired. I didn’t mean to complain in front of them. I’ll..I’ll do anything. I’ll even be nice to Aunt Gee.” she began a desperate plea.

“You continue to set a bad example to the little ones, plus you are being rude to your Aunt. You are acting like a spoilt brat and I’m tired of it.”

He yanked at her delicate panties as her knees trembled in anticipation of what was to come. Instead of what she was expecting, she felt his large hand rub her bottom softly, caressing her cheeks, feeling her curves. Goosebumps sprouted throughout her tender skin just as his thick fingers began to wander. Suddenly both his hands reached out and spreading her warm cheeks wide.

“Ohh!” she gasped feeling herself being exposed fully.

“Tonight I’m going to teach your rude lil’ ass a long, hard deep lesson,” he warned as his thick thumb sunk between her cheeks and threateningly pressed against her tight, petite bottomhole.

“Nooo! Pp…please, I’ll be good, I’ll be good” she pouted and kicked her legs in a frenzy.

“Well, I’m about to place some insurance that you will behave today” and with that he raised his hand full force and brought it down with a thunderous slap. Her pale tender ass went pink on impact. Before she had a moment to catch her breath he began raining down a full and thorough spanking on her jiggling bottom. She kicked and skirmmed, yelping in frustration as her panties slid further and further down between her legs. She muffled her own screams into the couch pillow as the heat and pain rose higher and higher in her quickly throbbing bottom.

"!" she whined out her protests "I..I'll...beee..ggoo... I'll be good! I promise! ...Oooowww!

In what seemed to her like an hour later, he finally pulled her partially upright as she leaned over him. “Take those panties off”

“No, Hon! Why? Ppleasse, don't make me” she worried about his unclear intentions.

“Are these the panties you just bought? The ones you bought to specifically match this outfit?” he asked knowing full well the answer.

“Yyyess.” she answered looking away.

“Take them off and give them to me now!” he commanded.

“Ppplease, noo,” she bit her lip staring at him now.

“Now, young lady!” he ordered with a single smack targeted at the small junction between her cheeks and thighs.


She stood up not wanting to press him further and slowly lowered her panties one side then the other until they dropped to her heels.

“Come on, time is wasting,” he tapped his foot at her.

As she bent over to retrieve them he delivered another smack to her bottom.

“Oww! Ohhh.” she hopped up managing only to release one foot from the leg hole of her prized undergarment. 


She finally completed the task and reluctantly handed them over.

“Get down here,” he pulled her down to her knees in front of him and raised her face to meet his.

“You’ll get your lil' fancy panties back when you start acting like a big girl. You'll have to earn your big girl panties. For now I’m holding onto these, understood or do I need to reinforce the concept?”

She blinked at him with pleading eyes and nodded gratefully for the moment, not wanting to say or do anything to get herself in further trouble. She watched as he folded and placed the scrap of satin fabric, the tiny guardian of her decency, into his coat pocket.

“Now let’s go,” he ordered standing them both up and leading her towards the door by the arm.

“Ww,wait!” she protested, “I need to run upstairs and get another pair to wear.”

He smiled at her, “Silly girl, you don’t understand do you?” he looked at her shaking his head.

“You are going out without panties today. The only thing between that hard unforgiving hardwood pew and your spanked ass will be your flimsy sundress. I want to make sure you feel that stiff oak pressing against your punished, spoilt ass while you sit there like a good girl. ”

She looked at him in disbelief as he marched her out the door and to the car.
He held the door open for her, as always, while she leaned in.

“You might consider praying for small mercies, that it isn’t the typical long homily.”
He teased as he grabbed a firm hold of her still tender ass cheek, letting his thick fingers slide as deep as the lightweight material would allow; which without panties to offer any resistance his fingers sunk deep.

“Ohhh” she whimpered softly trying not to call attention to herself.

"Remember set a good example or else. Or else I'll deal with you tonight" he smiled pulling his fingers out from between her tender cheeks slowly, leaving the silk material wedged fully between her cheeks, and then proceeded to slap her ass one more time for good measure. 



Anybody miss my stories?