Monday, October 28, 2013

Who's Ready for Halloween?

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Who's ready for Halloween?
Well, I for one am and honestly I have to say I love Halloween. It is possibly my favorite holiday. Amongst so many other reasons, the costumes drive my imagination wild. All those costumed, sexy, spankable young ladies, walking all around town...What is there not to like?

I plan to post another story later this week, but am undecided as which to post as I have three in the works. Anyone care to share their preference for which to post first?

  • A) Halloween: Witches Tamed
  • B) Work Related: Casual Friday
  • C) Another Commuting story: On the Bus Again

In the mean time, I leave you with a couple of treats from the archives:

1) What is YOUR Favorite Halloween Costume? You can read about my preferences on a post I wrote awhile back. Not too much has changed since I wrote that. You can read and share you opinions there:

2) Any Favorite Sexy Halloween Stories? You can read one of my Halloween stories at the following link. That story is told in an interesting and unique narrative point of view in my opinion. Go ahead and (re)read it and let me know what you think, or share your own story:

And not too worry, here are a few visuals to hold you over 'till next time.
Visuals of one of my favorite Halloween subjects:

Black Pussy Cats!

First we have the naughty kittens above who are growling and hissing 
and or so ready to pounce. 

Remember ladies, you dare to scratch me - I'll spank! 
Yes, I am prepared to deal with all three of you individually.

Now, how exactly were those costumes put on? Let's take a closer look. Leotards over fishnets....hmmm?
Looks like those bare bottom spankings are going to be quite revealing.

Next we have this playful kitten who is ready to play. 
What is that dunkin-for-apples?
Oh wait. Those aren't apples!
Naughty kitten (smh), is that sangria or jungle juice...hmm?

Why don't you remove the few apples to avoid confusion. Go ahead and bend over that barrel and bob for the apples that are in there.

I'll stand behind you and offer you some ongoing motivation. Doesn't look like your dress will offer much that a dress?
Did you forget your dress?
You are a confused kitten and need some sorting out, that is for sure.

Then we have this kitten. One word — Wow!
No need to say a word young lady, you spelled it all out clearly.

Very original costume I must say, the good ol' "free kitten in a box" theme.
Well let me take this pet home.
Yes, time to go and deal with you Miss Naughty Pussy.
Someone is in obvious need of some undivided attention.

A good meal, warm milk, a firm spanking, a serious pounding and off to bed....
so much is in store for you.

Remember Comments are Always Encouraged! 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pop Quiz: Pantyhose Proper

What's the story morning glories? 

Everyone awake this morning?
OK now students listen up. 

Pop quiz! Short essay format. 

Oh and yes; this essay is just for the 'young ladies' out there who on occasion happen to drop by. (Sorry guys. You guys get a free pass on this one.) 
Ladies...excuse me. No whining!

Today's essay topic... 
Something I have pondered for a long time and would like to hear your individual answers to the following:

What is the correct way to wear pantyhose (tights, hose, etc.); with or without panties? Please answer in complete sentences and support your statements. 

- Is there a "proper" way to wear pantyhose, a general rule, a fashion guideline? 
- What dictates what a 'young lady' should wear? 
- Is it a regional norm or something that differs primarily based on climate? 
- Is it a cultural and or national norm?  
- Or is merely a preference while one way underlyingly remains "right" and the other "wrong".
- Furthermore, if panties were meant to be worn with hose, why then do some brands have very fancy looking "panty" areas?

On a personal note:
Of the girls I have known, there has not been a norm; some of these young ladies choose to wear panties with pantyhose while others choose to go without. I dated a girl for awhile who never wore panties underneath her pantyhose. I would always be a little surprised every time she would undress. She would then whisper to me in her coy way, barely spilling the words out, "Silly, they are called 'panty' hose for a reason – so you don't need to wear 'panties'"; while purposely stalling at the word "panties" pretending to be embarrased. My current girl would never think of going without panties underneath her tights and simply shakes her head at my questioning; refusing to expand on my sincere curiosity.

Bonus Questions:
What is the story behind white panties being the norm when panties are in fact worn under pantyhose? Why are other style of panties, thongs for example, less common when thongs are most likely worn on other occasions by these same girls?

OK, young ladies get to work on these essays. Remember, these are not to be one word answers. Answers should be in complete sentences. You have 24 hours to turn in your assignments. 

OK, stop procrastinating and get started. I am sure none of you want to be turning in late assignments as there will be obvious harsh consequences should anyone fail to meet the deadline. For those of you who seem to enjoy detention, remember, let's just turn in the assignments on time and realize that there is no need for detention as grading is always harsh in my class.