Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pop Quiz: Pantyhose Proper

What's the story morning glories? 

Everyone awake this morning?
OK now students listen up. 

Pop quiz! Short essay format. 

Oh and yes; this essay is just for the 'young ladies' out there who on occasion happen to drop by. (Sorry guys. You guys get a free pass on this one.) 
Ladies...excuse me. No whining!

Today's essay topic... 
Something I have pondered for a long time and would like to hear your individual answers to the following:

What is the correct way to wear pantyhose (tights, hose, etc.); with or without panties? Please answer in complete sentences and support your statements. 

- Is there a "proper" way to wear pantyhose, a general rule, a fashion guideline? 
- What dictates what a 'young lady' should wear? 
- Is it a regional norm or something that differs primarily based on climate? 
- Is it a cultural and or national norm?  
- Or is merely a preference while one way underlyingly remains "right" and the other "wrong".
- Furthermore, if panties were meant to be worn with hose, why then do some brands have very fancy looking "panty" areas?

On a personal note:
Of the girls I have known, there has not been a norm; some of these young ladies choose to wear panties with pantyhose while others choose to go without. I dated a girl for awhile who never wore panties underneath her pantyhose. I would always be a little surprised every time she would undress. She would then whisper to me in her coy way, barely spilling the words out, "Silly, they are called 'panty' hose for a reason – so you don't need to wear 'panties'"; while purposely stalling at the word "panties" pretending to be embarrased. My current girl would never think of going without panties underneath her tights and simply shakes her head at my questioning; refusing to expand on my sincere curiosity.

Bonus Questions:
What is the story behind white panties being the norm when panties are in fact worn under pantyhose? Why are other style of panties, thongs for example, less common when thongs are most likely worn on other occasions by these same girls?

OK, young ladies get to work on these essays. Remember, these are not to be one word answers. Answers should be in complete sentences. You have 24 hours to turn in your assignments. 

OK, stop procrastinating and get started. I am sure none of you want to be turning in late assignments as there will be obvious harsh consequences should anyone fail to meet the deadline. For those of you who seem to enjoy detention, remember, let's just turn in the assignments on time and realize that there is no need for detention as grading is always harsh in my class.


  1. Hi Enzo. I am still poking around your site but I really am enjoying your blog. This may amuse you but my ex-wife wore her panties OVER her panty hose to keep them up so they wouldn't sag. In a strange way it was quite sexy.

  2. Hi Michael.

    Thanks for sharing that amusing tidbit! That has to be a unique subcategory.

    Will Season be sharing her preference?

    Glad you are enjoying the site. Would especially like to hear your comments on some of the story posts, such as the one previous to this one.

  3. Time must be up and not a single essay reply from 'the girls'. How very disappointing - but your report on the harsh consequences will be worth reading I think!

    I know I'm excluded from this research but my preference as a viewer is for tights (that's what we call pantyhose this side of the pond) to be worn without knickers (that's what we call panties - but I prefer the word panties myself so that's the last time you'll get 'knickers' from me).

    And a personal account: my wife always wears panties underneath, I have never asked why but must do that some time. Most time seems to be taken up in deciding whether the tights she puts on are black or navy, it's almost impossible to tell the difference until they are on and even then it's difficult. Apparently navy with black or black with navy are big 'fashion failures'. If asked my opinion on whether they are black or navy I find a way of not passing comment. It's a no win!

  4. Yes, I am disappointed that no one submitted an essay; perhaps an extension might be in order (with consequences in order of course).

    I prefer the word "panties" for my own reasons as well which I should share in a post at some point.

    Thanks for sharing your wife's preference as well as your own. To clarify what is she trying to match, "navy with black or black with navy" what? Is she trying to match her tights to her panties? or to her other clothes?

  5. To her other clothes, Enzo. I realised that wasn't too clear on rereading my post now. She has a great variety of panties and doesn't spend much time deciding which to wear. I guess she doesn't expect anyone else to see them ... but me (and sometimes the doctor I suppose!

  6. My wife always wears them under. She claims this is the only way to do it.

  7. @OBB
    Hi Bogey -
    Thanks for sharing Bacall's preference!
    Some questions still remain such as, "If panties were meant to be worn with hose, why then do some brands have very fancy looking 'panty' areas?"

  8. Well I always ware panties, because I heard of a lady how had bad problem's when wareing panty hose with out panties, so panties always.

  9. So I am supper late on this assignment. I always wore pantyhose under fancy dresses as a child. I'd consider it proper to wear them under a dress for a fancy event, church, wedding, maybe work. I'd say in the last 10 years or so the need has declined. I occasionally wonder if I should where them under a dress but haven't in a long time.

    I've always worn underwear under them. It just seems more sanitary. They usually get pulls or rips in them quickly and I always wore them so infrequently, I'd buy a pair when needed and just wear it right out the package. The pair's I usually get at the drug store don't have fancy panty prints.

    They never like to stay up and seem to ride downwards. My aunt told me wearing underwear on the outside of them would help keep them up.

    I'd consider tight highs and a garter as a treat for my husband, but I haven't been able to find a practical garter belt that I could actually button and wear for a few hours on a date without it coming undone.


  10. Hi Heather -
    Happy to see you are reading some of my older work.

    Thank you for sharing and completing the assignment. So the need has declined due to a decline in fancy events or? I think wearing them especially in darker or brighter colors makes any outfit/occasion fancier.

    Wearing them straight out of the package seems like a common thing to do, at least with the girls I have known and not an issue. I remember a big issue was always getting the color right as a lot of the girls would try to match their skin tone, which is something I never understood.

    If I recall correctly, we spoke on another one of my posts about thigh highs and the brands that do stay up. Do you remember that?

    But overall yes, indeed you are late on this assignment. And if you remember I stated their are harsh consequences should anyone fail to meet the deadline. Now what should we do about that?



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