Friday, May 30, 2014

Her Gifts: Remembering

It had been a somber weekend that is still lingering into the next. 

Attending to memories of those gone long before us. Remembering those gone who were there once besides us.  From a war zone on our streets, the sad by-products of yet another group searching for the American Dream, to a battlefield for others' gains. Merely looking for a way out. Duty, honor...not undermining that, but what was really gained? Perhaps added perspective, which we all had plenty of  to begin with. We already took nothing for granted. No need for life lessons; we had already seen more, lived more, than most of those our real age.

Coming back not to the support seen these days. The support shown these days – call it what you may, criticize it if you see the need; but the truth is that it is better than what was received coming back from some "random skirmish" that so many forget and overlook. (Yet, needless to say a thousand times better than those a generation before us.) Not complaining just stating an optimistic fact that at least it is better. At least on the surface, for the wars still remain.

From that nonsense to senseless ends at a place of higher learning. Innocents and broken warning systems. What are the lessons here? That wealth before our very eyes is apparently not enough. Fractured conversations and skewed perspectives no amount of monetary wealth could fix. Self imposed rejection, true rejection or simple mental struggles; regardless the tears are the same.  History repeats itself. History repeats itself from 10 years earlier, same place, similar stories. I had friends there too. They too are forever changed. 

All of it creates a thicker crust at your foundation. Layers and layers above all the other daily struggles. You learn to rise above it all, take the higher road; if you leave with nothing you leave with your honor and the world a better place by those you touched. 

All that deep thinking you see me doing; it all goes away when you come through with your simple gifts. Doing those little things that warm my heart and put a smile on my face. Really, I don't need much more than that. 

I buy small things for you; leave them out for you. No occasion, no explanation, no expectation. I don't need to see you put any of it on; just knowing you have is enough. 

But when you do. When you go as far as showing me. That is the sunshine through the clouds we all seek at some point or another...or to some, like me, everyday.

"Look, I'm wearing 'em."

This is an illustration by an artist named Cameron Stewart.
His line work is so very similar to mine, but he captured this so perfectly
I couldn't resist using it.

Friday, May 16, 2014

6:45 Friday

"I have been here for over an hour waiting..."

"I told you I would get to you as soon as I can."

"FINE. People are just starting to notice me here – all by myself."

"I am trying to finish up here."

"Well, if you wait too long someone else may take notice of me…Just sayinn."

"Really? Mind the attitude Young Lady."

"Two guys have asked if I was waiting for someone…two cute guys."

"Yes and...?"

"Well they were obviously admiring my legs while I am staring at the walls here…All. By. Myself."

"OK I get it; but I told you I have something to take care of before I can leave the office."

"I am tired of waiting AND hunnngryy!"

"Quite whining and behave yourself until I get there."

"But…I am hunnngryy!"

"Enough Young Lady! Enough. 

I realize it is Friday night and you have been waiting, but I did text you earlier today to have a late lunch as dinner would be later than planned. On top of that remember business pays for these nice dinners to begin with.  

Order yourself a glass of wine, take a deep breath and count your blessings.

In fact, why don't you count out six things you should be grateful about rather than complaining about. You can recite those for me tonight…after dinner...over my lap. 

Yes, bottoms up over my lap. You can think about that as well. Contemplate how you are going to feel after you get a serious attitude adjustment via a firm spanking tonight. 

See you in an hour. Bye."


"As for You, Young Lady; I thought I was done with you. 

Unfortunately that was my girlfriend who is now upset I am late to dinner…late because of YOU. Therefore it is only fair, I should teach you about the the repercussions of your mindless actions. 

Step away from the corner and come over here and bend over the desk. Now!

I know. I know. I was rather enjoying the view with your nose to the corner and that pert bottom on full display.

Quit your pouting. Come on.

Did I say you could pull up your panties? No I did NOT!
Leave them around your thighs as is and shuffle that tight ass of yours over here now.

Such an adorable scene. 
Careful, don't drop them. Don't trip. 

Come on scoot.

Those sheer white panties are really the perfect touch. A nice contrast to those reddened cheeks. Perhaps you should leave them with me after I am done with you; what do you think?

Oh, close your mouth. It would serve you right.

Go on bend over. I am late as is.
Such delicious creamy, tender cheeks.

Now to get some additional firm practice in on your tight ass before I deal with my spoiled girlfriend tonight."


Hope you enjoyed that quick story to get your weekend going.

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Friday, May 9, 2014

Survey Results: Solace

So the results of my Flash Survey weren't a landslide in any direction, rather a tie; plus a close second. For the record, I am honestly surprised that no one choose option 4, Tax Day at the Post OfficeOn the surface I am certain that subject could have been perceived as a dull story; when in fact it is one of the more unique stories within the choices. 

Since we have a tie, I will be the tie-breaker. Since I have been in a certain mood I shall choose:

• Seeking Solace on a Deeper Level •

Let us begin:
I have asked this question before and I will ask it again, but now on a deeper level.
"Am I the only one seeking solace?"

Last week I was there again. Another stress-filled week with long no-end-in-sight days. What is one to do in times like this? Find a release. Find an outlet. Diffuse the pressure.

Alcohol, chocolate, junk food or for some exercise.

Well, my "drug" of choice…
my jonesing is for…
         my uncontrollable urge...
...all lead in one direction….

Yes, the overwhelming desire to put a young lady over my lap and spank some firm sense into her tight ass. 

Not a simple and quick spanking, but rather a precise and thorough hiding. I have found that a progression of layered punishment works best. A spanking beginning over her taut panties. Cotton-spandex stretched to its limit only to eventually fail its job; releasing an ample target of pale, untanned skin. From the clapping echoing sound of tender flesh disciplined, to the sound of spoilt whimpering, to the visual bursts of flying hair and kicking feet; all aid in helping find my solace.

However, there are days when even this is not enough! When her spoiled, ungrateful, petty attitude takes center stage; I then seek solace on a much deeper level. 

Often times, punishment and discipline hold their own. Other times, like these, desire carries me over the edge. 

After her ass is reddened, warmed over and throbbing; that is when my full lust surfaces. Flipped over onto her feet for a mere moment and then bent over. That is when I unzip my pants and find what truly soothes the soul. 

On days like these, I madly pull cloth out of the way and release my stiff erection like a bullet ready to strike. Placing my large hands on your very pale naked cheeks I slowly spread tender flesh apart. I pause for a second to confirm my target and then push myself in to you... just enough. 

Just enough so that the head of my solid erection enters you and then I stop. Just far enough so you realize my full thickness. This small gesture, this pause, will be the only solitary respite you will experience as I will submit to my lust and completely cease to be a gentleman from this point forward.

Your momentary shock and hope for something gentle will instantly disappear. Today I will not be a gentleman. No foreplay, no caresses. No gentleness. Today it will be raw. This is the conclusion of my frustration as I pound you as gently as a jackhammer. Your pouting will be my motivation to keep going. Your tightness a pure pleasure. Some other time and place I would have waited for you to go first, but today it will be about me and my desires. My only thoughts of slowing down will be the fleeting thoughts of resisting the urge to explode in you too suddenly. The progression of your bitchiness quickly disappearing as your pouting grows ever louder; your submission becoming clearer with every thrust. The will to not finish, not finish until I have made clear my message... 

Again I will ask, I can't be the only one who gets this uncontrollable urge am I?
Someone tell me I am not alone.