Friday, May 16, 2014

6:45 Friday

"I have been here for over an hour waiting..."

"I told you I would get to you as soon as I can."

"FINE. People are just starting to notice me here – all by myself."

"I am trying to finish up here."

"Well, if you wait too long someone else may take notice of me…Just sayinn."

"Really? Mind the attitude Young Lady."

"Two guys have asked if I was waiting for someone…two cute guys."

"Yes and...?"

"Well they were obviously admiring my legs while I am staring at the walls here…All. By. Myself."

"OK I get it; but I told you I have something to take care of before I can leave the office."

"I am tired of waiting AND hunnngryy!"

"Quite whining and behave yourself until I get there."

"But…I am hunnngryy!"

"Enough Young Lady! Enough. 

I realize it is Friday night and you have been waiting, but I did text you earlier today to have a late lunch as dinner would be later than planned. On top of that remember business pays for these nice dinners to begin with.  

Order yourself a glass of wine, take a deep breath and count your blessings.

In fact, why don't you count out six things you should be grateful about rather than complaining about. You can recite those for me tonight…after dinner...over my lap. 

Yes, bottoms up over my lap. You can think about that as well. Contemplate how you are going to feel after you get a serious attitude adjustment via a firm spanking tonight. 

See you in an hour. Bye."


"As for You, Young Lady; I thought I was done with you. 

Unfortunately that was my girlfriend who is now upset I am late to dinner…late because of YOU. Therefore it is only fair, I should teach you about the the repercussions of your mindless actions. 

Step away from the corner and come over here and bend over the desk. Now!

I know. I know. I was rather enjoying the view with your nose to the corner and that pert bottom on full display.

Quit your pouting. Come on.

Did I say you could pull up your panties? No I did NOT!
Leave them around your thighs as is and shuffle that tight ass of yours over here now.

Such an adorable scene. 
Careful, don't drop them. Don't trip. 

Come on scoot.

Those sheer white panties are really the perfect touch. A nice contrast to those reddened cheeks. Perhaps you should leave them with me after I am done with you; what do you think?

Oh, close your mouth. It would serve you right.

Go on bend over. I am late as is.
Such delicious creamy, tender cheeks.

Now to get some additional firm practice in on your tight ass before I deal with my spoiled girlfriend tonight."


Hope you enjoyed that quick story to get your weekend going.

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  1. I really liked your story vary good.

  2. Patricia- Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
    Glad you liked it; I tried to add a twist to the story.

  3. Your welcome Sir I love a good spanking story.

  4. Stories like this make me ponder why I crave getting into trouble, when I do try to be a good submissive...but ee, punishments like that are hot. lol. Made me squirm, great post. :)



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