Friday, December 19, 2014

Is Santa Naughty or Nice?

How is everyone surviving the most wonderful stressful time of the year?
Are your to-do lists getting smaller as the days get closer?
Are the gifts purchased, wrapped and shipped?
Wishing you all the best of luck and may holiday peace be yours soon.

Since I know everyone is busy; I offer you just a quick post today
in exchange for your quick comment.


During this time of year, the most popular holiday themed spanking fantasy gets a lot of attention. That of course is the one involving Santa delivering spanking to naughty young ladies. 

For holiday themed fantasy comparative purposes, the Easter Bunny doesn't get nearly as much play as Santa does; even around Easter time. Although to be fair, a photoset involving the Easter Bunny delivery a spanking was one of the first spanking images I came across in my early searches of the old world wide web.

So where do YOU stand on this fantasy? 

It seems to me to be a very divided and polarizing fantasy. There are those who love the Santa checking his naughty list and delivering spankings to deserving young ladies. These folks love the pictures, illustrations and stories around the jolly spanking fellow and can't seem to get enough of the red.

Then there is the other camp who wants nothing to do with this fantasy. Their aversion to Santa spanks is best described as very similar to my aversion to clown sex which is summoned up as; good for you, none for me thanks. Nope. Keep your clown nose and oversized shoes and your creepy, white face paint. I'll be waiting outside. In the car. With the engine running.

OK perhaps not the best example. Especially if you are OK with indulging in both the fantasy of a jolly plump guy in a red suit spanking away naughty deeds; as well as a strange guy in an an oversized paisley suit with a fake water-squirting flower and rainbow afro-hair spanking away...

Getting back to the point:

So tell Me, tell Us, pleases share; 
where do you stand on the Santa fantasy?

Santa Spanks - Can't get enough of it!


Santa Spanks - Can't click away fast enough.

I will share my stance on the topic once everyone has had a chance to comment.

Again for the record in case there is any doubt, we are talking strictly and only about an All Adult fantasy here.  
I do not want to hear about anything else nor does anyone else.


  1. Split household. Santa is a big yawn to me, while Bacall likes a Santa spanking.

  2. Yeah I can relate Bogey. Part of the reason for my post is wondering if I have just missed out on a good Santa spanking story. I have yet to find a truly enjoyable or unique one.

  3. I believe that Santa, should spank every naughty female that is on his list. And I am sure its a very long list. Of course, it should be on her bare bottom, wearing garter-belt and stockings to accent that beautiful derriere.

  4. A spanking story is a spanking story. I don't run from Santa stories but they aren't my favorite.

  5. like the santa spankings

  6. Delayed response as I'm catching up on my on blog comments post Holidays.

    six of the best - I agree with you. Thanks for commenting!

    anonymous - I'm with you, but have you ever read a good Santa spanking story?Thanks for commenting.

    Explorer - Thanks for sharing!

  7. Definitely not for me. The obesity, white hair, long beard, and fire-engine red furry suit is just a huge turn-off. Now if Santa started working out and put on a suit and tie...then we could talk.

  8. Hi Autumn -

    LOL, well when you describe Santa like that I'm sure he'd be a turn off to most. I'm guessing those fond of the fantasy are more into what he represents (all knowing authority figure, the naughty list etc) vs his well known physique...but then again I may be wrong!

    Always appreciate your comments.


  9. Love santa spanking stories otk naughty mums in his grotto getting a spanking on there bottoms making there bottoms and face match his tinic please give us more stories


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