Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Happy Wednesday

Happy Wednesday or is she?

This adult Wednesday doesn't appear too happy does she?

Did I disturb you, young lady?

What are you working on there? Is that your Tarot deck and Book of Spells? 

What have I told you about playing with those?

Did you forget what I warned you about, the Rule of Three?

Naughty Girl, those curses are going to come back and bite you, bite you in the ass.
Your bottom is going to get punished in three different ways.


Who wouldn't want to punish this petulant Wednesday?


Who's ready for Halloween? I cant believe we are only a few days away.

Any plans or costumes you care to share?   


Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Random and Selective Update

Back in July I posted an update on some of my personal going-ons and felt it might be time for a follow up. Not so much for anyone’s sake as opposed to my own, as I doubt most of you visit here with the primary purpose of hearing my personal ramblings. No shame in coming here for the eye candy and narrative sweets I share. If you are so inclined and or prudent you can see my July Update post, linked here, in order to refresh your memory.

If you don’t care about any personal ramblings about some of my select relationships, you can skip this post all together or scroll down past these next few paragraphs.


The State of Dating - A Selective Update

The NotofthisLifestyle - As I had previously mentioned, the relationship with the one girl who I was dating in early 2020, but was not of our persuasion, had come to an end. Although the romantic relationship was over, I still had intents and interest in keeping the platonic friendship alive. Sparing you the details, what I have learned is that not everyone shares a desire to keep a friendship with their ex’s even when the breakup is amicable. The bad side of her character came forward. I’m not sure what the biggest take away is; if I am shocked by what was revealed, happy that I saw when I did (and not while in the relationship) or simply just disappointed that I had mistook someone’s character so incorrectly.
The Submissive - Another relationship I had referenced was a more recent one with a girl who had gone thorough her own journey of self discovery to come to acceptance of her own genuine submissive personality. Although this might appear on the surface as the ideal dream girl for someone like me, there were many things that didn’t feel quite right. In brief, for some reason or another, the spark wasn’t lit as bright and steady as it should be. (My previous July Update post has more details if you are needing a longer explanation.)

So as far as this relationship goes, to update, I recently called it off. It was a hard decision, but after adjusting to it I think it was the best thing to do, and yes the best for both of us. People deserve to be adored by those they are in a relationship with, although it can never truly be equal, it shouldn’t be heavily weighted on one side.

To add to that, yes this lifestyle is important to me and crucial; but the foundation of any lasting relationship is more than just physical. (And to clarify,
a relationship is the only thing she wanted and not just a play partner.)

Is that too sentimental for some of you?
Sorry, not sorry.  I am not one to take advantage of others.

So...all this has led me back to a familiar road, unfortunately. Back tracking to this road, a road that feels like starting over. And yet, I hope this time it leads me to finding something out there that fits all my needs just right and on all levels.

Yes it is highly probable that what I seek is waning and improbable. Nevertheless I shall seek.


And if you have read all that, I’ll leave you with some eye candy as a reward.

Some good ol’ tried and true OTK
Spanking imagery and one of my favorites (although I don't know its origin):

Also, because it is Wednesday after all and I am long overdue on my Wednesday theme posts, one of which is Windy Wednesday. And the following is indeed a beautiful example of a Windy Upskirt, dare to tell me I'm wrong:


No polls this week, but as always, your thoughts and comments are always appreciated.

Enjoy your week and continue to be safe out there.

Monday, October 4, 2021

Revisited: Top Logic or Double Standard?

I was actually hoping to share a new story this weekend, but the days are slipping away fast and the motivation to edit draft stories is hard as I’m constantly being drawn out of the zone due to my thoughts drifting back to this seemingly never ending plague. Is it just me or do others feel the same?

Therefore I searched the archives to bring you this little treat. I originally published this years ago. Yes, literally years. Not sure if any of you would remember it, but I am re-sharing it now. I’ve updated and edited this vignette.

Oh the days before mandatory masks, of casually strolling through busy streets...

As always, but especially in theses days, I hope this tale serves as a momentary distraction.


top noun log•ic noun

: When a dominant partner attempts to explain to a young lady the reason for providing systematic firm correction of incipient failures after they occur, but prior to developing into major defects. - author: Enzo

"But whyyy? Whyyy, did you have to spank me, I didn't do anything wrong?!" she daringly interrupts, wincing her petulant face towards me while simultaneously attempting to look away in apparent dread of my response.

"You still fail to understand. You have no one to blame but yourself. This is your own fault!"

"Bubu, butt...I didn't do anything wrong today, it's still morning!"
she pouts.

"That is exactly the problem, you don’t think you did anything wrong. Tell me Young Lady, what is wrong with what you were wearing out in public this morning?”

"Umm…I don’t knooo. It was just the same thing; same way as how I’m dressed nooww."
 she responds while pulling down at the hem of her shorts in an attempt to cover her bottom cheeks. It is to no avail as the well-stretched cotton simply snaps back up to its former place, once more leaving ample amounts of desirable flesh exposed.

"Yes, I know you went out how you are dressed now; but I asked you a very specific question. What is wrong with what you are wearing for public?

She blinks rapidly as her mind attempts to process,
bubu, butt..., I thought  you liked me wearing these lil' shorts.”

“I do like you wearing those shorts. At home.
I explain as I undo the metal buckle and pull off my belt in a single tug. The swish of leather dominates the room. I gather the black cowhide in my hands, turn it once upon itself and snap it with a loud crack to emphasize my statement.

She shudders at the sound of the threat and replies, answering directly to it, “But, but you said you liked how they show off my butt.”

“Yes, they do show off your big juicy ass. They show it off nicely because they hardly cover it! Which does not mean I like you parading your ass around town in that outfit.”

“It was just a quick run to Starbucks; down to Main Street. I just needed my pumpkin spice latte. I heard it just went on sale, so I walked down to Main in like less than thirty minutes. I mean hardly anyone I knew saw me. I doubt anyone really noticed.

It was okay really; the rude comments were only from two ladies…I mean it wasn’t any of the guys…I mean they looked, I could tell, but it isn’t like they said anything. They just stared at me, but that’s it, so it's fine, right?”

“I don’t like you dressing like this when I am not around.
With your ass cheeks on display. Now bend over, I’m not finished with you yet!”

"Bubu, butt, I...I’m done. It hurts. Your hand really hurt a lot already. I just wannnna go shower…”

“You should have showered and changed before you went out this morning. Not gone out in what you wore to bed.”

“Bu..buuut, I didn’t wear these to bed;
you know I just wear panties to bed."

“The point is that those shorts are so damn tight and short, I am sure anyone who saw you strutting you ass around this morning, thought you were just wearing panties!

“Butt..but they aren’t and, and
I have panties on underneath! Besides, I really thought you liked them?!”

“You don’t get it. That’s why you need this.
If you want to show off your ass, you can show off your spanked red ass.

I tug at her shorts, struggling to get them over her ample bottom while she squirms and peddle-kicks in place, protesting to no avail. A moment later her shorts are down and greeting her ankles. I proceed to tug and pull at her panties which seem to put up a fight all on their own. I end up having to roll them over on themselves only to fold them down again over her ample cheeks. Finally her appropriately colored panties surrender. I leave them high taught around her thighs; both for my own visual pleasure, but also knowing full well how she hates this placement, how it magnifies her humiliation. 

Without further warning, I release the belt and it lands on her unprotected skin with a merciless slap.

“Owww! Fuhhhh…Ohohoh…”
 she lurches forward into the sofa, her fingernails dig into upholstered fabric, her toes on end nearly leaving the cold wooden floor while she inhales sharply and slowly releases a high pitched shriek.

I follow through with four more swings. Four more heat inducing, instantaneously throbbing smacks of dark harsh leather against delicate, naked pale flesh. All precisely aimed where they will cause the most impact and leave the longest impression, the crease of her sit spot.

Her perky bottom jiggles uncontrollably upon every impact. To which she
 involuntary further follows through with immediate, repetitive clenching and releasing of her cheeks. She hides her head in the cushions knowing that her movements are revealing so much, so much more than just her bare bottom.

I place my hand softly on her throbbing cheeks to gauge the temperature. Her bottom radiates a warm heat as expected, but something instantly catches my eye. She flinches as my hands spread her cheeks apart as I confirm my suspicions.

"Really, Young Lady?”

I say nothing more, but shake my head and proceed to pull down further on the thin waistband of her panties positioning them further down, now just above her knees at half-mast, before releasing the elastic with an intentional snap. Her only response a muffled whimper.

I raise the belt high and release the final strike aimed squarely across the center of her wide cheeks. It hits the target with an echoing impact, but her scream never comes. Instead she clenches tightly and pulls her legs together. The precise strike slowly reveals itself in a darkening blush outline on her cheeks as the almost audible sound of her dainty white panties slipping and falling softly past her knees and down her calves.

Sensing I am done, s
he pulls her shoulders back and then brings her arms into her chest embracing herself and exhales. I relax and lower my hand. The punisher retreats victorious, guided slowly, weaving in and around before I secure it in place behind temporary bars until it is called upon again.

I wait for her to catch her breath before giving out reminders and instructions; “I’ll see you tonight for dinner so be sure
you get yourself cleaned up and feeling pretty by the time I get back.

Clearly choking back tears, she glances over her shoulder hesitantly while still bent over the small love seat. Her voice cracks as she asks, “Sooo, wha, wwhere are we goin'? Wat do, wat do you want me to wear?”

“Did you forget, we are meeting up with Jasmine and her new boyfriend for drinks and burgers tonight?

I’ll make it simple on you. Real simple in fact. Wear something that shows off those nice long legs of yours; a pair of your nice strappy heels.

Just pick a pair that goes with shorts.

Except you won’t be wearing shorts; you'll only be wearing these again tonight!"

Turning her head sideways she looks up at me; her expression spent and perplexed.

“Let me spell it out for you, young lady. You’ll only be wearing these panties.”

Her gentle mouth drops open as her naturally large eyes bulge further from the shock.

“What? They cover about the same amount of your ass as those shorts do and you didn’t seem to have a problem parading around in those earlier, did you?

And since it is only down on Main Street; we will walk.
Its a simple thirty minute walk, right?"

Her lip begins to tremble and her eyes bulge further as the realizations flood in.

Don't worry. It'll be fine.

It’ll be just like wearing those shorts. Just like it.

I doubt anyone will really notice.
Isn't that what you said before?
Plus, I'm sure hardly anyone will be out on such beautiful rare warm evening like tonight. Right?

You'll be fine.
In fact, it will be good for you."


I hope you enjoyed that excerpt. So was it a well deserved belting? And what about the required outfit for that evening?

Always appreciate any feedback especially comments.

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