Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Random and Selective Update

Back in July I posted an update on some of my personal going-ons and felt it might be time for a follow up. Not so much for anyone’s sake as opposed to my own, as I doubt most of you visit here with the primary purpose of hearing my personal ramblings. No shame in coming here for the eye candy and narrative sweets I share. If you are so inclined and or prudent you can see my July Update post, linked here, in order to refresh your memory.

If you don’t care about any personal ramblings about some of my select relationships, you can skip this post all together or scroll down past these next few paragraphs.


The State of Dating - A Selective Update

The NotofthisLifestyle - As I had previously mentioned, the relationship with the one girl who I was dating in early 2020, but was not of our persuasion, had come to an end. Although the romantic relationship was over, I still had intents and interest in keeping the platonic friendship alive. Sparing you the details, what I have learned is that not everyone shares a desire to keep a friendship with their ex’s even when the breakup is amicable. The bad side of her character came forward. I’m not sure what the biggest take away is; if I am shocked by what was revealed, happy that I saw when I did (and not while in the relationship) or simply just disappointed that I had mistook someone’s character so incorrectly.
The Submissive - Another relationship I had referenced was a more recent one with a girl who had gone thorough her own journey of self discovery to come to acceptance of her own genuine submissive personality. Although this might appear on the surface as the ideal dream girl for someone like me, there were many things that didn’t feel quite right. In brief, for some reason or another, the spark wasn’t lit as bright and steady as it should be. (My previous July Update post has more details if you are needing a longer explanation.)

So as far as this relationship goes, to update, I recently called it off. It was a hard decision, but after adjusting to it I think it was the best thing to do, and yes the best for both of us. People deserve to be adored by those they are in a relationship with, although it can never truly be equal, it shouldn’t be heavily weighted on one side.

To add to that, yes this lifestyle is important to me and crucial; but the foundation of any lasting relationship is more than just physical. (And to clarify,
a relationship is the only thing she wanted and not just a play partner.)

Is that too sentimental for some of you?
Sorry, not sorry.  I am not one to take advantage of others.

So...all this has led me back to a familiar road, unfortunately. Back tracking to this road, a road that feels like starting over. And yet, I hope this time it leads me to finding something out there that fits all my needs just right and on all levels.

Yes it is highly probable that what I seek is waning and improbable. Nevertheless I shall seek.


And if you have read all that, I’ll leave you with some eye candy as a reward.

Some good ol’ tried and true OTK
Spanking imagery and one of my favorites (although I don't know its origin):

Also, because it is Wednesday after all and I am long overdue on my Wednesday theme posts, one of which is Windy Wednesday. And the following is indeed a beautiful example of a Windy Upskirt, dare to tell me I'm wrong:


No polls this week, but as always, your thoughts and comments are always appreciated.

Enjoy your week and continue to be safe out there.


  1. Hi! Enzo, I do hope you find your forever girl, don't give up ok?

  2. Hi Anonymous - Thank you for the support! Appreciate it.
    Are you a new visitor?

    BTW - I understand the need for some to post anonymously, but since I can't see who you are anyways, consider making up a name and if you use it consistently it helps to see if you are a new or regular visitor.

  3. Of course I come back to read your personal ramblings. I rather enjoy them. It's like catching up with an old friend.

    Sorry about the first girl showing her true colours. I suppose it's a good thing you're no longer together. I find that eventually one always discovers the "bad" side of a person, especially when the glitter is gone and they're no longer bothered to put up a pretty front.

    As for the sub, I do think there is more to it than just matching kinks. If the relationship proper (kink aside) isn't sparking the way you'd like it to, then I think you're better moving on. And continuing the search. But be kind to yourself and spend time with yourself too! The right one may or may not come along... but at least you're honest with yourself.

  4. Hi Fondles - You often find a way to make me smile and that first part of your comment definitely did. Thank you for that!

    And thank you for all your thoughts.


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