Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Just Another Day....

I am back, did anyone miss me?
How about, did anyone even notice?

Yes, I was away. Longer than I had hoped. I was away left with only spotty, unreliable wifi service. I was away from home for about a week dealing with extended family situations which in real life are seldom fun. Dealing with the progression and stages of life can in fact be overwhelming at times, even for the strongest of us. 

It wasn't all bad. I was able to spend some alone time on the highway traveling through and past the open fields and beautiful landscapes of this state which I have always enjoyed. That part was not long enough, but I will take what I can get.  Sadly all those dreamscapes of open land just seem to disappear once you are back in the city. Back amongst the skyscrapers, traffic and the the overcrowded public transit systems. Back to a heatwave where you find yourself trapped within broken air-conditioned subway cars. Yet even that can have its benefits, but that is a story for another time. 


Blog Spankingland seems quiet overall; or is it just me? Perhaps it is just because I have been away. What do you think?

Well, I am back in the office, restless and  unfocused which ultimately led me to finding this old comic. It is an old favorite and I see it from time to time on the spanking tumblrs, but I was surprised to find it in its entirety. You might recognize it. 

It reminds me of the young ladies in my department from so many summers past. Although the age difference between us was far less than what is pictured here. Perhaps it is just me, but I envision a 20 year difference or so illustrated here. That aside, I always thought it needed something more. I took the liberty of colorizing it and changing the text.  

Perhaps you'll enjoy it even more now. Regardless, discipline at the office is always a good thing, right? A good thing for some; defined by your perspective no doubt. 

Hey, let's play a game. 
Look for and identify the details I added which are close to my heart. See if you can guess. Careful, don't be tricked. Click on the images for full size versions. Enjoy.


It is hard to conceal a late entrance with the 
click-clacking of heels heard all the way down the hall.
(1 detail in this scene)

Turning pale at she processes the extent of the punishment to come.

Not just a spanking, but a full bare-bottom spanking
for added humiliation.
(2 details in this scene)

He's not being gentle at all with her; in fact she is given 
a firm disciplinary spanking to the point of tears!

The punishment continues on, while she is only able to kick and pout,
until she is left throbbing and aching, crying and flushed red throughout.
(2 details in this scene, 1 is repeated from earlier.)

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Monday, July 6, 2015

The Truly Beautiful Game

everyday snapshot 

Just a brief, seemingly off-topic post.

I seldom go entirely off-topic on this blog, but today I felt the overwhelming need to share a positive overall post. 

If you are a frequent visitor here you are aware of my love of soccer; reminders here and here. And if you've been listening to even some half descent news show you may also be aware that the Women's World Cup, held in Canada, ended yesterday with an incredible overall triumph for the US Team

Of course I hold a bias towards the US Team. That final game truly was one for the record books. I wanted to take today and salute these women on an excellent performance throughout and especially on their final match vs. Japan. Here's to you Ladies!

On the surface it may seem odd to some readers here, or even some people who think they know me, that I am saluting the Women's World Cup athletes here on this blog. 

Well, it shouldn't.
It shouldn't in the least. 

As much as I find the need to handle certain young ladies in my own firm ways, preach about certain attitude adjustments that should be made to certain individuals; none of that correlates to me in looking down on women. Quite the opposite. Actually I share the factual belief that women don't get enough respect in general, especially on the playing fields. 

I could easily go into the examples as so clearly demonstrated by the controversies around FIFA in general or the Women's World Cup specifically, or this World Cup's issues in particular; but I won't. Neither will I detract by my wandering thoughts on the England vs Canada or the England vs Japan matches (I'll leave those dirty thoughts for another time. Be sure to come back for those more overall on blog-topic posts later).  

Nothing else today. Today I give credit to all these amazing international athletes who competed in all the rounds as they are a gift to watch. A gift to watch their skill and athleticism, witnessing their challenges and their triumphs. It has truly been inspiring. 

Today, I will leave you all with the following picture. The US Women's Soccer Team has made their country and their families proud. And it all makes me smile.

Congratulations Ladies!
Well played and well deserved.

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