Tuesday, February 12, 2019

P.S.A. Tuesday

Tuesday Public Service Announcement

Good morning Young Ladies.*
*And yes I am referring to all of you regardless of calendar years.

Do you find yourself in a post-holiday slump?
Have the winter snowstorms got you down? 

Do you find yourself cold and irritable?
Or do you find yourself grumpy and moody for no valid genuine reason?

Do you find yourself walking around
with a permanent frown and a petulant pout?

Well, be careful where you go walking about, spreading your disdain
because today's PSA reminder is:

Get yourself in check young lady,
before a good man does it for you.
as demonstrated by our PSA visual aid:

I am willing to bet she is all warmed up now. What do you all think?

Any ladies in need of this?
If you need some assistance you know how to reach me
as I am a firm believer of the 10/7 regimen.

This concludes our PSA. Let me know if you learned anything.


On a side note, I have been away for quite awhile. I will update on my personal life in another post if anyone cares to hear about that.

Oh and in case you need a reminder: V-Day is this Thursday.