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Holiday Shopping Lessons: Revisted

I still remain busier than expected with work, necessary travel to visit my father who continues his decline, plus staying on top of my day-to-day life; has all left me without the fair amount of time I want to dedicate to creating quality posts here. I know I should lower my standards and just post more often without regard to quality; but that that doesn't feel right. Yet, perhaps you who frequent here often would be okay with those tidbit posts?  

Since the holidays are here I have decided to re-post a holiday season themed story from years back. Yes, literally years! So hopefully it is new to you or has been so long since you read it originally it will be a happy reread. I did make minor edits for character and visual clarity.

I hope you enjoy it and gets you in the mood.


"Ma'am! Ma'am! We are closing in 30 minutes!the high-pitched voice of the young sales associate broke through the white noise of the boutique.

Brought out of her momentary trance by the loud knocking on the dressing room door and the irritated voice of the young sales clerk, she snapped back her reply. 

"OK, OK! No need to rush the Customer!"  And 'Ma'am'. Really. For fucks-sake, she thought to herself, the sales-girl was probably not much younger than she was. Granted Molly knew motherhood had worn on her, but was it that obvious? Was it? Did she really look so much older...

She snapped herself out of the negative thoughts before falling into the abyss and went back to admiring herself in the full length mirror. She had to give herself some credit, dammit! Just look at yourself, she thought; amazed by the fit of the bikini; hugging and accentuating her curves at all the right places while simultaneously drawing attention away from all the self-critiqued imperfections. 

She smiled at herself, happy to have listened to the advise of her other mom friends. There experience was seemingly priceless in this situation. She was happy with her decision to do as they had advised and forgo other chores and errands and instead go holiday therapy shopping. It had been a success after-all. A success based on her definition of what entailed a successful holiday shopping trip.

Had she found gifts for anyone on her list?

Had she found a designer brand bikini for herself to wear next summer?

Was it on sale?
Yes, double score. 

She had also found herself a gorgeous designer dress for Christmas Eve.
Half-score....sort of.

It wasn't on sale; far from it in fact. She didn't need it. In fact, it was full price due to the height of the holiday season. On the positive side, she rationalized to herself, the dress would go perfectly with the high heels she had just purchased. Of course those shoes were also out of her price range, but she'd be able to wear them year long and if you broke down the cost monthly....

"Ma'am! Ma'am! We are closing in 30 minutes!"

"Yes, thank you I heard you the first time. No need to restate the obvious" she answered switching to her recently mastered mother-like tone. 

"Can I bring you something else to try on; a bigger size perhaps?"

She could not see the sale's girl's face, but could clearly make out the passive aggressiveness of the question topped with the tone of disdain.

"No; thank you. I. Am. Fine." she couldn't believe the attitude.

"OK, Just remember prices are as marked and no further discounts apply. Oh and remember we close in thirty minutes!"

"Oh. M. G.!" she balked at the obvious comment this time as she decided to pack up, but not before taking one more look in the mirror. 

"Not perfect, but he will think so." She smiled and then her smile slowly faded.

Thirty minutes 'till closing she thought to herself, that's not possible! She suddenly realized the time equation. She had been here twice as long as she thought and entirely longer than she had ever planned to be. She frantically fumbled through the mess of the clothes she had tried on searching for her cellphone. 

"Damn it! Where is it?"

She found her oversize purse and ransacked the contents anxiously throwing makeup, keys, hand sanitizers, baby wipes, toys, straws, pacifiers, skin creams and all plethora of accouterments out onto the floor in the process. She breathed a sign of relief feeling the cold metal of the phone and then her heart sank again as she realized it was powered off.

"Oh crap!" she mumbled, "What if he's been trying to reach me?!"

She powered up the phone and waited, her heart pacing as the she logged in and maneuvered her way to the chat screen. Before she could read the waiting texts, her phone buzzed the "missed call" alert and as she attempted to scroll over, it buzzed again; voicemails and texts, again and again.

"Oh no!" she pressed the answer icon and took a deep breath.

"I have been trying to reach you for hours. Where are you? Where are the kids?" his voice, loud and stern coming from the other side of the cell phone.

"I just stepped out to grab a quick drink. The kids are with Aunt Gee. Just waiting for my latte and then I am on my way home," she fumbled through a hasty reply.

"First of all, don't lie,..."

"I am not lying! I am just waiting for my eggnog latte!" she interrupted him raising her voice anxiously.

"Excuse me? Your what?....You aren't lying? Really?" 

"Yes really!" she yelled back at him irritated, yet knowing fully well it was he who had every right to be.

"Fine. I just thought something had happened to you."

"I am fine! I told you. What is your problem?" her attitude began kicking into a higher gear.

She heard him take a deep breath and then let out a sigh. She knew this was the precursor to his temper eruption.

"So be it. You want to play games Young Lady; if you are at Starbucks then prove it" he challenged.

"No...Why? I'll just meet you at home" her heart raced trying to talk herself out of the predicament.

"I am giving you one last chance Doll; where are you?" he offered.

She contemplated telling him the truth, but then thought there was no possible way he wouldn't be angry about the entire situation. He was obviously already irritated. She couldn't possibly tell him that in essence she had neglected all her responsibilities rather than preparing for their going out of town for the holidays, spent money far above her budget; and worse of all, spent all that extra money all on herself.

"I...I ...I am at the Starbucks on Oa..." she blurted out.

"Ok then, turn on your video cam, I want to see your surroundings right now."

She looked around the dressing room, looked down at herself in the form fitting bikini and prayed for the suit to serve its purpose as she nervously clicked on her camera phone.


"So what do you think?" she asked hesitantly speaking seductively into the phone.

There was silence on the other end of the phone.

She stared at herself in the mirror, her phone strategically angled to capture her front and rear views simultaneously thanks to the full length walled mirrors.

She heard him clear his throat and her lip trembled as she nervously waited for him to say something.

"Nice cleavage" he seemingly teased.

She released her held breath and and began to relax, "So do you like it? It was on sale! it was only $140...."

"I said nice cleavage. I didn't say anything about the bikini" he resumed to his scolding tone,
"and there is no way in hell you are buying a bikini for 140 dollars." 

"Okay. Okay" she hung her head down, still holding the phone up. "I'll meet you at home."

"No. Take that suit off right now. I don't want you 'accidentally' ruining it and then having to buy it," he demanded. "And keep your phone on I want to see you do it."

"Nooo! Hon, I'll meet you at home. They are closing soon..."

"What was I not clear on? Do what I told you to do. NOW!" he ordered again.

Realizing it was best, she hesitantly unsnapped the back of her bikini top and arched her shoulders forward to release the top while still holding the phone upright. Her ample breasts tumbled out into the cool artificial air of the boutique. She hurried to cross her arms across her chest instinctualy even though he saw her topless nearly every day. She fumbled the maneuver and managed to give him quite the closeup shot of her cold nipples at full attention.

"And now the bottoms" the instructions came over the phone.

"No! Not the bottoms. I'll take them off after I hang up, Hon; please"

"Take them off right now."

She hesitated for a brief moment and then gave in. She awkwardly released the side ties of the bikini bottom in hopes they would come off quicker, but the undone side tie simply flapped the material down diagonally resulting in a flag which highlighted attention to her unkept patch. She switched the phone to the other hand, still keeping the camera on, as she undid the other tie. The small bikini bottoms dropped to the carpeted floor. Within seconds she was digitally fully naked in front of him. The full length mirrors still offering him the 360 degree view as he focused in on her ripe bottom. Quickly she walked to the pile of clothes and began searching for something to conceal her known secrets.

"Oh no you don't. You stay put. You stay there as is. As is until..."

"I can't stay here like this, what if...." she stammered to no avail.

"You can and you will. End of story. You are in a whole mess of trouble, Young Lady. Not packing for our trip, shopping for yourself... I'm so disappointed. You just don't seem to ever learn your lessons, do you? I'm going to teach you a firm lesson you won't soon forget" he scolded and then to her surprise the phone clicked off.

She looked at herself in the mirror and couldn't believe her situation. Here she was naked in a dressing room and not knowing what to do. Wait for him to call back or head home and face the unknown. Undoubtedly, and in the least, she was in for a serious scolding. His tone had changed, she could tell he was upset and disappointed. The worse part of it was that he had every right to be disappointed in her. Dammit, she thought to herself, 'disappointed'. She hated when he used that word and its connotation and he undoubtedly would be directing that word and all its repercussions at her at some point today. 

She stomped her bare foot and rather than releasing any angst ended up stubbing her bubbly toe in the process. Leaping forward in pain she nearly toppled over as she reached down to grab her aching foot. Then immediately leaned backwards to avoid falling over only to bump into the wall. She relented and let her her bare bottomed self slide down against the wall and onto the pile of clothes scattered throughout, including on the odd small wooden triangular seat of the dressing room.  

Crossing her arms in frustration she began what she was admittingly not very good at; waiting patiently. A moment later, feeling defeated, she instead began shuffling through the pile of clothes; tossing them about haphazardly. She eventually stopped upon coming across a black swatch of rayon. She held it up with a smile; a dainty pair of modesty she had intended to buy and wear for him as a treat during the holiday trip.

She glanced
at her watch calculating closing time as her eyes darted around the private closet sized dressing room. She picked up the soft cool lingerie and ran it down her neck and across her bare chest. She let her mind wander to the scene she had imagined of him seeing her in these panties; his reaction and immediate action. The cool soft cloth made its way down her stomach, circled her navel just before rushing towards, but stopping short of between her legs. She imagined him thrusting into her without hesitation.

As a mother she had learned how much alone time was a rarity; her mom friends had taught her to never waste that precious gift whenever or wherever it came up. She headed their advise and wasn't about to waste a precious second. She lay the heal of her palm down between her legs and pressed down against her engorged clit as she tensed her muscles.
Her long lean finger disappearing into herself, pushing the soft rayon deep between her moistening lips, only to be joined by another finger as she closed her eyes tightly, squeezed her legs and immediately began a rhythmic bounce to a silent beat against the hard wooden seat. 

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Well, after an unexpected longer than expected hiatus, I managed to make it back for the very tail-end of L.O.L XIV. 

So without time to waste, please, please come in. 

Welcome to L.O.L XIV.
Come in!
Come in!

Grab some drinks, grab a seat, you Sir; watch your hands, just watch her seat.
Say hello to the others, don't be shy!
Yes, yes don't worry Young Lady you won't be alone,
all the ladies here are interested in the same just as well;
have a drink first it'll take the edge off.
The way your knees are knocking already,
perhaps take two.

Relax. Look around!
Look around, everyone is smiling,
everyone is friendly.
Take your coat off Sir,
take your dress off Young Lady,
you have nothing to worry about I'll be gentle, gentle-like;
patience Sir, you'll get your turn. 

Come in!
Come in; join the festivities, 

but first answer accordingly below.

I'll be brief and cut to the chase.
So my questions for you dear readers are:

Did you miss me why I was gone?
Just kidding
Seriously, "Why do you come here and what keeps coming back?"

What draws you here; what about what I write resonates with you? 

Do you have a favorite story here? A favorite type of scene? 

Is there something about the tales here that are unique?

Or is it none of that! 

Instead, simply that this is a free place to read spanking stories and similar subjects.


If you are new here you may consider reading this 
previously written explanation of my Everyday Voice:

Welcome to this wonderful place that looks, sounds, feels and smells like our own everyday world, but with some distinct differences. A place where adult girls who shun their responsibilities, are made to pay for their offenses, where their entitled and arrogant attitudes are checked often and their bottoms are the primary focus of their penance.

This is also a place to see and hear of girls flushed to all cheeks with embarrassment. Where short skirts and sheer dresses turn on their owners much to their dismay; but to the welcomed entertainment and joy of those fortunate to witness such beauty.

Not only is this a place of disciplining young ladies in various clever and embarrassing ways, but a place to just admire and be in awe of the female creature in all her inner, 
outer and spiritual beauty; all in an everyday context.

But, please don't ever confuse this place as somewhere where women are meant to be disrespected or degraded. These stories are a blend of fantasy and reality. Non-consensual discipline is for the young ladies who deep down secretly crave it; not something done out of duty or out of a lopsided abusive relationship.

However, discipline here is seldom random and never unwarranted. Well administered spankings are fully justified. The young ladies may not be willing participants, but that is the fantasy aspect right? I don't think every story needs to have a "disclaimer" paragraph at the end that explains that those involved were secretly planning and consenting all along as so many authors choose to include. For me that merely spoils the entire story.
I hope you enjoy what you find here and come back often and say hello when you do.

So please take the opportunity, take the chance and answer my questions, but more importantly say "hello".

All the best,

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A Picture Story: Honey-Do

In lieu of a full story, would you settle for a predominantly picture story?
Would that suffice?
Molly listened anxiously to her friends at work. She listened to the usual rambling complaints about their husbands or live-in significant others. 

She listened to MaryAnn lead the bitching and moaning about her husband and the ever growing Honey-Do list. Molly listened attentively as MaryAnn proudly bragged and gave advice on how she dealt with that list.

"Well, when I get things done, I make sure to let him know! And guess who doesn't get any loving all week?!" Jessica chimed in proudly and competitively to congratulatory praise.
Molly sunk back and squirmed in her seat keeping her mouth tightly sealed as her coworkers erupted in a chorus of laughter.

"What? Don't tell me it doesn't irritate you if he doesn't get things done..." Jessica stared at her.

"No; it isn't quite like that in our home," Molly interjected.

"Oh please, it is like that everywhere. They are all the same," Jessica rolled her eyes.

"No, he is diff..."

"Do you not have a Honey Do list? Is it anywhere near done?"

"Yes. No. But..." Molly protested, yet unable to adequately explain. 

"Go home and start on that list yourself and see how much quicker it gets done. Tell us tomorrow if you don't get through half of it without any of his help." Jessica challenged her. "I dare you."


Molly reviewed the list and thought about what would be easiest to handle. Dropping the notepad down on the counter, she took a deep breath and decided to go for it.  

A moment later, Molly gasped at the giant hole she had created in the wall where the hammer had gone through. It was just supposed to be an easy nail to drive in. Her eyes bulged in shock at the size of the hole. She paced in place panicking, but before her mind could find an excuse to give him, it was already too late; she heard the front door unlock and his footsteps approaching. 

"What in the world are you doing?!" he snapped. It was all over. She was done for.

"So how'd it go last night? How many things did you get checked off the list yourself" Jessica asked

"Well, I started..." Molly softly answered. 

"And so what did he have to say when he saw what you got done?" MaryAnn prodded.

"Oh; well he's not exactly one for lots of words. He is really more about actions."

"Soooo, what happened?" Jessica pressed.

"Well...after I explained about how I was trying to hammer a nail into the wall and instead created a large hole in the wall....he...he...hee" she swallowed hard, "Hee, hee, ss...
scolded me on the spot and took care of it all himself."

The chorus interjected their pile of complaints and assertions about her relationship; advising her not to take that verbal rebuke from him; on and on. Molly just nodded silently while she replayed the scene over and over in her mind, clenching and unclenching her bottom as she could still feel the stinging pain this morning. Shaking her head to herself; if they only knew the truth.

If they only knew how he had bent her over on the spot, flipped up her skirt and yanked off her panties; spanking her and scolding her without holding back.

"I told you, I would take care of it! Now I have to take care of you as well." She could still hear his words full of hurt and frustration. And the further chastisement of disappointment, "I told you about wearing these; Gawd, how big are these anyways."

She wanted to tell him that she believed in him that it really wasn't her idea, but no words came out. Not even what she wanted to explain to him at the least; at least about the size of her panties, her reasons, how she felt those kept her plump bottom up and in place more than any others he made her wear.

Even if she could find the words, there was no time; for in an instant he had dragged her kicking and screaming over his lap, punishing her and not stopping until he had spanked her bare ass red.

If they only knew that her punishment didn't stop there. If they only knew he was livid once she confessed that
this was a result of her having been victim to her friends bad advice. That while he spent the entire day patching up the wall, he had made her spend the rest of the day cleaning the entire house – with her hair up in pig-tails wearing nothing more, absolutely nothing other than those tiny sheer panties he adored; as opposed to the large full panties she originally was wearing that he had stripped her of.

No her friends would be mortified that she would go along with that, let alone that he had taught
her, what he amusingly called, "a poetic justice lesson" when they went to bed last night. They would really be shocked if she told them how he nailed her, hammering himself into her tiny hole...

Or maybe not. They may not have ever been spanked or ever hinted at wanting to be, but she knew that, at least in Jessica's case; that she was dying of curiosity to know what it would feel like to be taken up the ass. Well, she had at least beat her at that.


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Something Different: Teacher Orientation

As we are in the dog days of Summer and the start of another school year is just around the corner, I thought I'd share a little story that coincidentally takes place during this time of year. One thing to note is that this is story is a little different than the usual around here. We can call this excerpt 'Part I' of the chapter of a longer story. 


“The Doctor will be with you in just a minute,” t
he voice trailed off and was capped by the shutting of the hardwood door.


As soon as it had closed it swooshed open again,
“And be sure to stay exactly as you are; he’s very particular. If you follow directions the whole thing won’t be too long and painful.”

Ashley turned away, biting her tongue and flipped her hair in response instead. Steadying her feet in place, she decided to turn her attention out the window trying to lose herself in the view of rolling green hills as a scattering of country animals carried on with their day.

The creatures were moving as if in slow-motion while the heatwave beat down against the late summer scene. Her eyes followed a blond heifer cinematically across the window as it trotted carefree across the field while the rest of the herd stood chewing in place.

She drifted off to a momentary dream state,
imagining herself out there, just as relaxed
enjoying the sunshine. Running along the grass, barefoot and without a care, indifferent to the heat. Twirling around, her skirt catching a soft warm breeze while she scanned the blue skies for traces of clouds. She felt herself trotting past the herd, indifferent to all their stoic faces and even brazenly flipping her hair to the stern gaze of…

“Do you think it will hurt?” A tender voice broke the silence and yet managed to echo harshly across the small exam room.

Ashley shook her head as she was brought back to the reality of the room. She turned sideways and attempted to focus on the face behind the voice, but the sun’s reflection blinded her for a moment as the rays bounced off a multitude of glass jars and metal instruments from the same counter on which her hands rested.

“I mean like, like hurt a lot?”

Ashley blinked out the sun and focused in on the young voice besides her, instantly noticing the pleading eyes and lips already trembling.

“Look, everyone else at the school has had to do it. They are all fine. Just do what you are told,”
she attempted the ‘stick to the facts" approach of consolation.

“But wwwhy? I…I just, I don’t understand why we have to do this?!”

“It is just part of the requirements to teach here…in this god-forsaken town”
Ashley trailed off.

“So you have done it before! So how does it…”

Ashley took a deep breath, pushing herself against the counter and in turn raising herself to full height, “If I had done it before, why would I be here?”

“But you said you have taught before? You said you had experience?”

“I do have plenty of experience. Just not in this county. I have my bachelors degree with honors, my teaching credential for both multiple and various single subject…”

Jennifer stared admiringly at Ashley as she rambled off her accomplishments. Jennifer looked closer and guessed they were no more than five years apart, but this stranger at her side seemed to have it all together based on her presence and their limited conversation. She seemed to have everything Jennifer wanted; the degrees, the experience, the confidence and the independence of a modern woman that glowed through her physique.
Ashley was exactly everywhere Jennifer wanted to be…

Well except for maybe that part.

She was certain neither of them wanted to be where they were at the exact moment, no matter how confident one was in her personal accomplishments and or physical appearance. Jennifer looked over at Ashley searching for a glimmer of, a subtle shred of the same despair that was causing her own body to ache and jitter. Incredibly, there seemed to be none in Ashley despite their mutual exposure. All Jennifer could see was a women confident in her body and self, despite being so embarrassingly exposed.

“How can you be so relaxed when, when; when we’re practically naked?!” Jennifer asked.

“Oh cut the drama. We are just sans-skirts.”

Jennifer looked up and down at her room partner and then at herself to see if in fact they were undressed to varying degrees. No, indeed they were practically identically dressed; from the matching snug fitting, curve defining short-sleeve tops to the towering heels and thigh high stocking with matching garter belts.

“Just sans-skirts? Just sans-skirts?!” Jennifer raised her voice gradually, “We are sans-panties! Butt naked, bare assed and exposed!”

Ashley immediately opened her full lips, eager to counter while her mind scrambled for an adequate response when the door swung wide open without so much a courtesy knock.

“Well, well, well, good afternoon, Ladies. Nice to see that Nurse Robinson has prepped you and positioned you for the required routine.”

The two women nearly leapt off the ground simultaneously, and yet managed to only turn their heads, making sure to keep their position and postures stiff. Adhering to the warning of colleagues, and the less than hospitable nurse, that is was best to follow orders as precisely as possible in order to not prolong the exposure.

Jennifer swallowed hard in disappointment and further anxiousness as her eyes narrowed in on the doctor. He was nothing like what she had been expecting; nor what she had been hoping for. She had imagined, had hoped for a small mercy in the form of a country town doctor well past his retirement age who would have the discretion and demeanor of her grandfather. Instead to the surprise of both women, the doctor was a lot younger than they had anticipated. He was just perhaps a decade older than them. Old enough to be have the presence of a superior, but not old enough to be out of their range of mutual attraction.

“So who do we have here?” The doctor asked flipping through sheets on his wooden clipboard, “Miss Ashley Anderson and…Miss Jenny Madura. I am pleased to welcome you to our humble little town.”

“It is Jessica actu…”

“From the looks of things, you are definitely a Jenny”
He cut her off, “Shall we get on with it, ladies.”

“But Doctor, I juuus don’t underrrstand, whyyy do we…”

“My, my, my. Someone is quite apprehensive isn’t she…” he began. 
“But whyyyy, Doctor? Whyyy? Why should we be the ones…”

“Enough. Rules are rules, Miss Jenny!” He cut her off sternly marching towards them.

“Look Jennifer, if you want to blame anyone, blame those irrational parents who started all this in the first place. If it wasn’t for them and their paranoia all the students would be immunized! But no; instead we as the teachers have to be the pin cushions ….” Ashley chimed in with full bravado. "They believe if you immunize the teachers, no need to immunize the students since somehow our immune systems are more susceptible to catching the virus and since we somehow have more contact with more of them then they with each other… stupid!"

“Well, aren’t you the opinionated one, Miss Ashley. So how is it that you think you know so much?”

“I just know that anti-government conspiracy theorists run deep in these parts and every hick school district in this state has its own dumb rules to appease those anti-gover…” she announced proudly.

“Do I denote a tone of…” he glared at the overly confident teacher, cutting her off while directing his eyes to the exposed flesh of the two teachers framed prominently by their individual garter belts and thigh-high stockings. Their naked bottoms seemed to be standing at attention all on their own, full and upright. He smiled to himself realizing he had really won the lottery with not one, but two this time. He was so pleased that he lost his train of thought.

He recovered momentarily,
“You see Jenny, every state, every county, every town is different; different from the big cities indeed. In this county we believe in rules and have set up rules protecting the young ones."

He turned his back to the pair and continued to explain while filling a syringe and replacing it back down on the metal counter next to a collection of five others.

"So despite Miss Ashley’s ‘experience' teaching in the big city, the rules are indeed different here and thus the reason she has to go through the same paces as a first-time teacher such as yourself, Miss Jenny.”

He reached for the large telescoping overhead lights and brought them close just before kicking forward a rolling stool towards the two ladies. He took a seat on the stool
leveling his eyes with the pair of naked vulnerable bottoms and brought the lights over his shoulder, ever closer, illuminating his targets.

The two felt the heat radiating off the incandescent lights. A drop of sweat ran down Jennifer's forehead as her face began to blush for both of them. It had become clear to her that their unprotected behinds were now in the spotlight which no doubt illuminated their modesty.

“Now Miss Ashley,
bend over and relax and show Jenny here how big girls... I mean experienced teachers, take their medicine.”

Before Ashley could object, she felt a cold wipe rub against her, rounding out a spot to sterilize on her bare cheek. A few seconds later she felt him place his large hand firmly on her right cheek, stretching her soft skin slightly with his forefinger and thumb and with no further warning jabbed the needle in.

“Oh! Ohh, oh!” Ashley’s eyes bulged as she tried to restrain herself leaning in tightly against the counter. Jennifer reached over placing her right hand gently over her recently found idol’s left hand. Ashley closed her eyes nodding false confirmation that she was okay as the doctor pushed down on the syringe with full pressure.

A moment later, the doctor tossed the syringe down only to pick up another. Ashley audibly inhaled as the doctor jabbed in the next needle.

“Ouch! Ohh, ohhh; ohhhmm. Ohmawgawwwwd...”

“Now, now. Be a good girl and set an example for Jenny,” he scolded. 

What seemed like an eternity later, he was done and dabbed a stinging, rubbing-alcohol soaked cotton ball firmly against the injection site.

“Just a comma of a blood spot” he chirped as he tossed the cotton ball away.

“See all done. That wasn’t so bad, was it?” he asked condescendingly as he proceeded to swing his arm high and bought it down with full force, delivering a solid open palm slap to Ashely’s tender ass that echoed across the room.
“Owww! Fuu…” She hoped up and down in place, her heels clicking against the linoleum floor.  She reached both hands back with the intent of rubbing out the pain...

“Ouch!” She screamed as he slapped her hand away.
“No rubbing! Stay put." he ordered.

She stood there in shock, her legs stiff and trying to compose herself while her bottom continued to jiggle in reaction to the unexpected spank.

Smiling to himself, the doctor pulled his attention away from one temptation to another; from Ashley’s jiggling full bottom to the compact ripeness of Jennifer’s.

“It is your turn, young lady. Bend over. Now!”
he commanded.

“Hold my hand. Ppplease.” Jennifer whispered with pleading eyes.

Grabbing Jennifer’s soft hand firmly in her own, Ashley peeked over her shoulder to see the Doctor prepping the syringe. He tapped it to test it and a dab of fluid shot out the glistening tip of the longest needle she had ever seen.


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