Saturday, September 7, 2019

A Picture Story: Honey-Do

In lieu of a full story, would you settle for a predominantly picture story?
Would that suffice?
Molly listened anxiously to her friends at work. She listened to the usual rambling complaints about their husbands or live-in significant others. 

She listened to MaryAnn lead the bitching and moaning about her husband and the ever growing Honey-Do list. Molly listened attentively as MaryAnn proudly bragged and gave advice on how she dealt with that list.

"Well, when I get things done, I make sure to let him know! And guess who doesn't get any loving all week?!" Jessica chimed in proudly and competitively to congratulatory praise.
Molly sunk back and squirmed in her seat keeping her mouth tightly sealed as her coworkers erupted in a chorus of laughter.

"What? Don't tell me it doesn't irritate you if he doesn't get things done..." Jessica stared at her.

"No; it isn't quite like that in our home," Molly interjected.

"Oh please, it is like that everywhere. They are all the same," Jessica rolled her eyes.

"No, he is diff..."

"Do you not have a Honey Do list? Is it anywhere near done?"

"Yes. No. But..." Molly protested, yet unable to adequately explain. 

"Go home and start on that list yourself and see how much quicker it gets done. Tell us tomorrow if you don't get through half of it without any of his help." Jessica challenged her. "I dare you."


Molly reviewed the list and thought about what would be easiest to handle. Dropping the notepad down on the counter, she took a deep breath and decided to go for it.  

A moment later, Molly gasped at the giant hole she had created in the wall where the hammer had gone through. It was just supposed to be an easy nail to drive in. Her eyes bulged in shock at the size of the hole. She paced in place panicking, but before her mind could find an excuse to give him, it was already too late; she heard the front door unlock and his footsteps approaching. 

"What in the world are you doing?!" he snapped. It was all over. She was done for.

"So how'd it go last night? How many things did you get checked off the list yourself" Jessica asked

"Well, I started..." Molly softly answered. 

"And so what did he have to say when he saw what you got done?" MaryAnn prodded.

"Oh; well he's not exactly one for lots of words. He is really more about actions."

"Soooo, what happened?" Jessica pressed.

"Well...after I explained about how I was trying to hammer a nail into the wall and instead created a large hole in the wall....he...he...hee" she swallowed hard, "Hee, hee, ss...
scolded me on the spot and took care of it all himself."

The chorus interjected their pile of complaints and assertions about her relationship; advising her not to take that verbal rebuke from him; on and on. Molly just nodded silently while she replayed the scene over and over in her mind, clenching and unclenching her bottom as she could still feel the stinging pain this morning. Shaking her head to herself; if they only knew the truth.

If they only knew how he had bent her over on the spot, flipped up her skirt and yanked off her panties; spanking her and scolding her without holding back.

"I told you, I would take care of it! Now I have to take care of you as well." She could still hear his words full of hurt and frustration. And the further chastisement of disappointment, "I told you about wearing these; Gawd, how big are these anyways."

She wanted to tell him that she believed in him that it really wasn't her idea, but no words came out. Not even what she wanted to explain to him at the least; at least about the size of her panties, her reasons, how she felt those kept her plump bottom up and in place more than any others he made her wear.

Even if she could find the words, there was no time; for in an instant he had dragged her kicking and screaming over his lap, punishing her and not stopping until he had spanked her bare ass red.

If they only knew that her punishment didn't stop there. If they only knew he was livid once she confessed that
this was a result of her having been victim to her friends bad advice. That while he spent the entire day patching up the wall, he had made her spend the rest of the day cleaning the entire house – with her hair up in pig-tails wearing nothing more, absolutely nothing other than those tiny sheer panties he adored; as opposed to the large full panties she originally was wearing that he had stripped her of.

No her friends would be mortified that she would go along with that, let alone that he had taught
her, what he amusingly called, "a poetic justice lesson" when they went to bed last night. They would really be shocked if she told them how he nailed her, hammering himself into her tiny hole...

Or maybe not. They may not have ever been spanked or ever hinted at wanting to be, but she knew that, at least in Jessica's case; that she was dying of curiosity to know what it would feel like to be taken up the ass. Well, she had at least beat her at that.


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  1. Argh. she deserved it. totally. :) If i wanted to do something myself, i wouldn't even PUT it on the list. It only goes on the list if i can't manage it. is that bad? lol

  2. Hi Fondles - Glad to hear you agree her full punishment was deserved.
    And to answer your question,not bad, that is the way to do it; only things you can't manage go on the list, but patience is still the key.

    Curious as to the meaning of your "argh" - timid or frustration?

  3. "a poetic justice lesson" A well deserved spanking !

  4. I love that spanking gif. No nonsense, just a good old fashioned punishment. If you know where it came from could you let us know?
    Keep up the great work.

  5. Enzo:

    Happy LOL days!! How about a new post!!?


  6. All - Apologies for the delayed response.

    B - Glad you agree with my poetic justice.

    Scott - I wish I knew the origin of the gifs, unfortunately I do not. Also, Thanks for the encouragement. New reader here?

    Rick - I've been away and hope to post something new soon, hopefully this weekend.


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