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Something Different: Teacher Orientation

As we are in the dog days of Summer and the start of another school year is just around the corner, I thought I'd share a little story that coincidentally takes place during this time of year. One thing to note is that this is story is a little different than the usual around here. We can call this excerpt 'Part I' of the chapter of a longer story. 


“The Doctor will be with you in just a minute,” t
he voice trailed off and was capped by the shutting of the hardwood door.


As soon as it had closed it swooshed open again,
“And be sure to stay exactly as you are; he’s very particular. If you follow directions the whole thing won’t be too long and painful.”

Ashley turned away, biting her tongue and flipped her hair in response instead. Steadying her feet in place, she decided to turn her attention out the window trying to lose herself in the view of rolling green hills as a scattering of country animals carried on with their day.

The creatures were moving as if in slow-motion while the heatwave beat down against the late summer scene. Her eyes followed a blond heifer cinematically across the window as it trotted carefree across the field while the rest of the herd stood chewing in place.

She drifted off to a momentary dream state,
imagining herself out there, just as relaxed
enjoying the sunshine. Running along the grass, barefoot and without a care, indifferent to the heat. Twirling around, her skirt catching a soft warm breeze while she scanned the blue skies for traces of clouds. She felt herself trotting past the herd, indifferent to all their stoic faces and even brazenly flipping her hair to the stern gaze of…

“Do you think it will hurt?” A tender voice broke the silence and yet managed to echo harshly across the small exam room.

Ashley shook her head as she was brought back to the reality of the room. She turned sideways and attempted to focus on the face behind the voice, but the sun’s reflection blinded her for a moment as the rays bounced off a multitude of glass jars and metal instruments from the same counter on which her hands rested.

“I mean like, like hurt a lot?”

Ashley blinked out the sun and focused in on the young voice besides her, instantly noticing the pleading eyes and lips already trembling.

“Look, everyone else at the school has had to do it. They are all fine. Just do what you are told,”
she attempted the ‘stick to the facts" approach of consolation.

“But wwwhy? I…I just, I don’t understand why we have to do this?!”

“It is just part of the requirements to teach here…in this god-forsaken town”
Ashley trailed off.

“So you have done it before! So how does it…”

Ashley took a deep breath, pushing herself against the counter and in turn raising herself to full height, “If I had done it before, why would I be here?”

“But you said you have taught before? You said you had experience?”

“I do have plenty of experience. Just not in this county. I have my bachelors degree with honors, my teaching credential for both multiple and various single subject…”

Jennifer stared admiringly at Ashley as she rambled off her accomplishments. Jennifer looked closer and guessed they were no more than five years apart, but this stranger at her side seemed to have it all together based on her presence and their limited conversation. She seemed to have everything Jennifer wanted; the degrees, the experience, the confidence and the independence of a modern woman that glowed through her physique.
Ashley was exactly everywhere Jennifer wanted to be…

Well except for maybe that part.

She was certain neither of them wanted to be where they were at the exact moment, no matter how confident one was in her personal accomplishments and or physical appearance. Jennifer looked over at Ashley searching for a glimmer of, a subtle shred of the same despair that was causing her own body to ache and jitter. Incredibly, there seemed to be none in Ashley despite their mutual exposure. All Jennifer could see was a women confident in her body and self, despite being so embarrassingly exposed.

“How can you be so relaxed when, when; when we’re practically naked?!” Jennifer asked.

“Oh cut the drama. We are just sans-skirts.”

Jennifer looked up and down at her room partner and then at herself to see if in fact they were undressed to varying degrees. No, indeed they were practically identically dressed; from the matching snug fitting, curve defining short-sleeve tops to the towering heels and thigh high stocking with matching garter belts.

“Just sans-skirts? Just sans-skirts?!” Jennifer raised her voice gradually, “We are sans-panties! Butt naked, bare assed and exposed!”

Ashley immediately opened her full lips, eager to counter while her mind scrambled for an adequate response when the door swung wide open without so much a courtesy knock.

“Well, well, well, good afternoon, Ladies. Nice to see that Nurse Robinson has prepped you and positioned you for the required routine.”

The two women nearly leapt off the ground simultaneously, and yet managed to only turn their heads, making sure to keep their position and postures stiff. Adhering to the warning of colleagues, and the less than hospitable nurse, that is was best to follow orders as precisely as possible in order to not prolong the exposure.

Jennifer swallowed hard in disappointment and further anxiousness as her eyes narrowed in on the doctor. He was nothing like what she had been expecting; nor what she had been hoping for. She had imagined, had hoped for a small mercy in the form of a country town doctor well past his retirement age who would have the discretion and demeanor of her grandfather. Instead to the surprise of both women, the doctor was a lot younger than they had anticipated. He was just perhaps a decade older than them. Old enough to be have the presence of a superior, but not old enough to be out of their range of mutual attraction.

“So who do we have here?” The doctor asked flipping through sheets on his wooden clipboard, “Miss Ashley Anderson and…Miss Jenny Madura. I am pleased to welcome you to our humble little town.”

“It is Jessica actu…”

“From the looks of things, you are definitely a Jenny”
He cut her off, “Shall we get on with it, ladies.”

“But Doctor, I juuus don’t underrrstand, whyyy do we…”

“My, my, my. Someone is quite apprehensive isn’t she…” he began. 
“But whyyyy, Doctor? Whyyy? Why should we be the ones…”

“Enough. Rules are rules, Miss Jenny!” He cut her off sternly marching towards them.

“Look Jennifer, if you want to blame anyone, blame those irrational parents who started all this in the first place. If it wasn’t for them and their paranoia all the students would be immunized! But no; instead we as the teachers have to be the pin cushions ….” Ashley chimed in with full bravado. "They believe if you immunize the teachers, no need to immunize the students since somehow our immune systems are more susceptible to catching the virus and since we somehow have more contact with more of them then they with each other… stupid!"

“Well, aren’t you the opinionated one, Miss Ashley. So how is it that you think you know so much?”

“I just know that anti-government conspiracy theorists run deep in these parts and every hick school district in this state has its own dumb rules to appease those anti-gover…” she announced proudly.

“Do I denote a tone of…” he glared at the overly confident teacher, cutting her off while directing his eyes to the exposed flesh of the two teachers framed prominently by their individual garter belts and thigh-high stockings. Their naked bottoms seemed to be standing at attention all on their own, full and upright. He smiled to himself realizing he had really won the lottery with not one, but two this time. He was so pleased that he lost his train of thought.

He recovered momentarily,
“You see Jenny, every state, every county, every town is different; different from the big cities indeed. In this county we believe in rules and have set up rules protecting the young ones."

He turned his back to the pair and continued to explain while filling a syringe and replacing it back down on the metal counter next to a collection of five others.

"So despite Miss Ashley’s ‘experience' teaching in the big city, the rules are indeed different here and thus the reason she has to go through the same paces as a first-time teacher such as yourself, Miss Jenny.”

He reached for the large telescoping overhead lights and brought them close just before kicking forward a rolling stool towards the two ladies. He took a seat on the stool
leveling his eyes with the pair of naked vulnerable bottoms and brought the lights over his shoulder, ever closer, illuminating his targets.

The two felt the heat radiating off the incandescent lights. A drop of sweat ran down Jennifer's forehead as her face began to blush for both of them. It had become clear to her that their unprotected behinds were now in the spotlight which no doubt illuminated their modesty.

“Now Miss Ashley,
bend over and relax and show Jenny here how big girls... I mean experienced teachers, take their medicine.”

Before Ashley could object, she felt a cold wipe rub against her, rounding out a spot to sterilize on her bare cheek. A few seconds later she felt him place his large hand firmly on her right cheek, stretching her soft skin slightly with his forefinger and thumb and with no further warning jabbed the needle in.

“Oh! Ohh, oh!” Ashley’s eyes bulged as she tried to restrain herself leaning in tightly against the counter. Jennifer reached over placing her right hand gently over her recently found idol’s left hand. Ashley closed her eyes nodding false confirmation that she was okay as the doctor pushed down on the syringe with full pressure.

A moment later, the doctor tossed the syringe down only to pick up another. Ashley audibly inhaled as the doctor jabbed in the next needle.

“Ouch! Ohh, ohhh; ohhhmm. Ohmawgawwwwd...”

“Now, now. Be a good girl and set an example for Jenny,” he scolded. 

What seemed like an eternity later, he was done and dabbed a stinging, rubbing-alcohol soaked cotton ball firmly against the injection site.

“Just a comma of a blood spot” he chirped as he tossed the cotton ball away.

“See all done. That wasn’t so bad, was it?” he asked condescendingly as he proceeded to swing his arm high and bought it down with full force, delivering a solid open palm slap to Ashely’s tender ass that echoed across the room.
“Owww! Fuu…” She hoped up and down in place, her heels clicking against the linoleum floor.  She reached both hands back with the intent of rubbing out the pain...

“Ouch!” She screamed as he slapped her hand away.
“No rubbing! Stay put." he ordered.

She stood there in shock, her legs stiff and trying to compose herself while her bottom continued to jiggle in reaction to the unexpected spank.

Smiling to himself, the doctor pulled his attention away from one temptation to another; from Ashley’s jiggling full bottom to the compact ripeness of Jennifer’s.

“It is your turn, young lady. Bend over. Now!”
he commanded.

“Hold my hand. Ppplease.” Jennifer whispered with pleading eyes.

Grabbing Jennifer’s soft hand firmly in her own, Ashley peeked over her shoulder to see the Doctor prepping the syringe. He tapped it to test it and a dab of fluid shot out the glistening tip of the longest needle she had ever seen.


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  1. This is a very excellent story an demands to continue. Besides Jenny's injections there must be the typical corporal punishment test. One can not apply corporal punishment if one does not experience it first. you wouldn't want to accidentally over apply.



  2. Hi GentBB -

    There might be some corporal punishment and a possible continuation, but at this point I'm not sure. The Polls are showing everyone pretty much 50/50 as far as if they like or dislike this story.



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