Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Random Thoughts. Windy Wednesday.

Windy Wednesday.
Because I need a smile and a distraction as I’m sure some of you do as well during these difficult times. Also, because it is Wednesday and Wednesdays are Windy.


And windy upskirts always make me smile.
Don’t they make you smile?

This image is pretty amazing. Wouldn’t you agree?

This gives Marilyn a run for her crown.
Although no doubt it was inspired by her to begin with.

Look at the height of that skirt!
And the size of those skimpy panties! Just, wow!

Look closely (click to enlarge) and tell me you can see what I see peeking above them.

If you are curious this is from a foreign move called Diva.
I have yet to do further deeper research, but feel free to as I might not get to it for awhile.
I was hoping for a gif of this scene, but no such luck.

Random Thoughts.
I am back from travels visiting my ailing father. Despite the challenges, I am always glad I do the trip after the fact. The long road trip portion alone was rewarding as I had (have) a lot to think about lately.

A lot of relationship issue related items. I have been trying to date and trying to find a like-minded young lady. I was close, but it was called off by her just as I left for my trip. Not to go into it at the moment, except to say that there was some miscommunication issues about a possible shared path ahead in particular with her submissive nature and my personality. I always take feedback to heart, otherwise how can I grow and become a better person, right?

Coincidentally, I also received some feedback about a story I submitted to PK’s Fantasy Friday. Did you see that? I
f you are interested, the link to her blog and that particular post where she generously published said story is here. If you are a regular reader here, you probably remember that story. I particularly like that tale, but it turns out it may not be for the “mainstream romantic spanking readers” (my phrase).

I know my writing and tastes are somewhere past “mainstream” and yet not full-on “smut” either. They are somewhere in between, but I believe others share these tastes as well. The feedback just got me to wonder if there is a larger audience out there who does or if I am just part of a very small, limited audience.

Another great image. Unfortunately, I don't know the origin nor recognize it as a pro-shot; but if you do please let me know.) 

As I have mentioned in the past, full consent in my stories is not my ideal type of story and thus I write what I write, which is what I am trying to best define (to myself) as my prior definitions might be off. My stories tend to have stern discipline delivered to unwilling participants yet fully deserving of their punishments, but not abusive. A least that is my intent. Again not everyone is always going to like what I write, but just hope that I am indeed not alone.


  1. I will assert with conviction that you are not part of a small, limited audience. In fact, you are in the majority. Punishment of unwilling, but the deserving is mainstream.

    It is those like Bacall and me who in the minority. About 20%, 25% at best who will only spank the willing.

  2. Bogey -
    To be clear I was referring to story preferences vs real life preferences. I believe people can be in different camps when it comes to those two.

    In real life (not videos or scenes etc) you are not in the minority; you are in fact in the majority.
    What we prefer to read or watch is something different and there is where you may indeed be the minority.

    As far as stories, perhaps it is just that some of my stories aren't straight forward "spanking romance" style and thus why not to some peoples tastes.

  3. Write what you will. I believe there is authenticity in the flavour you feel most strongly about. There really isn't any point writing for the masses or what you believe the majority taste runs towards if it isn't what YOU are passionate about.

    And for the record, I enjoy these types of stories more than the "willing submissive" types.

    Also, going with your upskirt theme of this post, you might want to have a look at the latest entry on my blog. There's a little bit in there for you re the hiking skirt. :)

  4. Hi Fondles -
    I agree that the only reason to write is to write what one enjoys. It was the timing of the feedback on the FF story, some real life feedback and add the lack of overall comments on my blog that just got me questioning. Regardless I always appreciate your input especially this one.

    I'll be right over to check in on that hiking skirt.


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