Thursday, June 22, 2017

Daydreams: A Photo Story

With the Summer weather finally kicking in and during these long days at work my mind wanders ever so easily. And in that wandering is where I get lost. Speaking of getting lost,
I hope you don't get lost by this story and are able to keep track of the multiple viewpoints and 3 perspectives. (You are however welcome to get lost in it). It started out as a very simple romantic photo story and I ended up with the following. Hopefully you enjoy it just the same.


I need to get away.
I need to get away from it all.

But even solitude is best when shared.

Sometimes you just need comfort food.
And other times you need to not only taste comfort,
but feel it all around you.
The comfort of the wild.

 Sleeping on the floor?
Like in the forest?
With squirrels?
Sure, I'll be Snow White.





When the day draws to an end,
there is something soothing about the embers of a camp fire
drifting off into the night.
You feel its embrace, its distinctive touch,
but you never quite know its strength...

...not until daybreak, when the ash is strewn, last nights flame gone.
A new fire erupts easily as the fuel never burned out
yet last night's and today's spirits
are not quite the same.


When the day drew to an end,
When you walked back from the rocky riverbed.
The long ride, the blazing sun and your raging attitude
all already had me heated
in more ways than one.

But when I saw you -

I always appreciate beauty, and you always elevate it
- I was not pleased.

I wasted no time in scolding you for walking around like that.

You aren't at home, young lady.

No one is around for miles, you snap back with cold words and a stiff finger.


In an instant you are down on all fours against your will.
You bottom turned up and I make your panties disappear.

So I guess this leaves us with the age old question;
If you spank a girl in the woods and no one else is around,
does she still make a sound?

A mere half dozen slaps and
you are already begging for me to stop.
Stop. No, no! Ughhh!
You take a deep breath holding onto hope for a change of heart.
Your mind floats.

You simultaneously feel the initial pain while you also see yourself;
you are watching yourself.

Imaging yourself as the "that girl" of "that movie".

A beautiful, glamorous girl.
A stubborn strong-willed reporter investigating the wrongs of these backwoods.
She didn't listen to warnings
and happens to be camping alone.

An arrogant outsider who's back-talked one to many locals
all of whom were merely trying to be helpful.

Her careless actions, her self-centered ways
have all led to this moment -
alone in this secluded and abandoned camp.

A local has followed her and watched her all day along the river.
He gets an extra surprise.
She forgot her bikini, but no harm; no one else was around she must have thought.
Parading around, splashing and snapping about
careless and full of vanity, covered in only sheer panties.

Yes, he has watched all day and patiently waited.
Waited til dusk.
And then snuck into camp and straight into her tent!

And now he is here.
The unknown intruder has made his way in.

He has overpowered her and pushes her down on all fours in an instant.

He leans over her as he watches the evening light glisten off her hair 
and lets his rough hands explore her soft body. 
He grabs a firm hold of her exposed tender breasts. 
He squeezes handfuls of divinity, wrapping his fingers around her nipples, 

bringing them to attention.

She realizes she is now at his mercy.

You realizes you are now at his mercy.


"This is no place for meddling city girls, especially nosy reporters!" 

He scolds you as he slaps your ass once, twice, three and six times. 

"I…aaaa…..ohhhhhh….uhhhhh….I'm not a reporter" 

you manage to let out a hope-filled lie.
Without further preparation, he grabs tight to your hips and leans in.
His weight pushes you forward against the makeshift bed and 
your body,
with no where to go, freezes. His body keeps charging forward,
despite the fact that yours has stopped,
and he begins to corkscrew his way into your tight petite hole.

You pound the bed with your manicured fists,
bite the sleeping bag to muffle your screams.

"Who's. Been. A. Nosy. Med..dling. Outsider?" 

he pushes deeper with every word. 

"I…I….I do..don't…knohhhhhh…..Fuuuu…." 

you slur out as you feel him trying to sink in.

"Who's been strutting around practically naked by the river all day?!"
he asks, patiently waiting for an answer; all the while sliding slowly into you.

Unable to focus on supplying answers and instead you drift off.

"I'll teach you Ms. Reporter to mind your own business. About trespassing.

Stupid little city girl thinks she can come out here and make a mess.
I'll show you a mess."

She recognizes the voice, but it can be anyone really.
It is too dark already to make out his face.She dares to steal a glance over her shoulder 
catching sight of his forearm
just as he raises it and brings it down with a thundering slap.
She shrieks as her bottom cheeks reverberate!

On his arm, she recognizes the tattoo. 

A swirl of emotion take over her.
She can't seem to focus on it more than a mere second.
Her mind is consumed by the fact that her ass is on fire

as he has rammed into her dry.


You feel him pull out entirely and you almost breathe a sign of relief; 

when once more you feel him knocking at your backdoor.

Without delay his engorged manhood has impaled you.
The hardest thrust yet; stretching you both wide and deep.

You don't speak, you don't scream,
instead you let out a series of primal grunts.

Yet above your own grunts you hear what sounds like chirps 
chatter. You slowly turn to the tent opening as the sun slowly disappears. 

Exaggerated shadows against the campfire dance back and forth. 

Tiny footsteps stop and dark eyes peer in, 

seemingly making eye contact with you before scurrying off again.

Are they, are they snickering at me? Really?

One more your mind is refocused as your bottom aches
in response to a 
lone deep thrust that now corks your bottom fully.
You become oddly aware of your perspiration dripping 
down your back
and down your cheeks before you feel something differently.

You know he is as deep as he can go.

His stiff erection now throbbing inside of you as he begins to gyrate
causing your bare cheeks to 
jiggle and shake as if to a beat.

You become embarrassed by the fact that your ass
must look like it is dancing intentionally,
momentarily overlooking the bigger fact that your ass is being violated.

You already think you are as sore as you can ever be,
and yet he seems to only have just begun.

Out of nowhere he speaks up,

"Funny, I don't see them coming to your rescue, Snow White.

Sorry, no
woodland creatures to save you big pale ass" he says with an obvious smirk,
slapping your bottom once more with a resounding sting;

just as he begins a full on assault into your
 delicate, tender hole.

So did anyone get lost trying to follow this story? or lost in it?
Anyone in the mood for camping now?

Your thoughts, comments and opinions are always appreciated.